Blessing Cord


The seventeenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of creativity. This blessing is the fire of Netzach. This Venusian sphere is the place where our emotions and feelings are expressed in art, beauty, or creativity. With creativity we give new forms to old energies, we give new life to our creations, and are able to reflect on our experiences through the medium of our choosing.

With each creation there is a destruction, as what was unfolds into a new creation all its own. Sometimes we fear destruction of the old and we hamper our creativity. We can fear what it will be like when we create some thing new from the old. Fears may arise as to what this creation’s impact on the status quo will be. Don’t let fear stop you from creating something you are passionate about.

A fact of life is that everything comes to an end. Each act of art or creation is impermanent. It will eventually change or be destroyed. Entropy eventually returns a creation back into the soup of energy so it can be used again to create something new. It is also a fact that every ending is a new beginning. Our newest creation is built out of all of the experiences and energies we have put into making it. When we create anything, we destroy something else. When we destroy, we liberate new energy to create again.

This is not just a spiritual principle, but an energetic one as well. We are constantly creating thought-forms in our energy body. These thought-forms dissolve back into our energy over time if they are not maintained by the energy of our attention. A thought-form is the blueprint for manifestation of that thought into reality. Author and teacher Orion Foxwood has a saying: “What is on the altar of your mind?”Every one of these created thought-forms is a prayer on the altar of your mind. Sometimes these thought-forms even go viral and begin to effect the reality  many people experience. We pick up these transmissions all the time.

Thankfully with the power to create also comes the power to destroy. We can dissolve any thought-form we think doesn’t serve us. We can empower the thought-forms that support our highest good. We can use a thought-form we created to also read the energy of a situation or person. For this meditation, have something you want to create in your life and something you want more information about in mind.

Meditation of Creativity

Hold the seventeenth bead of your blessing cord. The bead of creativity, the bead of fire in Netzach.

Count yourself down in to a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is sphere around you. Feel the sensation of rising as a green light begins to fill the sphere around you. Resonate the god name of Netzach: Yod-heh-vau-Heh Tza-ba-oth

The green light surrounds you and becomes a mist. As the green mist begins to fade, you find yourself in a garden. This garden is an interface for you to see your thought-forms and interact with them. Look around your garden. Observe what it looks like. Everything here is a symbol for the thought-forms you have been putting into your energy field. Everything here is your creation, the garden you have planted and tended.

Does anything in the garden displease you or feel wrong to you? It could be represented by weeds, boulders, ugly clown statues, or anything that seems like it is out of place. Move toward this symbol and, if you can, touch it. Be open to what it has to tell you about itself. You may perceive this information in different ways. Sometimes the symbol will talk all by itself. What does it represent? Do you want to continue being affected by this thought form? If not, begin to destroy it or transform it. For weeds that would mean pulling them up and putting them on the compost pile, Moving, hammering, or chiseling the boulders down and using them to line the garden, or breaking up clown statues into a new mosaic. Any way you want to transform this energy into something new.

If you don’t think changing its shape is enough, remember in this place you are in complete control of your reality. By your will alone you can make unwanted things explode or dissolve, returning them into the energies from which they were formed. Try it on one of the symbols in your garden. When you destroy or change something in this garden, you are freeing up energies that can be used to create new things or feed what you truly want.

Now think of a situation or person you want to know more about or at least get a read on. Create a clear crystal symbol to use as a reading interface. It can be a crystal rose or a crystal garden ball. Let this thought-form be free and pure of any energies that might bias the reading. Then call some of the energy of the situation or person into the crystal. You will see an immediate change in the symbol. Note what color it becomes, How it feels to you now, and notice any images that come to mind when you gaze at your symbol. Sometimes the crystal or rose will change in appearance. Roses may grow roots, make more blooms, or even start to burn. Any reaction can be interpreted as information about that person or situation. You can even talk to the symbol to get information. When you feel you have gotten all the information you are going to get, destroy the symbol, freeing up the energy to return to whence it came.

Now find a free space in your garden to create something new in you life. It can be anything you desire, even a quality. With your will create a seed or seedling that represents your new creation in your life. Plant this into the soil of your mind. Give it the water and attention that it needs to thrive. Access the energy around you and give some energy and power to your new creation. Then walk away from it to the place where you became aware of the garden around you.

Green light begins to fill the garden again, obscuring it from view. The green begins to fade as you feel a gentle descent. The screen of your mind begins to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center yourself.


What are you creating right now? What is on the “altar of your mind”? What projects is it time to let go of so you can have more energy to create what you truly desire? What clutters up your physical and psychic space that could be removed? Think about how every creation is an act of destruction and every act of destruction is an act of creation.

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