21 Days of Reiki

Body Check-in and Spot Reiki #21daysofreiki

Our body is deeply connected to the subconscious mind. They are intrinsically intertwined. Our subconscious stores memories, reactions, emotions, stress, and complexes in the body. It is part of its job to hold on to these things. We sometimes tell it to do these things by what we focus our energy on with our conscious mind. Sometimes it is just something that naturally upsets or triggers us. These stored energies can become illness if given time to gather energy. One way to help this is to do a body check-in and then spot reiki.

You will need about fifteen to twenty minutes to do this. It could be done in the morning when you wake up, before bed, or maybe on your lunch break at work. Basically any time you can take time to relax for fifteen minutes. Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Imagine  waves of relaxation begin to flow down from the crown of your head. Relax your scalp and the muscles around your eyes. Relax your jaw and your neck. Release any tension in your shoulders and your arms. Let the waves of relaxation flow down into your chest and upper back. Relax your belly and your lower back. Release any tension in your buttocks and thighs. Relax your knees and your calves. Let the waves of relaxation gently flow through your body, pushing out any tension out the bottom of your feet into Mother Earth for recycling.

After you have relaxed your body, ask it to show you any zones where you have a block to be released. Gently do a sweep of your body just like you did with releasing tension working from crown to feet. A packet of energy may feel like a small pain, a place of tension, a tingly area, a cold or hot spot, or you may have your own signal. Really focus on what your body is telling you. Once you have found that spot imagine your consciousness moving from your head to that spot. Ask your body/subconscious to show you the root of this block. After you ask the question, clear your mind and wait for the answer. For me it is usually the first thing I have pop into my mind that is the answer. It may be a memory, a picture, a feeling, a color, a sound, or any way your subconscious likes to communicate. After you have experienced its root ask your body if it is ready to let it go. You will get a feeling of yes or no. If no thank your body for showing it to you and ask it if it has another spot you can work on today and repeat the process. If yes, begin to reiki that spot and allow your body to help you remove that block. Sometimes if it is really persistent you may need to remove that energy from your body. Call to your guides to come and help you remove the blockage. You may feel hands on you pulling the blockage gently out and releasing it to be recycled. Reiki the spot until the Reiki stops flowing. Then gently sweep the energy of the spot in a smoothing gesture to stabilize it.

From here you could move to the next zone of tension if you have time, repeating the steps of asking, listening, asking, Reiki, and smoothing. When you are done. Thank your body for showing you these blockages. Then bring your focus back to your head. Gently move your extremities to bring you back into waking consciousness. You may want to sweep the aura to ground yourself. I will some times tap my body with my fingers to bring myself back to waking consciousness if I feel like I am not fully back.

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