shamanic temple

starting the quest

I have been working my way through the degree system of the temple of witchcraft for the last two years. Some may wonder why since I am one of the founders of the temple, Lead minister and ordained through the Temple why I would bother. My own craft training was self taught, through the guidance of books, spirits, and experimentation. Living in a magickal way brought on many of the initiatory experiences and challenges of the craft without me having to find a teacher or ritually experience them.  When we started the process of creating the Temple of Witchcraft I recognized that out of the three founders I was the only one who had not gone through the linear process of the classes. My experiences were vastly different from those who had gone through the process of the classes. This both gives me a unique voice to point out different ways of doing things and put me in a position where I felt honor bound to do the classes to be able to empathize with those in the temple.

Some of the lead ministers had this experience as well and Had the honorary title of witchcraft five given to them in honor of the work that they had done in other systems and for the Temple. Most of the people who have this honor have started to go back and take the classes to better serve the temple.

So from this place of honor I set out on the Quest of Shamanic Witchcraft. Every level starts with setting the intention for the year and a day of experience through a simple ritual. In witchcraft one it is learning meditation and opening up to psychic skill. In witchcraft two it is learning the rituals of the priest and the ways of spell-craft.  In Witchcraft three it is to seek out the shadow, acknowledge it, heal it, and partner with it. While working toward that intention you learn shamanic methods and build a team of spirits to help you in the quest.  Tonight I am going to do my Shadow Promise Ritual and begin the Quest.

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