Blessing Cord


Everything in the universe vibrates and moves. Even things that seem solid and stationary are moving on the atomic level. The fifth bead is the blessing of Air in Geburah. Geburah is all about power and the power of air is the power of vibration. It is the power of our vibration that draws or pushes away different experiences and people.

One of the seven Hermetic principles is the principle of vibration. It states that “nothing rests: everything moves; everything vibrates”. This constant motion is not just on the physical plane but on the Spiritual plane as well. Our vibrational frequency draws us to the things that resonate with us. When we meet a new person we may have a feeling about them before we even talk to them. We might call it a “vibe” either good or bad. This is a reaction between our different vibrational frequencies. Another way you might see it is when you have gone through a personal change you suddenly don’t seem to “resonate” with an old friend and, try as you might, you can’t seem to keep a friendship that was once easy going because you don’t resonate with each other anymore. Your vibrations have changed.

In this meditation you will explore what it is you have been attracting with your vibration, analyzing if that is what you want and making a statement to change your vibration to draw to you what you want to create in your life. You may want to design your statement before you go into the meditation. It is basically an affirmation focused on changing your vibration so you vibrate in harmony with something you want to manifest. This usually is a general blessing that aligns with your goals like optimal health, unconditional love, joy, focus, success, or anything you can think of.

Meditation to the Blessing of Vibration

Hold the fifth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of the blessing of vibration, the bead of the blessing of Air in Geburah.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand into a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as your sphere begins to fill with vibrant red light. Vibrate the God name of Geburah: El-oh-heem Gi-boor

Feel the vibrations intensify around you. Ask to be shown what your current vibration has been drawing and manifesting in your life. Out of the red light visions or people may appear. Observe how they act, what do they say to you about your vibration as it is right now. Are there changes you want to make? Reach your hand out and feel the vibration of what you have attracted to you. After you feel like you can recognize this vibration, allow the visions and people to fade into the red light around you.

Now you are ready to change your vibration to your goal. Feel your own vibration. Feel it in your body and in your aura. This is your vibration and you have the power to change it at will. Tell yourself, “I now vibrate in harmony with…” and complete the affirmation with the energy or quality you want. As you say your statement five times, feel your vibration change to be in harmony with your desire. Every cell of your body, every molecule, every particle, now begins to vibrate in harmony with your goal. Your aura begins to change to vibrate with this goal. let the vibration fill you and pulse out into the universe.

Begin to feel a gentle descent as the red light begins to fade from your sphere. Your sphere returns to the screen of your mind’s natural size and shape.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


Observe the people in your life, and try to feel what they are vibrating in harmony with. How does it manifest in their lives? Observe your own vibration after being with them. How does being around them affect your own vibration?

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