Psychometric Healing

Psychometric Healing

What is psychometric healing? A few years ago I was guided to offer a healing clinic for the Temple of Witchcraft (of which I am a founder and minister). I set up a year-long series of dates for the healing clinics. I opened them up to other healers and Reiki practitioners in the community so we could build our personal practice through the shared medium of the clinic. The clinics kept going for most of the year but were not attracting enough clientele to continue after that.

I don’t count it as a loss, however, because it was during these healing clinics that I started to let myself talk about what I experienced during Reiki sessions more openly. Ever since I first took Reiki one, I experienced auras, shapes within them, messages from spirit, energetic cords, and clairvoyant images of past occurrences. My Reiki teacher said that this was great that I was getting these things, but they were unneeded for the practice of Reiki. So I shut them down during my sessions and sometimes shared some information after. In the healing clinics I threw caution to the wind and started to talk openly about what I received psychically. It was very well received and I actually had people request me to do their session, sometimes when I was only there to facilitate and open the space.

I find this healing work so fulfilling, but could no longer call it purely a Reiki session. In my quest to do more of this type of healing it needed a new name. Since the information for these sessions comes through touching the spirit bodies of my clients and receiving information through my psychic abilities, a friend suggested I call it “psychometric healing.” Every hour session of psychometric healing is also full Reiki session.

Every psychometric healing is a little different, based on the client. Here is a list of things that may be transmitted during the session:

  • Messages from spirits and guides
  • Mediumship messages
  • Information about your chakras and any issues attached to them
  • Your “contracts” with spirit in this and other lifetimes
  • Thought-forms and energetic parasites that leach your energy and draw unwanted circumstances
  • Cords that connect you to people or places that are drawing away your energy
  • Sealing of holes or tears in you aura
  • Clairvoyant messages about you and the people around you
  • A strengthening of your energetic boundaries
  • Past-life information
  • Practices that will help with your own spiritual work

The information was useful in my clients’ healing process. Some reported physical healing, relaxation, changes in their life circumstances, changes in relationships, a better understanding of their own healing progress, a lightening of burdens they didn’t know they had, and found it easier to make there own desired changes.

There are some who still want me to do a silent session for them and tell them what I can remember from the process after. They find it more relaxing than receiving insights during the session. I always warn them though that If I am doing a silent session I will have less information for them because of timing and my own recollection of what comes though.

I offer two different types of sessions at different prices.

The in Person session is held at the Temple of witchcrafts office. Currently they are only offered during the third Sunday of the month by appointment. To make an appointment please email me at The session runs about sixty minutes. These can be either silent sessions where I wont speak until close to the end of the session or full insight sessions where I will relay anything I perceive. The cost for both kinds is 85 dollars per session.

The distance session is the second type of session I offer. In this type of session I will go into a meditative state and call up the image of your energy body. Through my interaction with this image I can perceive your energy bodies and chakras. I make a recording of the session where I will detail what a perceive and the changes I make to promote health. You will be emailed this recording of the session and a glossary of terms I frequently. This session can be ordered and will be done in the span of two weeks. The session takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on how long it takes. The session is 35 dollars. You can order a session with the button below.