Blessing Cord


The twenty-second bead in the blessing cord has the blessing of flow. This is the blessing of water in Chokhma. Chokhma always adds motion and movement to the elements it affects. In air, it is the movement of the word, and in fire it is the movement of doing our will. When it comes to water, it is flow. Flow is the currents and tides of our surroundings. It can be the stillness of stagnation or the rushing flow of too much activity. This can be on many levels of reality: energetic, emotional, physical, mental—all have a tide and flow to them. This can be affected by astrology, the surroundings, geopathic stress, group-minds, and even your own personal flow.

When I was a kid, we had a big round pool in our backyard. My friends and I would make a whirlpool in it by starting to swim around the pool in a circle until the water began to move with us. Our flow began to change the flow of the pool. Then we would all let go and float and let the flow we created carry us around the pool. Sometimes we would all try to go against the flow to test our strength. In this smaller environment of the pool we had enough flow to change the overall flow. In the ocean of life we would need a lot more energy to change the flow.

When a coven works together to make a cone of power it is much like this example of the pool. If the coven is using dance to raise energy, they dance around the circle faster and faster making a sort of whirlpool within the “pool” of their circle. When the energy gets moving, it is easier to feel and direct than stagnant energy. Much like air you can feel it more when it is moving like the wind. This movement of energy in circle is the way we increase the intensity and purity of the energy.

If we want to engage the flow around us, we first have to be aware of where it is going. This is where we connect to what we can feel and intuit about the flow of energy. Sometimes the current of flow is so big it is hard to tell where it is flowing. Like when you get caught up in an ocean current. Being aware of the energies in your area can help. Like knowing where places of power are and where ley lines are. It can also be helpful to know the effects of planetary energies going on because this can effect the flow. When it comes to magick the moon’s cycle can affect the flow. Knowing the effect of a flow may also take just going along with it to explore where it goes. We don’t always know. Let your intuition be your guide. Connect to the flow around you and ask it where it is going.

Once you have awareness, you can choose to go with the flow or go against the flow. Both have good points. When the flow is going in a direction you want to go in, you can use that flow to surf or swim yourself towards what it is you want. You can enhance your efforts by going with the flow to get to your next destination or manifestation faster. It takes less energy to go with the flow then against it. If the flow is not taking you where you want to go or you need to build some strength, going against the flow is an option. Going against the flow takes more energy yet can be rewarding because you become stronger personally. The next time the flow goes your way you will be stronger because you had the discipline to go against the flow. This method can lead you away from where the flow is taking you. The last option is to use the flow to get out of the current. By moving at an angle out of the current you can use a little of the flow and your own strength to get you to a place where you have more control of your motion.

Meditation of Flow

Hold the twenty-second bead on the blessing cord. The Bead of Flow, the blessing of water in Chokhma.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand around you to form a sphere. Resonate the god name of Chokhma: Yod heh vauv Heh

You feel a rising feeling as the sphere begins to fill with gray misty light all around you. The mist begins to clear and in front of you is an estuary. You can see the small bay of sea water all the way to the other side as the mist clears. Beside you are three floating lanterns ready to go into the water. Throw the first out into the water. This one gets caught by the current immediately and begins to move around the estuary. The current takes it quickly around the small bay an out into the ocean.

Throw the second lantern out a little further. This one moves a bit slower as it goes around the middle of the current and out into the ocean.

Throw the third lantern into the middle of the estuary. This one just swirls around the middle of the small bay. Now that you know the estuary’s flow, It is time to feel it for yourself. Step into the water and feel the flow. The current is strong and moves around your body. Allow the flow to move you as you float. Feel the effortless movement as you engage the flow.

Now try to swim with the flow. See how fast you can move when you are going with the flow and adding your energy to it. Enjoy the speed and rush of movement.

Try to now swim against the flow. Feel your strength. See how your efforts stop you in motion or reverse your motion. The more you work against the flow the stronger you are.

Now shift yourself to swim at an angle to the flow so you can move into the center of the estuary where the last lantern is still swirling around. Here you can feel the flow moving around you and swirling. Move again at an angle to slip back into the flow before where you started swimming. Allow the flow to bring you back to the shore where you started.

As you sit on the shore reflect on your experience. What are you doing now, going with the flow, going against the flow, or swimming for the center where you can plan where you will engage the flow? This is just a metaphor for tapping into the energies around you. Take this knowledge with you. Become aware of the flow around you and choose how to respond appropriately.

The gray mists rise up around you, filling your sphere. Feel a gentle decent as it begins to fade and your sphere becomes its normal color. Allow the screen of your mind to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance.

Ground if necessary.


Where is the flow around you going? When you connect to the flow, what does it tell you about itself? What is your choice of how to respond? How can you use awareness of flow to enhance your life?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-first bead in the blessing cord starts a new elemental cycle of water. The blessing of this bead is Intuition. This blessing is the water of Kether. Our intuition is always with us. We all have it to a variety of degrees and there are a multitude of ways it can come to us. We may feel, see, remember, dream, hear, feel, know, smell or taste our intuition speaking to us. Many of us can get hung up on what way our intuition speaks to us but it can be different every time. It is always trying to speak to us. Our own filters of reality, beliefs, fears, and reactions can block out this ever-present gentle prodding from spiritual guidance.

Our upbringing can block our intuition by giving us patterns that don’t let us connect to a greater source. You may have gotten a wild idea as a kid and your parents shut down this intuitive burst with their own fears. Don’t blame them though, they are just the current line in a chain of family and culture that taught children not to listen to intuition. Thankfully we are our own people and can choose to change these beliefs and fears.

What I think is the hardest part of intuition is to “hear” it and to trust it. To hear it we must quiet the louder parts of ourselves: the fears, beliefs and our doubting self all have loud voices in our minds. Stilling these can be done with passive meditation and focus on your breathing until your mind becomes still. This is when our intuition can speak clearly, but we don’t always need to be in this state to hear it. Just by thinking about a situation and focusing our attention lightly on it and clearing our mind momentarily so we can receive intuitive signal is enough. The first thought, image, feeling or memory, or other sensory input is our answer.

The second part is to trust it. Some wild and strange things can come through the intuition. Sometimes it skips forward to the end steps and you find it hard to see how it got there. The important thing is that you trust it. You can start small by listening to your intuition and following its guidance on small issues. This builds your confidence in your intuitive connection. The more we trust our intuition and psychic guidance the more of it we seem to have. Our lives begin to feel more alive when we follow our intuition. Things seem brighter and people start to wonder where you got the ideas from.

In the following meditation we use an interface called the tube of intuitive flow so we can clear our intuitive flow of any blockages like beliefs, fears, or reactions. This meditation shows us we can connect and ask anything about itself and receive intuitive answers. We can follow these answers to clear our energetic connection with our guides and spirits. The clearer we are, the stronger the “voice” of our intuition is.

Meditation of Intuition

Hold the twenty-first  bead of the blessing cord. The bead of Intuition, the water of Kether.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Visualize the screen of your mind expanding into a sphere around you. You feel a sense of rising as your sphere begins to fill with radiant prismatic light. Resonate the God name of Kether: “eh-heh-e-yeh”

When the light clears, you see above you a spherical shape made of whirling light. This sphere is the divine source of intuition. You may see within it guides, radiant energies, and sometimes passing images. Ask to conjure your channel of intuition from the radiant source. See it as a tube that comes down from the source and passes through your crown and all the way down the trunk of your body, down into the center of the earth. This tube is an interface with your stream of intuition. Send your thoughts inside the tube to observe its interior.

Inside the tube you may see clumps or clots. Places where your stream of intuition is blocked in some way. Each of these blocks slow your intuition or even dam up its flow. You have the power of intuition and can reach out to connect to these blocks and speak with them. Choose a blockage and mentally connect with it. Ask it what fear or belief created it. The blockage will give you a memory, an image, words, a feeling, or just a sense of knowing about how it started in the first place. Know that this is your energy speaking to you. You have the power to use your awareness to change it. Let the blockage tell you how it started. Then ask what intuitive action you need to take to change it. The blockage may give you instructions. You may need to forgive someone, change a thought process you have, do something daring, trust your intuition to help you. Once you know what it is the blockage needs to change, ask it if you can help it clear energetically right now. If yes, place it between your two mental hands. Imagine white light flowing from your hands and dissolving the blockage.  Any stagnant energy will naturally flow down the tube to your place of grounding at its end. You may feel lighter. You may have more intuitive flashes without this blockage. Seek to trust your impressions.

You can continue this exercise with each blockage you find or end it now and return to this conjured tube that contains your flow later to clear it more. When you are done, move your consciousness out of the tube. Imagine your awareness of it fading, knowing it is just a symbolic interface of your intuitive flow. See the source of your intuition above you and give it thanks for its guidance as it fades from view.

The sphere begins to obscure as prismatic white light fills the sphere again. You feel a gentle feeling of decent as the sphere again returns to normal color. It shrinks back to its normal size as the screen of your mind again.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness. Ground and center if necessary.


Throughout the day connect with your intuition by asking yourself what you sense about your daily situations. Do you recognize your intuition when it “speaks” to you? What holds you back from sensing your intuition? Do you trust your intuition?

Blessing Cord

Incarnate Spirit

The twentieth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of incarnate spirit. This is the fire of Malkuth. The earthy sphere of Malkuth could not move and live without the spirit which animates it. Every flower, every animal, every human being is a part of the Great Spirit that has inhabited a body to have an earthly experience. Each one of us is an incarnate spirit that has come into this world for a reason. Some of us have done this many times, if you believe in reincarnation. We emerged from the well of souls and returned to the earthly plane to learn, to grow, to experience and, at the end of our lives, return to that well to share our experience with the Great Spirit.

If you are reading this blog, you have chosen to become an incarnate spirit for this time. This gives you different options on how you can affect the world than, say, a spirit guide.

I was asked by one of my students recently why spirit guides would want to work with us. Spirit guides want to work with us because we can affect this world. We have more power in the world than they can easily manifest. We can tap into the very soul and nature of this world, which spirits have a lesser ability to do. Just as spirit guides can channel energies form spiritual realms to us, we can in turn channel physical plane energies to them to use for their benefit. We are spirits just like them, with our own access to wisdom of bodily experience.

A powerful technique is to work in concert with these spiritual guides to mix spiritual energies with the material energies of nature. When we run energies with a spirit guide, we can build up power to make changes in our lives.

Meditation of Incarnate Spirit

Hold the Twentieth bead on the blessing cord. The blessing of incarnate spirit, the bead of fire in Malkuth.

Count yourself down in to a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand around you, forming a sphere. Feel the slight shift as a garden begins to grow up around you in the sphere of your mind. Resonate the god name of Malkuth: Ah-do-nai Ha-ah-retz

Explore the garden of Malkuth around you. Take off your spiritual footwear (if any) and allow your feet to connect to the earth. As they touch the earth, you can feel the energies of the manifest around you. Allow the energy centers in your feet to open gently and begin to cycle this energy of the manifest world. The earth’s energy begins to flow up your legs. Into your pelvic bowl. Up into your belly. Rising into your chest. Overflowing into your arms and up into your head. Filling your body with this manifest energy.

Put out the mental call to your spirit guides. See them come into the garden. Ask one of them to exchange energy with you to show you the reciprocal nature of the energies of spirit and the energies of the manifest. Choose a guide you trust and have worked with before. As your guide comes before you one of their hands (if they have them) begins to form a ball of energy around it made of the highest spiritual vibrations. This is the energy the spirits use to make changes on the spiritual levels.

Like them, you raise your hand and a pulsing ball of manifest energy comes into being around your hand. Your guide reaches out with their other hand, then the one with the energy to touch your hand with the energy. You reach out with your other hand and touch their hand with the energy. Once you have both connected, the energy begins to flow in a circuit between you and your connected hands. You feel the pure energy of the spirit world flowing into you and the material energy flowing out of you into your guide and then back around. The energies begin to blend. Feel the power you are sharing with your guide and your guide is sharing with you. The longer you hold it, the more intense it feels.

When you and your guide feel like you have built up enough energy let your hands release and send the energy out like a shower above you both. This technique can be used to raise energy to be sent out for a desired change. For your first time, just feel the release, without any focused intention.

Thank your guide for their aid. They may also thank you for the experience.

Return to where you entered the garden. Become aware of the garden around you in your sphere. Allow it to fade as you feel a slight shift. Your screen of your mind returns to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance and ground.


Why did you incarnate? Why do you think spirit guides want to work with us? What advantages do you offer to the spirits and what advantages do they offer you in partnership?

Blessing Cord


The nineteenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of Clarity. It is the blessing fire in Yesod. The sphere of the moon is so aligned with the element of water, it is difficult to think of it having a power of fire. I think of the fire of this sphere like the light of the moon: reflected light of the “vision” of the solar sphere of Tipereth. In this sphere we can use the power of the moon to reflect and gain clarity on anything that needs it. Yesod is associated with the astral realm and the wellspring of all thoughts and images that have ever been. It is the place where psychic information is paired with image and emotion. In this sphere, we can scry to a greater effect then we can here in the physical world of Malkuth. The images and insights we get from scrying in Yesod come clearer here because the images and symbols that give us information during scrying originate from here. 

Scrying is the art of using a reflective surface to gain psychic information. We have all seen the images of the psychic or fortune-teller looking into a crystal ball to see the future. Scrying was the method used by many psychics and magicians to gain insight and prophecy. Nostradamus was said to use a bowl of water to obtain all his prophesies. John Dee and Edward Kelly used a crystal ball and an obsidian mirror to scry and communicate with angels. In this meditation, we go to the moon pool to scry out answers, seeking clarity. As I said before, it is easier to scry in the astral so this is an interesting experience. This meditation will give you clarity around an issue. I have used it to help interpret dreams, gain ideas, or just to answer a question.

Meditation of Clarity  

Hold the nineteenth bead of the blessing cord. The bead of clarity, the blessing of air in Yesod. 

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel a sensation of rising as your sphere begins to fill with a purple misty light. Resonate the God name of Yesod: Sha-dai El-chai.

The purple light begins to fade and before you is the opening to a grotto. The night sky above you is filled with stars and a bright full moon. As you step into the the cave, you see that inside there is a still pool of water at its center. Above the pool there is an opening in the ceiling where moonlight streams down. The moon’s light reflects upon the water. The wind begins to stir and the surface of the water makes dancing nets of light ripples across its surface and the walls of the cave. 

Come closer to the pool of water. Get comfortable beside this beautiful pool. Fill your mind with the aspects of your question as you gaze at the pool. See the rippling light dance. When you feel you have expressed your question with your mind, say it aloud to yourself in this place. When you have voiced your question, allow your mind to clear. Take deep, slow breaths, releasing any thoughts about the situation. Allow the moon pool’s reflected light to smooth away all thoughts about the question so you are open. When your mind is clear and open, you may start to see shapes or images in the pool. Just observe them and allow them to come to you. You may perceive thoughts or feelings or hear words. Be open to the experience and try to remain in the neutral open-minded state. Allow the information to come without judgement. You can recount this later for your own interpretation. 

When the images stop, your answer seems clear, or you feel like you are done, begin to stand up next to the moon pool. Thank this space for its wisdom and clarity. Step back through the entrance to the cave. The purple light begins to rise, obscuring your view of the cave, and you feel a gentle decent. The purple light fades. The screen of your mind becomes its normal color and shrinks back to its normal size. 

Count your self up into waking consciousness 

Ground and center, as needed.


What do you need clarity around? What can you move forward on now that you have this clarity? Do you sometimes get stuck in your search for clarity and not move forward with something? Psychic work is well and good, but sometimes we just have to move forward and do something in order to get the clarity of success or failure.