About Me

Hello, I am Adam Sartwell. From an early age I learned that I was psychic. This ability lead me to explore the esoteric for more than 25 years. I am an intuitive tarot and animal card reader, Reiki Master, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and Author.

As a Psychic reader I offer intuitive readings through traditional tarot and animal oracle cards, providing my clients with a “snapshot” of the present influences in their lives, which focuses on the aspects of the clients life and advice about how to respond to what is going on. My focus is on honest and practical guidance, with life-affirming inspiration, and my mission as a reader is to help people read the sign posts of life and master their own fate. 

As a Reiki master I use Reiki, a Japanese method of hands on energy healing with my own intuitive skills to rebalance and promote healing of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

In my work as a Consulting hypnotist I work to help others to reach their potential by getting their subconscious mind on their side when it comes to problems of weight control, anxiety, smoking cessation and much much more.

I am the award winning author of Twenty-one days of Reiki and The Blessing Cord. I have been featured in the following anthologies Green loversAncestors of the craftFoundations of the Temple,  and The Real Witches of New England. 

Adam is a gifted healer whose Reiki sessions bring in other methods and modalities as needed to address the issues available to be healed at that time. My sessions with Adam used a combination of Reiki healing energy, shamanic techniques, cord cutting, and rewriting of soul contracts. The session allowed me to move so much further on my healing journey than I could have alone. It also gave me tangible tools to use so I could help myself —  and be empowered on my healing journey. I highly recommend booking a session with Adam.

Elsa Elliott, Arlington, MA