Blessing Cord


Everything in the universe vibrates and moves. Even things that seem solid and stationary are moving on the atomic level. The fifth bead is the blessing of Air in Geburah. Geburah is all about power and the power of air is the power of vibration. It is the power of our vibration that draws or pushes away different experiences and people.

One of the seven Hermetic principles is the principle of vibration. It states that “nothing rests: everything moves; everything vibrates”. This constant motion is not just on the physical plane but on the Spiritual plane as well. Our vibrational frequency draws us to the things that resonate with us. When we meet a new person we may have a feeling about them before we even talk to them. We might call it a “vibe” either good or bad. This is a reaction between our different vibrational frequencies. Another way you might see it is when you have gone through a personal change you suddenly don’t seem to “resonate” with an old friend and, try as you might, you can’t seem to keep a friendship that was once easy going because you don’t resonate with each other anymore. Your vibrations have changed.

In this meditation you will explore what it is you have been attracting with your vibration, analyzing if that is what you want and making a statement to change your vibration to draw to you what you want to create in your life. You may want to design your statement before you go into the meditation. It is basically an affirmation focused on changing your vibration so you vibrate in harmony with something you want to manifest. This usually is a general blessing that aligns with your goals like optimal health, unconditional love, joy, focus, success, or anything you can think of.

Meditation to the Blessing of Vibration

Hold the fifth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of the blessing of vibration, the bead of the blessing of Air in Geburah.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand into a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as your sphere begins to fill with vibrant red light. Vibrate the God name of Geburah: El-oh-heem Gi-boor

Feel the vibrations intensify around you. Ask to be shown what your current vibration has been drawing and manifesting in your life. Out of the red light visions or people may appear. Observe how they act, what do they say to you about your vibration as it is right now. Are there changes you want to make? Reach your hand out and feel the vibration of what you have attracted to you. After you feel like you can recognize this vibration, allow the visions and people to fade into the red light around you.

Now you are ready to change your vibration to your goal. Feel your own vibration. Feel it in your body and in your aura. This is your vibration and you have the power to change it at will. Tell yourself, “I now vibrate in harmony with…” and complete the affirmation with the energy or quality you want. As you say your statement five times, feel your vibration change to be in harmony with your desire. Every cell of your body, every molecule, every particle, now begins to vibrate in harmony with your goal. Your aura begins to change to vibrate with this goal. let the vibration fill you and pulse out into the universe.

Begin to feel a gentle descent as the red light begins to fade from your sphere. Your sphere returns to the screen of your mind’s natural size and shape.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


Observe the people in your life, and try to feel what they are vibrating in harmony with. How does it manifest in their lives? Observe your own vibration after being with them. How does being around them affect your own vibration?

Blessing Cord


The forth bead is the blessing of praise. It is the blessing of the Air of Chesed. Chesed is a sphere of mercy, generosity, expansion, and in the element of air I would say that it is expressed when we give and receive praise. Chesed is the home of the archetype of the Heavenly Father and it is no surprise to me that I would associate the word praise with Christianity. Praise has been around longer then the birth of Christianity and has been used by polytheism and all religions.

Praise is used to give thanks, to commune with deity, to encourage them to intervene in our lives, and to open channels to them. In daily life we give the blessing of praise to each other to do the same. The power of praise can be expanded to even be used toward anything in the universe. When we praise, we also empower the thing we are talking about with the power to do just what we praise it for.

Praise also has a effect on us when we use it for others. Our subconscious self is a bit more enlightened than we are and doesn’t see a difference between our “selves” and the thing we are praising. So every time we say something about someone or something else, our subconscious thinks we are talking about ourselves. When you praise the things you want in your life, your subconscious hears you and takes action to create that in your life. When you praise the goddess Aphrodite for her beauty and grace, your subconscious begins to think you are talking about yourself. You begin to see more beauty and grace in yourself. The tricky thing is that we don’t always know we are praising something. When you focus on the things you don’t want your subconscious thinks you are praising them. It begins to create these accidentally praised things. This is one way that we accidentally create suffering.

When we praise aspects of the gods we are invoking these aspects in our lives. This means we need to be very careful what aspects of a deity we call upon. This can also happen with the energies we invoke when we do the blessing cord work. The aspects of the sphere on the tree of life we are invoking with our meditation can effect our lives. I invoked the power of Binah with silent listening. I felt an ennui that usually accompanies Saturn work for me during the days I was working with silent listening. Using both clearance and balance and grounding and then moving on to the next sphere helped me mediate these energies.

When we do praise at a meditative level, we empower the praise more because we are more aligned with the subconscious self. We can mentally program ourselves in this state as if we were in hypnosis. We can use our praise of another to program ourselves for success. Giving praise is the first part of the meditation that follows. You can also give a blessing with your praise to someone in need. When you work at the subjective level of a meditative state your praise can become a blessing for another. In my own use of this meditation, I used my praise to bless a friend for the work they did in this world. I praised their sharp mind and clear expression which they already had. I also praised their health and vigor which at the time was not their experience. This manifested for them in part because of my praise of their health.

The second part of the equation is accepting praise. In our culture we have many unconscious programs about how we accept praise and if not it truly is absorbed. It is important that we actually take in the praise of others as well as give it to others. Remember the lesson of the blessing of silent listening and take in some praise.

Meditation to the Blessing of Praise 

Hold the third bead of your blessing cord, the bead of Praise, the bead of the blessing of Air in Chesed.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as sky or electric blue light begins to fill the sphere. Resonate the god name of Chesed: El

As the vibrations expand outward from you, call out to a being worthy of praise. You can decide for yourself who that would be or let the great spirit guide a being toward you worthy of praise. This person walks toward you through the blue light. You see them surrounded in light. Begin to praise the attributes you most admire about them. Here is an example you can use or you can make up your own.

I praise your keen mind and clear expression.

I praise you for your open heart that loves me and mine unconditionally.

I praise your great work in this world that makes others want to shine just as bright.

I praise your body that is in excellent health and robust vigor.

These words seem to be filled with the blue light and flow to the being you are praising. You can see them taking them in and feeling your words’ blessing. They thank you and begin to recede into the blue light surrounding you.

Say to the blue light all around you “I am open to the blessing of praise.”

In the blue light you can see images and people who have given you praise in the past. Listen and be open to what they are saying. Really take it in and own that you are worthy of praise. When you feel ready, allow the images to fade. The blue light begins to fade and you feel a gentle descent. The screen of your mind returns to its natural color and then returns to its natural shape and size.

Count your self up to a waking state. Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


How do you react to praise? Where did you learn that response? Is it still working for you? Who in your life do you admire and are you giving them praise? What about others do you want to create for yourself? Are you praising that accomplishment so you can manifest something like it?

Blessing Cord

Silent Listening

The Third bead on the blessing cord is the Bead of silent listening. It is the air of Binah. This sphere is the archetype of the mother but also the listener. On the last bead the god who is the singer calls out a word of creation giving energy and force to all of creation. In this bead and sphere it is given space and form by being heard and understood.

In the teachings of the pyramid of the sphinx we are called upon to do four things to become a magus or master. We are asked to will, to dare, to know and to Be silent. Here we focus on the silence and the power of listening. In this meditation we ask no questions and seek no answers. We remain silent and and just listen to what we “hear” and try to understand. We release our need to do and are allowed to just be.

Within us we have many different aspects of self. Psychology has identified some of these parts. Silent listening is the gift that allows us to open up and hear all the “parts” of our selves. When we listen to our parts we can gain understanding of why we may be fighting with ourselves and not getting anywhere with our goals. We can find out why we crave a chocolate after work and even get to the root of the issue just by listening deeply.

One practice that has helped me in learning more about deep listening is to set a time where you are silent. This is more then just not speaking or communicating with others in that we can also try to limit the information we hear and recieve. This time of silence gives us a chance to hear the inner voices of our parts. To discern the part that is speaking and who they might be quoting. When we have accepted and let go of all they have to say to us we make space so that we can hear the deeper voices of the universe.

Meditation to the Blessing of Silent listening

Hold the third bead of the cord. The bead of the air of Binah, the bead of Silent listening

Count yourself down into a meditative state

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere begins to loose all illumination until you are surrounded with a black endless void. Resonate the god name of the Binah: Yod Heh Vauv Heh El-oh-heem

let the vibrations of the god name fade into the void. Feel how weightless you are here as if you were a baby floating in the womb of the great mother.

begin just listening to the black void. at first all you may hear is silence. just listen. In this space you may hear your own thoughts, the stories of others, guidance, music, or nothing at all. Just listen, and relax. let any understanding of what you hear unfold naturally on it’s own. Know that it is okay that it doesn’t unfold at all. Relax and listen.

When you feel that the experience of this meditation has come to an end. feel a gentle decent as the black color begins to fade on your screen until your screen normalizes in color. Your screen returns to its normal shape and size.

Count yourself back up to waking consciousness

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if nessasary. Write down your experience.


Are you allowing yourself to just be? Are you listening to others in your life or are you thinking of what to say next when it is your turn?

Blessing Cord


The second bead on the cord is the blessing of the word. Many stories of creation begin with deity speaking to create the world. Om is said to be the first utterance that created the world by brahma. In the bible it begins with God’s command for things to be. chockma is the sphere of the force. It is my belief that it is the force of this first word that brings energy to creation. We are all part of the great spirit and also have the power to use the power of word to bring manifestation of our desires.

In sanskrit mantra yoga they have seed sounds that are used to align with a particular energy usually embodied by one of there deities. These Seed sounds are called Bija. They are primal sounds that can influence consciousness. Om or Aum is just one of these seed sounds. They are usually added to mantras to enhance them.

  • Om (aum)- begins most mantras and represents consciousness and has the effect of clearing the mind and raising consciousness higher and brings a deeper Prana to the chant. It is said to be the first word said in the shaping of the universe.
  • Eim (I’m)  associated with Saraswati  who rules artistic and scientific endeavors, music and education, spiritual knowledge, memory, intelligence.
  • Hrim (hreem) is associated with the feminine force and is used to see through the illusion of the every day reality. It can be used to gain clarity about the universe. It is associated with the heart chakra. It brings great force, is captivating and brings empowerment.
  • Srim (shreem) is the seed mantra of Lakshmi. It is used to magneticly attract all that is good , helpful and promoting of positive growth and development. It brings abundance, health, inner peace, financial wealth, friendship, love of children and family. It can make your own power to bring these things stronger.
  • Klim (kleem) is associated with attraction of a desire. It is often combined with other seed sounds in mantra to focus the attraction on your goal. this seed sound can be used to manifest what you visualize and focus.
  • Dum ( doom) seed sound for the energy of protection. It will help invoke protection and eliminate fear. If repeat of this mantra brings discomfort stop and try again later.
  • Krim (kreem) This seed sound is associated with kali goddess of creation and destruction. It is used in destruction and liberation mantras.
  • Gum (gum) is the masculine seed mantra for Ganesha. Use to remove obstacles,and bring success in all endeavors.
  • Glaum (Glau..owm) also a Ganesha seed removes obstacles and enhances the energy of will.
  • Hum (How with an “m” on the end) associated with shiva. used to bring about transcendential consciousness.
  • Hum (hoom) another shiva sound but also associated with agni god of fire and the feminine power of shakti. It can be used in protection but it also raises your Prana.
  • Kshraum (an aspirated but unvocalized “k” followed by a vocalized sh rau as in how and an “m” at the end) a seed sound for narasimha a manifestation of Vishnu. It is invoked to be rid of stubborn evil situations, it releases your pent up energies, opens hidden powers within, and is used to destroy indestructible demonic powers.
  • Ram (rahm) associated with Rama and brings healing.

Mantra yoga is not the only place we find these words of power. Many different traditions have words they use for different spiritual purposes. Many different occult and ceremonial orders have used words of power to create resonance with the aeon they wish to manifest into creation.

  • Thelema which means Will which is the word of the law of the Aeon
  • IAO which is the word of the aeon of osiris, each letter stands for a god force, Isis goddess of creation, Apophis the destroyer,  and Osiris the slain and reborn god respectively.
  • Abrahadabra which is the formula for the aeon of horus for the great work complete
  • Awen (ah-ooh-en) a celtic word for the drops of inspiration and wisdom from the cauldron of cerddewin
  • I AM Which resonates with the great spirit that flows through all things.

You can also use any of these in your meditation on the contemplation of the power of the sacred word. You can also use any gods name, word that is sacred to you, or just a pure vowel sound as long as you choose one with either intention or guidance. A great one to start with is Om or Aum. Almost all sanskrit mantras start with this sound because it raises our consciousness.

Meditation of the Blessing of Word

Hold the second bead on your blessing cord, the bead of the air of Chokmah, the blessing of the word.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to surround you in a sphere. Feel a rising sensation as you begin to see gray light or mist begin to fill your sphere. Resonate the God name of the sphere of Chokmah: Yod heh vauv Heh

float in the gray space and listen. Do you hear any sacred words in the distance? Take this as guidance of the word you are to vibrate first. If you don’t hear one vibrate one of your intentionally chosen words.

To vibrate the word it is sometimes helpful to elongate the syllables by saying them slowly. You should be saying this word physically as well as spiritually. Let the word flow through your body. Notice how the word feels to you. After a few repetitions you should feel the word as if your whole body was saying it.

Notice how the word makes you feel. Observe any sensations that you receive as feed back from the psychic space around you. Do you hear others joining in to your resonation. What does this word make you perceive?

When you feel you are done you may feel called to try another word or be satisfied with your work and end the meditation.

Feel a gentle descent as the gray light or mist begins to recede. The screen of your mind returns to its normal color. The screen then returns to its normal size.

Count up to waking consciousness

Give your self clearance and balance. Ground yourself as needed.  write down your experience in your journal.


Every word has an emanation that joins the song of creation, how well have your words served you in creation of your purpose? How would you change them?