Blessing Cord


The twenty-fourth bead on the blessing cord is the blessing of compassion. It is the blessing of water in Chesed. Chesed is the sphere of Mercy. It’s vibration is one of care and concern, but it also sees the bigger picture better then some of the other spheres.

Compassion means “to suffer with”. This can spur many forms of response depending on our nature. It is hard to suffer along with someone. To feel empathy for what is going on with someone, knowing that you can do little to help. Part of life is suffering and most of us create  more for ourselves by becoming too attached to our wants.

I have found in my own path through life that my best expressions of compassion for others come when I am not attached to a certain outcome. I have had students in the past where I would observe their struggles with life with what I thought was compassion and then give them advice and offers of assistance, only to see them manifest mental blocks and excuses to why all my advice would not work, being told I was egotistical to think I could help, flat-out refusal, and in some cases a loss of a friendship. I came to realize people both want and need to solve things for themselves and they are not always in the place to do so. I had become attached to the outcome of my friends’ success without letting them process the suffering and come to their own answers.

Now I hold compassion for where people are at in the present. I ask questions to get clarity about what it is they are experiencing, so I can hold compassion for them where they are. I ask them if they want advice and then release any attachment to them actually doing what I said. Compassionately I know that they must find their own way. It is a hard stance to have knowing that I want them to do well.

Our world always seems filled with suffering if we let it be. Prejudice, privilege, poverty, hunger, despair, our political climate, our world climate, fear, xenophobia, and much, much more. Watch the nightly news for a while and you will see the harsh suffering in the world. It can make us feel powerless. Don’t believe the hype. You can make a difference. You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

The meditation is inspired by the Buddhist practice called heart breathing. We breath in some of the suffering of the world and transform it into peace and love. This practice is a tough one and should not become a daily practice for anyone. It is emotionally draining and can effect your health after a while. This is why in this meditation you are lead to cleanse both before and after and are set in a place where you can be distant from the suffering of the world so you can have compassion without attachment.

Meditation of Compassion

Hold the twenty-forth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of Compassion, the bead of the blessing of water in Chesed.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as sky or electric blue light begins to fill the sphere. Resonate the god name of Chesed: El

A blue cloud seems to form around your feet. It is strangely solid and you can stand upon it. As the light begins to fade around you, see that you are high above the world on a blue cloud. From this place you can see the bigger picture of the world. Look up into the endless blue of the sky. Start to breath this blue light of the sky into yourself. As you breath out, release your tension and worry. Breath in this light and feel yourself filing with cleansing energy. It begins to transform your energy, making your vibration stronger. It builds until you are filled with light.

Now feel your heart begin to open like a swirling vortex of light. You notice it growing large as it fills with compassion. There is an endless flow of this compassion and peace. Focus on the world below you. Breath in some of the suffering of the world, filling your lungs fully. Hold the breath as it mixes with and transforms in your vortex of the heart. Release your breath, imagining yourself breathing our peace, harmony and compassion.

Breathe in again the suffering of the world for the count of seven. Hold and let this energy transform within you for the count of seven. Breath out peace, compassion, and harmony back into the world. Do this about five more times or until you think you have had enough. Breath in the suffering on your last breath, hold and transform, and breath the energy up to the gods in a prayer of peace and compassion for all.

Begin to breath in the light of the sky and release out anything that doesn’t serve. Keep doing this breathing practice until you feel clear and balanced again.

Allow the blue light to return obscuring your view of the sky, world, and cloud. As the light dims again feel a gentle decent. Your screen returns to its normal size.

Count yourself up into normal consciousness.

Ground, center, and balance yourself.


Is there a difference between compassion and pity? When you are hardest on yourself can you turn that into compassion for yourself where you are? Have you had compassion for the people in your life without attachment to their success or failure, just unconditionally giving them compassion?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-third bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of surrender. This is the blessing of water in Binah. When we talk about surrender it always makes me think of cowboys raising a white flag of truce made out of someone’s nickers tied to a stick. This surrender is not the one we are talking about, however. When I say “surrender,” it refers to surrender to the Great Spirit’s direction and flow.

In the previous blessing of flow, we recognized where the flow was taking us and went with it or against it. We decided to go one way or another. In surrender, we open up to the Great Spirit’s flow and surrender to it. Surrender is the act of opening up and letting the flow of spirit move through us and guide us. We surrender control and expectation. We accept the divine’s energy and blessings, trusting them to lead us where we need to be.

When we hold to tightly to what we want to be or to an idea, we can strangle the energy for its growth. The energy of spirit can be much like water through a hose: If you hold the hose too tightly or pinch it off, the water can’t flow. We have to surrender our tight hold to let the water flow, as it needs to.

In the Wheel of Time series of novels by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson there are two ways to connect to the One Power that is the source of the magic in their fantasy world: One for the male side of this force, and one for the female side. The male side enters a visionary void where there is nothing but a flame in the center, representing the male side of the One Power. The void brings detachment, but also awareness. They reach out a grab the flame in the center and the more forcefully they grab it, the more energy they can fill themselves with. The detached awareness they gain from the void is their surrender. They let go of all attachment and feeling to grab their source. The feminine way to get energy from this source is to visualize they are a flower with their source above them. Their flower relaxes and opens up to the source, drawing in that energy and letting it flow through them. Their relaxation and openness to this source of power is their surrender to this energy. This fantasy series gives two great, and different, examples of how to surrender to gain energy and wisdom. I have personally used both in meditation and found them both to be interesting exercises. They inspired my meditation of surrender.

Meditation of Surender

Hold the twenty-third bead of the blessing cord, the bead of the water of Binah, the bead of Surrender.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere begins to lose all illumination, until you are surrounded by a black endless void. Resonate the god name of Binah: Yod Heh Vauv Heh El-oh-heem.

Allow yourself to relax deeper as you float in the inky void. You are weightless here, as if you were in the depths of space. Surrender any tension or thoughts to the void. Allow any emotions to dissipate into the void. Release your expectations and find the peace of detachment that comes from the void.

A brilliant star of light bursts into life within the void. This star is a representation of the Great Spirit. You can feel it calling to you. As its light hits your crown, a beautiful flower blooms within your head. Surender all as you open up to the Great Spirit. Your mind clears even more as you open, as you connect to this infinite light.

As this bloom begins to open, another blossom opens in the center of your chest at your heart area. It opens and drinks in the light of spirit. You may feel a sensation of bliss that comes from surrendering to spirit. Your heart grows lighter the more it opens.

A bloom opens at your pelvic bowl’s root. Right where your body meets a chair. As this flower opens, you surrender any tension as a wave of healing strength flows from spirit into this flower. as you surrender, the light flows into this bloom and from this bloom the light spreads to your whole body. Relax and surrender to the energy of the Great Spirit.

At this point, open to any messages spirit might have for you. Surrender and accept what comes, in voice, vision, or knowledge. When you feel like you are ready, send a breath of gratitude up toward the Great Spirit.

The void and star begin to fade as you feel a gentle descent. Know that this place is always there when you need it. Your screen returns to its normal shape and size.

Count yourself back up to waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary. Write down your experience.


What do you need in order to surrender and be open to the plans of the Great Spirit? What are you holding too tightly? Now that you know what the connection to spirit feels like, review some of your choices: Do they make you feel alive and filled with the divine or do they feel diminishing and constraining?