21 Days of Reiki

Reiki for Cords, Thoughtforms, and Aura Holes #21daysofreiki

When you are scanning yourself or another person you will find that, depending on you psychic ability, you may become aware of places in the energy body where the energy is different. You may feel cold, heat, aches, phantom pains, tingling, or motion. These are the usual responses for psychic feeling or clairsentence. Psychic feeling is the most common psychic response because Reiki is based on touch or feeling. Each one of these can tell you something about what is going on in the person’s energy body. Please note that there may be differences between people because our feelings are processed through our subconscious and everyone’s is a bit different.

What I have observed is that cold spots are holes in the aura. These holes can happen for multiple reasons. They can be caused by outside influence or by the person’s own emotional responses. These holes are openings where unwanted energies or thoughtforms can enter. So note this when doing a scanning and go back to this place to fill it in with Reiki.  Often when my hands feel cold to me the person on the table will report that in that spot it felt like my hands were hot or burning. This is not always the case but not everyone is aware or feels things in the same way.

Heat or hot spots are usually thoughtforms to me. These thoughtforms are packets of energy in the aura that have a pattern created by thoughts and emotions. These do not always belong to the person you are healing. They may be someone else’s that have been impressed upon them. Usually if this is the case an aura hole also accompanies it. There are two ways to deal with this. One is to keep the Reiki on the thoughtform until it begins to dissolve under the healing flow. The other is to do a psychic surgery where you or a trusted guide remove the energy packet all together and fill in the space with Reiki. Both work but the Reiki lets the energy get recycled by the aura and go to a different purpose. If they energy feels different than the person you are working on and is accompanied by a hole, scooping it out and replacing it with Reiki is a better option because the energy’s origin was outside the body, which might not be able to process it.

Tingling or motion are my psychic tells that a cord is present. Each of us makes cords in our aura to those whom we are connected. This can be through love, hate, and anything in between. Usually if I sense it it is because it no longer serves the person. There are the rare cases where I feel in my gut not to remove a cord but make the person aware it is there. Sometimes these serve a purpose. To remove the cord, I like to grab it with my hand and give it a shake. I ask if the person can feel anything I am doing. Usually they feel a tugging. I usually remove them and ask my healing guide to take the end somewhere safe to dispose of it. Then Reiki the spot where the cord was attached.

Aches or phantom pains in your own body are caused by sympathetic empathy. Sometimes you can get a lot of information just from observing your own body for places of stress or pain as to the state of your client. When these come up for me, usually I thank my body and my guides for the message and it will fade. After the session telling the client about the phantom pain usually has the response of a past injury in that spot.

These are common clairsentient feelings for body scanning. They don’t include some of the other intuitive ways you can sense these issues. While working on one of my first scans, I told my teacher I saw colors in different parts of the body, which is a part of my natural clairvoyance. I have experienced words and instructions while working on clients. Sometimes I will even have a knowing about why and how an injury happened. Some clients like when you share your insights and some just want to have a relaxing silent Reiki session. I usually leave it up to them because I feel that reading a person who doesn’t want to be read is unethical. Go with the flow of what the client says they need. You can tell them after it is done what you felt during the session, if they want.

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