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Animal Wisdom

Our under world journey for class was to get us in contact with an animal guide. In stead of getting in contact with my guide of owl who is my most likely companion I decided to set my intention to meet with the animal guide that is most important for me to meet at this time. I have been experimenting with my drum to see if I can play it while meditating. I have had some really great success with it. So for this journey that is what I did.

The world tree appeared as a gigantic pine today. Which was my tree I found in the local park if you have read my past blogs. Its roots seemed to pull back making a tunnel for me to go into the underworld. I didn’t really have to walk down the tunnel long before I came to a sandy beach. I love how in shamanic work how you can feel things almost as if you were physically there. I could feel the sand on my toes and the spray from the ocean. I looked up and saw a hawk. I latter looked to see if my image matched the image of a hawk and found it was more of a Peregrine falcon.

We spoke with each other not in words but in pictures and knowings. I saw images of what he wanted me to see and seemed to just know what he wanted me to know about them. I saw the world from his view. Up high where you  can see the whole landscape and the big picture of where all things fit. From here you have the distance to really see what is going on and have the detachment to really see it with out a filter.

Then he showed me what it was like to focus that sight on something you wanted or needed to change. To swoop down grabbing what you want or making a change then soaring back up to the level where you can see it all again. I knew that this was what the falcon was trying to teach me. That most of the time you should stay in that state of seeing the big picture and when you have to make a change focus on it quickly. Then when it is done bring your focus back to the big picture. It seemed like advice from falcon about not getting so focused on details that I loose the big picture. In this meditation I realized sometimes when I am feeling down is because I am focused on things that I don’t return to the detached big picture.

We communicated about how in high school hawk and falcon were guides for me for a time until I had a dream where I was a falcon and then shape shifted into an owl in response to the change of day into night. We spoke of how this was his message then and he was returning now to remind me of it. I laughed thinking I didn’t get the message then.  I spoke my thanks and returned to normal consciousness.


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