13 Days of Magic

To Know Your Heart’s Wisdom • #13daysofmagic

We live in a busy time where we get mixed messages about everything and sometimes it is hard to figure out what it is we truly want in our lives. I designed this spell while at the beach and thinking about the wisdom of clearing our mind and listening to the heart. Not all of us do this well, so thus the spell.
In the sand near the ocean where you know that the ocean will wash away your sigil in the next cycle of the tide. Draw the rune Lagaz for emotional and intuitive knowledge and to call upon the power of water, then draw Wunjo along the vertical part of Lagaz to know your deepest wishes and to have them come true. Trace Ansuz the rune of wisdom and knowledge as it appears in this bind rune. Then draw a heart around the whole thing.

“Lagaz make it flow
Wunjo make it go
Ansuz make me know
I let my heart discide
true wisdom is my guide
true path shown
in an oceans tide”

leave the place and leave off thinking about the problem. Sleep on it and your heart will show you the way.


13 Days of Magic

A Birthday Letter to Your Astrological Angel #13daysofmagic

So my birthday starts of this whole #13daysofmagic series done by multiple awesome witches. I always do at least one special ritual on my birthday: It is the day I recharge the pentacle I wear all the time.

This year I wanted to start a new tradition based on something I read in Richard Webster’s book Praying With Angels. In his book he gives the notion of writing a letter to the angel or archangel that rules your astrological sign or birth-month. This letter is to say thanks for any interactions you have had, to thank them for watching over you, to ask them to answer questions and, best of all, to answer a request. Why not? It is your birthday after all!

You can make a request for yourself or for someone else in the letter. On or around your birthday, clear and cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath or smudging, Get out a pen, paper, and an envelope. Start by addressing your angel. Then go into giving them gratitude for all they have done for you. Gratitude opens us up to greater blessings. Make your request and then thank them again for listening. Lastly sign your name, seal the letter into the envelope, and address it to your angel.

Place the letter either on your altar or under your pillow. The pillow option can help you get dreams from your angel whereas putting it on your altar helps you contact them in meditation. Either way burn the envelope with the letter in it when you feel like it has been received or within two weeks of its writing.  I love incantations to focus my intentions so I might say over the envelope:

angel of the goddess
my angel so dear
receive this letter
my words you will hear
for my highest good you act
give a dream or a sign
as proof of our pact
between us and the divine.

You will receive a dream or sign that your letter has been received.

Archangels of the signs:

  • Libra: Anael or Haniel
  • Scorpio: Azrael
  • Sagittarius: Zadkiel
  • Capricorn: Cassiel
  • Aquarius: Uriel
  • Pisces: Asariel
  • Ares: Camael
  • Taurus: Anael or Haniel
  • Gemini: Raphael
  • Cancer: Gabriel
  • Leo: Micheal
  • Virgo: Raphael

Angels of the months:

  • October: Barbiel
  • November: Adnachiel or Advachiel
  • December: Anael
  • January: Gabriel or Cambiel
  • February: Barchiel
  • March: Machidiel or Malahidael
  • April: Asmodel
  • May: Ambriel
  • June: Muriel
  • July: Verchiel
  • August: Hamaliel
  • September: Uriel or Zuriel