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Sending a Blessing • #13daysofmagic

There is always talk in the communities of witchcraft about curses and hexes but there is little said about the opposite of the curse, the blessing. Blessing I think is much more important than cursing because everyone benefits from the sending of it. This one is a simple blessing that can be sent to anyone. It is rather general in its wording so that the universe has more options to give from and the personal will of the person can be maintained.

You will need some incense. Though I usually encourage people to use loose incense on a charcoal because it is more natural, for this one I like to use a stick incense because I feel a bit like a “fairy godfather” swirling my magic incense wand. It is all about what gets you in the blessing mood.

The incense you choose should be one you associate with blessing. I would choose a Solar or Jupiter incense unless you have a specific intent in which case you want to pick one that resonates with that intent. Frankincense, cedar, rose, sandalwood, and lavender all make great blessing incenses. Use one that speaks to you.

Charge the incense with the power of blessing. Light the incense and visualize the person happy, healthy, and their life filled with light. At this point I like to swirl the incense in the air clockwise. If you have a specific intent say it before the chant. Examples might be “may they be in perfect health,” “may their heart be open to the love of the goddess and god,” or ” may their needs be met and more.” This isn’t necessary but sometimes that little extra intent can make all the difference to someone. Then say this chant:

“send this blessing
through the air
smoke and fire
send it there
Lord and Lady
your gifts bestow
all the best
to them (him or her) flow
for the good of all
with harm to none
so I say
this spell is done.”

Then leave the remainder of the incense to burn, knowing that your blessing is on its way!

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