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Warding Sand • #13daysofmagic

My favorite thing about reading witchcraft books is that they inspire me in my spell work and my spirituality. I was reading The Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch by Raven Grimassi recently when an inspiration hit me. In the book a sanctified plate is used for making sigils in plant ashes. The ashes are sprinkled on the plate and your finger is used to make the sigil in the ashes show up in the plate’s natural color. This reminded me of all the rituals on Buffy the Vampire Slayer done with colored sand poured out in sigils. So I combined the two in to a charging ritual for warding sand.

Get a large round mirror from the craft store. They are usually sold near the candles because they can be used to increase the light output of the candles placed on them. While you are there pick up some craft sand. I luckily had the sand from a donation from one of our traveling speakers at TempleFest who, having done a sand mandala workshop, didn’t want to send the extra home. Craft sand comes in multiple colors but for warding sand I suggest black or red. Black is less conspicuous if that is a concern. Mine was dark and sparkly. You will need three candles, or more if you pick a different design.

place the mirror on your working space and get out your mortar and pestle and a bowl for the sand. In the mortar and pestle grind a teaspoon each of: angelica (to bring the power of angels and the higher powers), blue vervain (to enchant the mixture), rosemary (for protection), rue (for protection), nettles ( protection), some black salt (to make evil rue the day it crossed your threshold) and iron filings (to protect from mischievous or harmful spirits). Grind these down as fine as you please and mix the whole mixture with the sand. With the mirror in the middle of the altar, use the sand to draw a protective sigil. I used the triquetra not only because I like Charmed but because long before the show it was used for protection spells. After the sigil is drawn, I place a candle at the points of the sigil.

Cast a circle and call the quarters. I call upon protective deities. Mine is usually but not always Hecate. Charge each candle and anoint it in protection potion or fiery wall of protection oil. Charge the candle to charge the warding sand with its power, to enhance its power to bring protection on all levels and to banish any harmful beings. Light the candles in their places. Then charge the sigil by tracing the air above it until you can see it glowing with power. Place the rest of the sand on the sigil and charge the sand.

“I charge this ward sand in the name of the Goddess and god, to protect any place or thing warded with it. To neutralize all harm and mischief and to potent on all levels for the good of all and harming none. So mote it be!”

Leave the sand where it is until the candles have burned out. When they have it is fully charged and ready to be used. Thank the deities you called. Release the quarters and circle.

To use this warding sand sprinkle it in a circle around any place or thing you want to protect. You can activate it with a visualization and a chant like this one:

“Lord and lady, within and without
conjure this circle all about
let love in, keep evil out.”

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