Events Calendar

August Events

Readings online through The Robin’s Nest: August 8th.

Adam Sartwell offers intuitive readings through traditional tarot and animal oracle card readings, providing a client with a psychic “snap shot” of their present situation which focuses on the aspects of the clients life and advice about how to respond to what is going on. His focus is on honest and practical guidance, with life-affirming inspiration, and his mission as a reader is to help people read the sign posts of life and master their own fate. Please call the shop to set up a Reading.

Hecate’s Feast with the Temple of Witchcraft August 13th beginning at 7 pm.

Join High Priest Adam Sartwell for this annual rite to honor the Goddess of Witches. Although we cannot gather in the physical to honor Hecate on her sacred feast day we can gather in liminal space between the worlds and honor her. This year we will work with Hecate as the soul of the world. Gather a symbol each of the sea, the sky, and earth. Place them in a triangle around a candle to attune your space to our working. During this online event we will ritually and meditatively connect to Hecate as soul of the world and be shown how we can serve the all.

Templefest Reading Parlor: August 20th and 21st.

The Temple of Witchcraft presents a festival every year called TempleFest and this year it is online. I am one of the readers this year. Since I will be attending and moderating some of the classes I thought I should offer readings two days before the event. This way no one, not even me, misses an exciting class. Through the magic of Zoom you can have a reading with me in my online reading parlor! Use the “schedule an appointment” button below to sign up, pay, and get your Zoom link for the online reading. I will be offering 15-minute Tarot reading, 30-minute Tarot readings, and flower- and gem-essence consults.

September Events

Exploring Past Lives at the Robin’s Nest: September 10th from 7pm to 9pm

We have been here multiple times because our souls are immortal. Each of these lives had experiences, patterns, karma, talents, and much more. In this class we will explore the idea of past lives and theories of how we transition through them. We will talk about how and why these past lives can affect our current lives and how awareness can improve our circumstances. We will end with a group past-life regression through a hypnotic meditation. Contact the store to sign up.