November Events

Magic and mantras at Zuzu’s Healing Arts November 11th from 2 to 5. 

In this class founder and lead minister, Adam Sartwell will teach you how to use mantra to create changes in you life. You will learn common seed sound mantras used in   multiple mantras and what they mean. Learn the chakra seed sounds and how to use them to meditate and balance yourself. You will also learn how to use specific mantras to help with situations and how to use the mantra practice to make changes in your life. For this class you will need a 108 Mala or any half or quarter Mala. Please contact Zuzu’s Healing Arts for a spot.

Hecate Night at Temple of Witchcraft. November 16th from 7 to 9

On this night sacred to Hecate Goddess of witches we honor her with a devotional circle and journey forth to commune with her in mediation.   There will be a Brief discussion about hecate before the ritual. All offerings will be provided by facilitator and are given as offerings from the group. Ritual sacrament of wine and cakes will be passed. Ritual attire is witchy finest.  This ritual is geared toward those who have a relationship with Hecate and wish to connect with her, to honor her and gain communion. This ritual is facilitated by Adam Sartwell co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft, Lead minister of the virgo ministry, and an ordained minister. There are only twelve spots in this ritual so please preregister.

Tarot Readings at Zuzu’s Healing Arts November 18th from 11 to 5. 

Adam Sartwell offers intuitive readings through traditional tarot and animal oracle card readings, providing a client with a psychic “snap shot” of their present situation, the past influences, and potential future paths. His focus is on honest and practical guidance, with life-affirming inspiration, and his mission as a reader is to help people read the sign posts of life and master their own fate. Please call Zuzu’s healing arts 781 665 8844 to schedule an appointment for a reading or do a walk in that day.

Ancestral Altars at Moth and Moon Studios November 19th From 6 to 8:30

Our departed loved ones are still around us and ready to aid their descendants. As once-living, the ancestors have a better grasp of what it is like to be a human and care about us. Their empathy for our lives makes them uniquely suited to help us. In this class you will learn about how to honor and communicate with your ancestors, ask them for help, and work magic with them. The class is $30 dollars. Please contact Moth and Moon Studios to reserve a spot.