Blessing Cord


The nineteenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of Clarity. It is the blessing fire in Yesod. The sphere of the moon is so aligned with the element of water, it is difficult to think of it having a power of fire. I think of the fire of this sphere like the light of the moon: reflected light of the “vision” of the solar sphere of Tipereth. In this sphere we can use the power of the moon to reflect and gain clarity on anything that needs it. Yesod is associated with the astral realm and the wellspring of all thoughts and images that have ever been. It is the place where psychic information is paired with image and emotion. In this sphere, we can scry to a greater effect then we can here in the physical world of Malkuth. The images and insights we get from scrying in Yesod come clearer here because the images and symbols that give us information during scrying originate from here. 

Scrying is the art of using a reflective surface to gain psychic information. We have all seen the images of the psychic or fortune-teller looking into a crystal ball to see the future. Scrying was the method used by many psychics and magicians to gain insight and prophecy. Nostradamus was said to use a bowl of water to obtain all his prophesies. John Dee and Edward Kelly used a crystal ball and an obsidian mirror to scry and communicate with angels. In this meditation, we go to the moon pool to scry out answers, seeking clarity. As I said before, it is easier to scry in the astral so this is an interesting experience. This meditation will give you clarity around an issue. I have used it to help interpret dreams, gain ideas, or just to answer a question.

Meditation of Clarity  

Hold the nineteenth bead of the blessing cord. The bead of clarity, the blessing of air in Yesod. 

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel a sensation of rising as your sphere begins to fill with a purple misty light. Resonate the God name of Yesod: Sha-dai El-chai.

The purple light begins to fade and before you is the opening to a grotto. The night sky above you is filled with stars and a bright full moon. As you step into the the cave, you see that inside there is a still pool of water at its center. Above the pool there is an opening in the ceiling where moonlight streams down. The moon’s light reflects upon the water. The wind begins to stir and the surface of the water makes dancing nets of light ripples across its surface and the walls of the cave. 

Come closer to the pool of water. Get comfortable beside this beautiful pool. Fill your mind with the aspects of your question as you gaze at the pool. See the rippling light dance. When you feel you have expressed your question with your mind, say it aloud to yourself in this place. When you have voiced your question, allow your mind to clear. Take deep, slow breaths, releasing any thoughts about the situation. Allow the moon pool’s reflected light to smooth away all thoughts about the question so you are open. When your mind is clear and open, you may start to see shapes or images in the pool. Just observe them and allow them to come to you. You may perceive thoughts or feelings or hear words. Be open to the experience and try to remain in the neutral open-minded state. Allow the information to come without judgement. You can recount this later for your own interpretation. 

When the images stop, your answer seems clear, or you feel like you are done, begin to stand up next to the moon pool. Thank this space for its wisdom and clarity. Step back through the entrance to the cave. The purple light begins to rise, obscuring your view of the cave, and you feel a gentle decent. The purple light fades. The screen of your mind becomes its normal color and shrinks back to its normal size. 

Count your self up into waking consciousness 

Ground and center, as needed.


What do you need clarity around? What can you move forward on now that you have this clarity? Do you sometimes get stuck in your search for clarity and not move forward with something? Psychic work is well and good, but sometimes we just have to move forward and do something in order to get the clarity of success or failure. 

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