Blessing Cord

Silent Listening

The Third bead on the blessing cord is the Bead of silent listening. It is the air of Binah. This sphere is the archetype of the mother but also the listener. On the last bead the god who is the singer calls out a word of creation giving energy and force to all of creation. In this bead and sphere it is given space and form by being heard and understood.

In the teachings of the pyramid of the sphinx we are called upon to do four things to become a magus or master. We are asked to will, to dare, to know and to Be silent. Here we focus on the silence and the power of listening. In this meditation we ask no questions and seek no answers. We remain silent and and just listen to what we “hear” and try to understand. We release our need to do and are allowed to just be.

Within us we have many different aspects of self. Psychology has identified some of these parts. Silent listening is the gift that allows us to open up and hear all the “parts” of our selves. When we listen to our parts we can gain understanding of why we may be fighting with ourselves and not getting anywhere with our goals. We can find out why we crave a chocolate after work and even get to the root of the issue just by listening deeply.

One practice that has helped me in learning more about deep listening is to set a time where you are silent. This is more then just not speaking or communicating with others in that we can also try to limit the information we hear and recieve. This time of silence gives us a chance to hear the inner voices of our parts. To discern the part that is speaking and who they might be quoting. When we have accepted and let go of all they have to say to us we make space so that we can hear the deeper voices of the universe.

Meditation to the Blessing of Silent listening

Hold the third bead of the cord. The bead of the air of Binah, the bead of Silent listening

Count yourself down into a meditative state

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere begins to loose all illumination until you are surrounded with a black endless void. Resonate the god name of the Binah: Yod Heh Vauv Heh El-oh-heem

let the vibrations of the god name fade into the void. Feel how weightless you are here as if you were a baby floating in the womb of the great mother.

begin just listening to the black void. at first all you may hear is silence. just listen. In this space you may hear your own thoughts, the stories of others, guidance, music, or nothing at all. Just listen, and relax. let any understanding of what you hear unfold naturally on it’s own. Know that it is okay that it doesn’t unfold at all. Relax and listen.

When you feel that the experience of this meditation has come to an end. feel a gentle decent as the black color begins to fade on your screen until your screen normalizes in color. Your screen returns to its normal shape and size.

Count yourself back up to waking consciousness

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if nessasary. Write down your experience.


Are you allowing yourself to just be? Are you listening to others in your life or are you thinking of what to say next when it is your turn?

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