21 Days of Reiki

Reiki the Situation #21daysofreiki

Christopher had just come back from Chicago where he had been teaching all weekend. He was telling us about Rosina’s Reiki for kids class and how cute little kids at the event who would repeat Rosina’s saying “Reiki the situation” in her accent and inflection. It was so super cute that for weeks after this became our catch phrase to each other. Troubles at work, students gone wild, disturbing politics, fights with friends, and more got the response “Reiki the situation” in a little kid voice. Even though we sometimes were just having a laugh the power of this one statement stayed with me.

Reiki is guided to the highest healing good. This makes it perfect to use to heal situations in our lives. After you have given it Reiki, the situation will come to a conclusion that was for the highest good. To enhance this effect you could also call out to the higher selves of all the people involved, including your own, to create the highest healing good in this situation. Then send the Reiki using a distance healing method. I am not saying this will end a problem and you will always be happy with the result. The highest healing good doesn’t always align with our personal goals, but will always align with the higher will of our higher selves. Our higher selves are always trying to lead us to do what we came to learn and do in this world.

I had a friend from college who lived far away from me at the time who started to fight with me through email about how I should have supported her in her time of need. She had thought that I would have psychically picked up on her needs and helped her. We had multiple emails that just kept getting worse. I started to Reiki the situation because I felt like there was nothing I could do to make this right between us. After a couple days of this I got the message that I needed to stop emailing with her and delete anything she sent me. Though my personal goal was to keep a friendship that was so good in the past, my higher will said it was time to move on because it was getting toxic. I believe I got this message because I “Reiki’ed the situation.”

I have used this healing method on multiple situations. Work situations, romantic situations, friendships, holiday gift-shopping, and many more. More often then not it works in the favor of all involved and makes the situation more healthy. Just be aware that it can cause what is called a healing crisis. A healing crisis is an issue that is brought up by doing healing. When this happens it is so we can work through it to get to the root issue and learn its lesson. It can sometimes get worse before it gets better but there is always a moment of clarity to underlying issues or the lesson. After that moment of clarity the situation changes rapidly.

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