out of love

This morning I took it into my head to walk to the gym again. Since the gym is right next to the park I thought I would go there and meditate before going home. I had some inspiration about how we should make choices out of love for ourselves. One of the choices I made years ago was that I was going to go to the gym, eat healthy and meditate regularly. I made all these choices out of love for me and everyday I choose them again. I made up some declarations in meditation.
it goes something like this:

I am surrounded in the love of the Goddess and God
I love all parts of myself as I am.
Out of love, I choose to improve myself.
out of love, I drink more water.
Out of love, I eat small portions of food.
Out of love, I get enough rest.
Out of love, I meditate regularly.
Out of love, I challenge myself to be the best in each moment.
out of love, I forgive myself and all others.
From love of self blossoms love for all others.
In gratitude I bless all others.

What do you do out of love for yourself? Lauri Cabot once said that all acts of magic are acts of love.

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