21 Days of Reiki

Charging a Time with Reiki #21daysofreiki

Reiki is a powerful way to help heal our past. We can send the Reiki back but we can also send it forward. Using your distance Reiki you can charge a place, a time, or a person with Reiki. Sending Reiki into the future takes some planning ahead. To do this you should assess your needs in the months to come.

An easy example would be that you have a surgery coming up and you want to recover quickly. You know the date of your surgery and about what time it would be done. You should have a plan of where you are going to recover from it and when. During your Reiki session state the date, place, and person. Use the distance symbol to connect thorough the oneness of all space and time in spirit. You may want to use a prayer of intention to focus your mind like the following.

“I send this Reiki through time and space to Grand View Manor on Monday, January 5th,  2015 to Adam Sartwell for his highest healing good harming none.”

With this method you can do this multiple times to really charge up the day so it is strong and potent. You can also set it as a time-frame like a week or a month. Just know that the broader you stretch the time-frame the less concentrated the Reiki across that time. If you are going to do a longer span, do more distance reiki sessions on the week or month to send enough healing energy to be affective.

This can also be used to charge days that you feel you might need a little extra energy or just want everything to go for the highest good. A job interview, a first date, giving divorce papers, your day in court, when you go on spiritual retreat, or any other high intensity day. You can even set an intention when you start to charge that day of what you would like to manifest. Know though with Reiki it is going to be the highest healing good for all involved and may not get it completely to the letter—or may go better then you imagined!


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