13 Days of Magic

Busy Bee Spell • #13daysofmagic

The Samhain season seems like it never has enough time for us to get everything done. I designed this spell for one of my partners who had an extra-long list of things to do a couple years ago. We have used this spell successfully many times to finish the list. This spell has simple ingredients and is made for the witch on the go.

Make a list of the things you have to do. Make it realistic to what you think you can get done in the time you want the spell to affect you. This means prioritizing your list so you are doing the things that are urgent or just need doing. This spell makes you very focused, if you give yourself a huge task you may have trouble sleeping if you didn’t finish! You will have a one-track mind as long as your things on the list aren’t done. You can always set aside those things for tomorrow’s list.

Once you have your prioritized list, make your self some tea and get some honey. Place the cup of tea on top of your list and begin to stir in the honey clockwise.  Say this or something of your own making.

“I mix the honey with my tea
To conjure forth my busy bee
finish projects quickly one by one
no distractions until I am done
oh busy bee, oh busy bee,
this list of tasks set me free!”

Now get to work on that list of tasks while you drink your tea. You will be surprised what you can get done. Blessed Bee!

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