Blessing Cord


The twenty-ninth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of Dream. It is the blessing of water in  Yesod. Dreams both waking and sleeping can help us in so many ways. Psychological thought says dreams are our subconscious trying to sort out all the things we observed and thought during the day and any underlying conflicts within ourselves. Every dream holds symbolism that helps us work out our unresolved feelings. It is well-documented that people also use their dreams to figure out things the waking mind just can’t grasp. The subconscious is also the part of us that holds our psychic mind. Dreams can be predictive and perceptive of things we consciously hide from ourselves.

Many inventors and scientists have used their dreams to figure out problems in their work and dream up new solutions. I am sure you have too, whether you know it or not. The issue with a dream is that we can’t fully understand its meaning sometimes because we are the dreamer. This is where a good friend comes in handy. It was surprising to me that sometimes in dreams we are like the metaphor “unable to see the forest for the trees.” A good friend or loved one can sometimes intuit what your dream symbols mean because they know you well enough.

You may not have a close friend who gets you in this way, and that is okay because there are many other ways to interpret dream symbolism. There are many books on the subject, and I find they have helpful suggestions, but our psyches are not all the same, and this cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for everyone. To determine your symbols consciously you could try listing out everything you remember from your dreams. All the nouns, adjectives, and actions should go into your list. Take this list and begin to free associate. Call out the first word or two that comes to your mind as you hear or see that word. You will get a feel of what the dream symbol means to you by seeing what you associate with it. To help organize your own symbols and what they mean, you can make an alphabetical card file of each dream symbol, or get an address book and write your symbols into the alphabetical sections.

Another way to interpret a dream is to go back into it in meditation. While you are in the dream, everything is alive and responsive. You can have a discussion with your grandmother’s table—or anything else—in the dream world and ask it what it means within the dream. In this way we get to interact with our dream symbols and get understanding of the dream at a rapid pace. In this meditation we go back to a dream and speak with its parts to get a greater understanding of the meaning of our symbols. If you don’t have a specific dream to analyze, you can ask to be taken to the realm of dreaming so you can experience a new dream and receive a message.

Meditation of Dream

Hold the twenty-ninth  bead of the blessing cord. The bead of dream, the blessing of water in Yesod.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel a sensation of rising as your sphere begins to fill with a misty purple light. Resonate the God name of Yesod: Sha-dai El-chai.

As the purple light begins to clear, you find yourself inside the dream you want to interpret or, if it is your intention, a new dream. Everything in this dream can speak and communicate with you. Colors, inanimate objects, animals, people, and whatever symbols you see or experience you can talk to and have them respond.

Begin with the nearest symbol. Say hello to it and ask what it is doing inside your dream. What is its meaning within the dream? Ask if it has a particular message for you in this dream. Take what it tells you at face value and ask it any questions you need clarity about. When you feel like you and the symbol have had a complete conversation, thank it for its help. Then move on to the next symbol and repeat the process. The more you interact with the dream, the more you will understand what the dream as a whole means. Don’t limit yourself to just going symbol-by-symbol; you can also ask the whole dream to explain what it means for you.

If any dream symbol seems reluctant or doesn’t talk at all, ask another symbol and ask it to explain the other. Ask another symbol why that one wasn’t willing or able to converse with you.

When you feel as though you have gotten the message from this dream, conjure forth the misty purple light to surround you again until the dream is obscured. You feel a slight gentle descent as the light fades from view. The screen of your mind becomes its normal color and shrinks back to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center, as needed


Consider the symbols your dreams present you: Are there ones that appear in your dream multiple times? What do they signify to you? When you think about your dream, how could it be interpreted in response to what you are experiencing right now in your life? Do you have specific symbols that happen when you are getting a dream that is beyond the normal? What would your  symbol be for a dream that was a message from spirit?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-eighth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of Expression. This blessing is the water of Hod. Expression is the art of creating to convey our thoughts, feelings, spirit, and sometimes just our love of creating expression. In our world, we have a lot of reasons why people shouldn’t express what they want or perceive. Social norms lead us away from making public spectacles of our selves. We are told to be quiet, don’t make a mess, and that our art isn’t very good. Over time we begin to hear this outer voice in our heads coming from us. I took an art therapy course in college and I remember one of the continuing education students leaving the course. She was a talented musician but when it came to art she didn’t have any confidence in her skills. When confronted with the requirement of creating an art piece for class of her first memory she couldn’t even pick up the brush. She professed she had no skill at art and thought that she would be able to create music as her art therapy. The teacher said that wouldn’t work for the confines of the class. The student became very upset because she just couldn’t do art. She dropped the course before the next class. I always wondered how she became so closed off to all other types of expression but music. She and her children were all talented in music. I wondered if she had only been encouraged to express herself as a youngster without judgement whether she would have been able to paint that memory. I wondered what the music she would have wrote for it would have sounded like. 

Expression of our art is so important and powerful. In my later work, I found teaching kids to do art and encouraging any expression made them feel more confident. They were able to share what was on their minds and hearts more easily. They were calmer and happier because they could express what was inside. We just need a safe space where we can express those feelings. In this meditation we go to a place of expression and let loose our inner selves. I encourage you to express your experience in physical art by painting, drawing, making music or whatever your art may be.

Meditation of Expression

Hold the twenty-eighth bead of the blessing cord. The bead of expression, the blessing of water in Hod. 

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel a sensation of rising as your sphere begins to fill with an orange light. Resonate the God name El-oh-heem Tza-ba-oth. 

Feel the mercurial orange light rise around you like mist. As the mist begins to clear, you are in a white room with no furnishings. All around you are just blank walls. This a place that calls out for expression. In this place your mind and thoughts can paint whatever you please onto your room like a blank canvas. 

The first step is to start to create your expression. You may just want to splatter paint against the wall or make a detailed outline on the walls. It is up to you, it is your expression. Get into your expression and paint whatever you want to in this space. Get into the process of creating and really feel it. In the meditation you can fix any mistakes easily, but realize that any mistakes can lead your expression in a different way. Really get into the process. The process of expressing is part of the value of the experience. Connect all your senses into your creation. Feel the paint, the clay or other medium. What do you smell as you work? Feel the passion of expression. Claim this expression and love it just as it is. It is beautiful because it is yours. Express in this space fully with only the limitations that you choose. Here you can paint, sculpt, or do any art you want. This is your expression. Let your feelings flow out onto the walls of this room.

When you feel ready. Observe your room. Are there any things you would like to change about it? Make those changes now. When it feels right to you. Let this expression and place go as the orange misty light begins to obscure your work.

Feel a gentle decent as the light begins to fade from your sphere. The screen of your mind returns to normal coloring and then shrinks back to its normal size.

Count yourself up to waking consciousness. 

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


What are the underlying feelings that came out when you expressed yourself in the space? What was the process of expression like for you? Will you try and recreate a part of your room of expression in the physical world? How did you feel after you had expressed what is inside of you?

13 Days of Magic


The twenty-seventh bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of love. It is the blessing of water in Netzach. In a first run-through of all the words I thought would be the focus of these blogs, I listed this one as “emotion” or “feeling.” Though I think this is still true when we begin to feel the emotions in this sphere, the heart of them all is love. This idea of the heart of emotions being love came from a vision in one of my meditations. In it, I had Aphrodite rise from the sea and grow to be crowned by the stars. She told me that the highest form of emotion was love. She went on to tell me how the power of love was what brought things together and separated them. I asked for more clarification and she told me that love of others draws us together with others and that love of self and experience separated us. She then went on to say that neither was better then the other, just different, and each was a part of our spiritual journey.

This made me think of the alchemical operations of separating and coming back together to create a more purified whole. The processes of alchemy are always about separating to purify and unifying to create something more potent. This is what Nature does at a slower rate, for she is the great alchemist. This thought of how love was both separating and joining astounded me as so intrinsic to the understanding of its force that I had to share it with you.

Aphrodite then reminded me of the comic Promethea and the journey of the characters in the comic to Netzach. The characters go into the waters of Netzach and as they dive down they experience a whole gamut of emotions. The deeper they go the more they experience the knowledge and power of love. Until they come face to face with Aphrodite herself and feel divine love. Aphrodite wanted this to be the focus of this meditation for people to feel the heart of love beneath the waves of consciousness.

I thanked her for her insight and when I returned I laughed about how it would be weeks before I was able to write this blog. Aphrodite apparently wanted to get her request in early!

Meditation of Love

Hold the twenty-seventh bead of your blessing cord. The bead of love, the bead of water in Netzach.

Count yourself down in to a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel the sensation of rising as a green light begins to fill the sphere around you. Resonate the god name of Netzach: Yod-heh-vau-Heh Tza-ba-oth.

The green light surrounds you and becomes a mist. As the green mist begins to fade, you find yourself at the edge of a vast ocean. You can only see so far out into the ocean before there is green mist clouding the horizon. The water is a luminous green, as if it was lit from within by an underwater aurora borealis. You walk up to the edge of the water and, as soon as your feet and toes touch the water, you can feel that this water is different. It is warm like bath water. When you touch it, you feel connected to it and everything, as though this ocean was more than ocean. This is the ocean of consciousness, a symbolic interface to the collective consciousness of all beings. You begin to walk forward deeper into the water. The delicious warmth of the water caresses you. As you get to chest level you feel yourself taken by a gentle current, pulling you out into the ocean. It pulls you under, but you can strangely still breathe normally and easily.

As you float down deeper into the ocean, memories and emotions begin to flood up. You may see them reflected in the waters or in bubbles. Let these feelings flow and release them. Let the current carry you through them. They are your consciousness clearing old emotions so you can embrace what comes next more fully.

Deeper and deeper you go into this illuminated ocean, until you begin to see a brighter light coming closer and closer. This light takes the shape of Aphrodite and, as you draw closer, you can feel the love in the water. It blots out all other feelings. As you get closer, you see that Aphrodite is bigger then you thought. She is a giantess filled with love. As you come closer she may give you a message or just allow you to look into her eyes and feel the enormity of her love for all. You feel your heart opening more then it has before, opening to love, and filling with it.

When you are ready, thank the goddess as the current pulls you back the way you came. As you rise, you notice the feelings you cleansed away don’t return and don’t have any effect on you. You are filled with the love of the Goddess. Finally you break the surface near where you began and can feel the sand beneath your feet. You wall back on to the shore. As your feet leave the ocean, you can feel the separation, but you are full of love and know that you can connect and separate at will.

Green misty light begins to fill the area, obscuring it from view. The green begins to fade as you feel a gentle descent. The screen of your mind begins to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center yourself.


What emotions do you feel when you think about love? There are many kinds of love, each one has conditions to it because we love our selves. How has loving yourself separated you from others? Is this a bad thing? How has your love of others made you lose yourself in Union? Is this a bad thing?

Blessing Cord


The twenty sixth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of Forgiveness. It is the water of Tiphereth. I admit, as a pagan, forgiveness felt alien to me. It always felt like a Christian concept that had nothing to do with being spiritual and more to do with being a martyr. It wasn’t until I  heard that forgiveness isn’t for the other person, that it was really for you, that it made sense to me.

We unconsciously hold the energy of the disagreements and betrayals between people. Our soul’s path becomes strongly linked to the anger, hate, and resentment we feel for a person.  This energy is another thing that can block our flow to manifesting what it is we are truly here to do. We don’t have to forget what someone has done. We don’t even have to let that person back into our lives. By forgiving them, we let go of how they affect us.

If you had the flu last year and got it treated and now you are fine, do you still feel the sickness? No, you may remember the sickness, but you don’t feel it any more. This is how you want to be with forgiveness. You can remember what was done but it no longer holds any emotional charge for you. It is a good test to use for if you have really forgiven someone to imagine someone telling you how great they are doing now and how they have everything they want. If you feel any pain or anger, you haven’t fully forgiven them.

When you forgive and let go of this energy your holding both your lives will improve. When I have done the meditation that follows I have felt lighter every time. When we forgive, we make room for newer and happier circumstances, just as in the work of releasing with the previous bead.

Before this meditation, you may want to list all the people you think have done you wrong in some way and memorize the release statement.

Meditation of Forgiveness

Hold the twenty-sixth bead, the bead of the blessing of Forgiveness, the blessing of water in Tiphereth.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand into a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as your sphere begins to fill with radiant golden yellow light. Vibrate the God name of Tipereth: Yod-heh-vauv-heh el-oh-ah Vah-dah-ath

The golden light fades and you are in a golden field. Above you is a golden white sphere that represents the highest and best of the universe. Within it you might see Goddess, God, Great spirit, your guides, or your higher self. It is the highest guidance and power. Thank it for its presence in this work and ask for its aid.

Conjure the people you have to forgive. You can do this by calling up a person who is on your list or just calling out to someone you need to forgive. They appear in the field. Tell them what they did that you are trying to forgive.

Then say the following statement of release and forgiveness with all of your being:

“(Their name), I forgive you for your imperfections as I forgive myself for mine. I release (what you are feeling) I have against you. I forgive and release you to be who you are and to be happy. I release you to be free. With that I am free.”

After you feel it has done its work, the person begins to rise in the air to the ball of golden white light above you. As they float away, you are releasing them to the universe. You can then repeat the process with others on your list.

When you are done, say to yourself in this place of power. “I forgive and release you all, as I forgive my self for all. Blessed be!”

Golden light again begins to fill the area around you, making the world go opaque with the intensity of its glow. As the light fades, you feel a gentle descent. The screen of your mind begins to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center yourself.


Think about the people you have had to forgive: Is there a pattern to the story that manifests this pain? What are your contributions to this pattern? Can you forgive yourself? Can you forgive what was done to you? Can you release this pattern?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-fifth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of Release. It is the water of Geburah. Geburah has great power but also brings hard lessons. The lesson and blessing it brings is release. Release needs to happen for us to have clear, flowing connection to spirit and our own life path. Sometimes it is a pattern we have been consciously engaging in that needs to be let go of so we can move forward. It might be something left over from our parents or a past life that needs to be released. It can even be something we manifested that is no longer good for us, like the junk in our house or a job that is no longer working for us.

In the craft we use the waxing moon to grow things and the waning moon to dissolve and banish. We get all excited during the waxing moon to start new things and make new manifestations. One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten was to make room for these new things in my mind, in my heart, and in my home during the waning moon. The older I get the more I see this as true. I now know that I need to prioritize what I keep and hold on to. I have created a lot and I have to be able to let some of the things I have collected go, whether they are destroyed or move on to a place where they can be loved.

This process can be hard. Ask yourself: Does this still serve me? Does it bring me joy? Does this help me along my path? Evaluate if this is something you still need. If not it is time for release. Make some room for new manifestations.

In our minds we may have patterns we need to release to be able to move forward in to the world we want. These old patterns can still be creating the things we don’t want in life and draining some of our energy or blocking our flow. Sometimes just making a list of what our limiting beliefs or patterns are can help us in this process. Get a piece of paper and write on it. “The reason I can’t have (your goal) is because…” Set a timer for two minutes and write down every reason that comes to mind about why you can’t have your goal. When the bell goes off stop and look at your list. These are the patterns you are going to have to clear away to help your manifestation come into being. Do the meditation of release and then rip up this list.

Meditation of Release

Hold the twenty-fifth bead, the bead of the blessing of Release, the blessing of water in Geburah.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere fills with a red light. Vibrate the god name of Geburah: El-oh-heem Gi-boor

The red light fills you with the power to release. As the light clears, you are in a place that represents your mind. This could be a large garden, a house, a castle or any place that resonates with you. This is your special place. You have full control of your environment. Focus your thoughts on the first belief on you list to be lead to the place where this belief lives. Follow you intuition to the place where this belief lives. It will have a symbolic representation in your inner space. Once you have found it. Observe how it is reacting to the things around it. How does it affect your place. Touch it and ask to see when this thing was created. Why did it serve you then? Does it serve you now?

Begin to change the belief. In a garden of the mind this may mean weeding it out of the garden. In the attic of the mind it may mean cleaning it out to be dumped or burning it in the mental yard outside. In the castle you might want to put it in a catapult and shoot it outside. The solutions to changing this symbol of your old belief are infinite. Choose one that works for you.

You can now repeat the process with all the beliefs on your list. When you are done, feel how clear you feel. In a later meditation, plant or create some new beliefs that move you toward your goals.

The red light begins to fill your sphere again, blotting out the grove. You feel a gentle decent as the red light fades. Your sphere returns to the shape and size of the screen of the mind.

Count your self up into waking consciousness and ground and center yourself.


Look around your home and begin to release the things that are cluttering your energy. Ask yourself: does this bring me joy? Does this serve a purpose? Is this in alignment with my great work? If it is not why keep it at all? Observe your mind. Are there patterns you could release to have a better flow and clearer mind?