About Me

Hi, I am Adam. I have been psychic since I was very young. I saved my own life with my psychic ability and since then I have practiced the esoteric arts. For more then fifteen years I have worked with psychism and magic  honing my art. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher that does both healing sessions and classes. I read the tarot with my own intuitive flair.  I use the tarot to give sign posts for the future, show the important influences in the present and what is still effecting you from the past.  I am the author of Twenty-one days of Reiki. 

One thought on “About Me

  1. Colleen (Christopher graduate from Boston) says:

    HI Adam. I just read your blog about protection spells and amulets, and i have a question. I just got a brand new car last week, and I want to do a spell to postpone the inevitable, which living in Boston is dents, scrapes, dinged bumper from parallel parking, etc. Of course, I also want to toss in there “keep me alive while driving,” never a given around here. Do you have any suggestions for a car protection spell, and/or amulet? Thanks, and have a great Samhain.

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