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Safe Travel Charm for the Car • #13daysofmagic

Now that Mercury retrograde is over, I can share a great spell I have used on my many cars to keep them safe and running. In one of the comments on my site I had a person ask me how she could protect her new car even though she had to drive it in Boston. This spell I wrote many years ago when I lived in Hartford, Connecticut. I only had one true accident there and it didn’t hurt my car in the least!

The only thing I don’t like about this spell is I didn’t include anything about thieves. I had my car stolen there, but it was returned to me after it was found loitering in someones lawn. Other than my car umbrella being broken and the back seat covered in Spree candy it was fine. I give you the spell as it is and you can add something about thieves if you want.

Gather a piece of blue fabric cut in about a four to three inch square, a blue and a white string to tie it closed at the end. Gather for inside the little bag you will make a turquoise to prevent accidents, a piece of mandrake root for protection, angelica to bring the protection of the angels, mistletoe, frankincense, (both for protection), comfrey root for safe travel, and some fennel seed.

Charge the stone and each herb for protection of your car. I like to grind the herbs a bit in my mortar and pestle to combine them and their powers more but not to make them a powder.  Then place the whole mixture into the center of the blue square of fabric. Say this chant:

Here to there, there to here
my path is safe, my path is clear.
Herbs of travel and protection
guard my car from all directions
My car runs strong, my car runs well
safely encircled by my spell. “

Tie up the herbs and stone in the fabric with the white and blue cord to make a little mojo bag. While tying the knots repeat the chant. Then take the little bundle to your car. Walk around your car three times with the bundle. Visualizing a shield that protects it and it running perfectly. Say the chant one last time as you complete the final circle and place the charm in your glove compartment inside the car.

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