Blessing Cord


The twenty-second bead in the blessing cord has the blessing of flow. This is the blessing of water in Chokhma. Chokhma always adds motion and movement to the elements it affects. In air, it is the movement of the word, and in fire it is the movement of doing our will. When it comes to water, it is flow. Flow is the currents and tides of our surroundings. It can be the stillness of stagnation or the rushing flow of too much activity. This can be on many levels of reality: energetic, emotional, physical, mental—all have a tide and flow to them. This can be affected by astrology, the surroundings, geopathic stress, group-minds, and even your own personal flow.

When I was a kid, we had a big round pool in our backyard. My friends and I would make a whirlpool in it by starting to swim around the pool in a circle until the water began to move with us. Our flow began to change the flow of the pool. Then we would all let go and float and let the flow we created carry us around the pool. Sometimes we would all try to go against the flow to test our strength. In this smaller environment of the pool we had enough flow to change the overall flow. In the ocean of life we would need a lot more energy to change the flow.

When a coven works together to make a cone of power it is much like this example of the pool. If the coven is using dance to raise energy, they dance around the circle faster and faster making a sort of whirlpool within the “pool” of their circle. When the energy gets moving, it is easier to feel and direct than stagnant energy. Much like air you can feel it more when it is moving like the wind. This movement of energy in circle is the way we increase the intensity and purity of the energy.

If we want to engage the flow around us, we first have to be aware of where it is going. This is where we connect to what we can feel and intuit about the flow of energy. Sometimes the current of flow is so big it is hard to tell where it is flowing. Like when you get caught up in an ocean current. Being aware of the energies in your area can help. Like knowing where places of power are and where ley lines are. It can also be helpful to know the effects of planetary energies going on because this can effect the flow. When it comes to magick the moon’s cycle can affect the flow. Knowing the effect of a flow may also take just going along with it to explore where it goes. We don’t always know. Let your intuition be your guide. Connect to the flow around you and ask it where it is going.

Once you have awareness, you can choose to go with the flow or go against the flow. Both have good points. When the flow is going in a direction you want to go in, you can use that flow to surf or swim yourself towards what it is you want. You can enhance your efforts by going with the flow to get to your next destination or manifestation faster. It takes less energy to go with the flow then against it. If the flow is not taking you where you want to go or you need to build some strength, going against the flow is an option. Going against the flow takes more energy yet can be rewarding because you become stronger personally. The next time the flow goes your way you will be stronger because you had the discipline to go against the flow. This method can lead you away from where the flow is taking you. The last option is to use the flow to get out of the current. By moving at an angle out of the current you can use a little of the flow and your own strength to get you to a place where you have more control of your motion.

Meditation of Flow

Hold the twenty-second bead on the blessing cord. The Bead of Flow, the blessing of water in Chokhma.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand around you to form a sphere. Resonate the god name of Chokhma: Yod heh vauv Heh

You feel a rising feeling as the sphere begins to fill with gray misty light all around you. The mist begins to clear and in front of you is an estuary. You can see the small bay of sea water all the way to the other side as the mist clears. Beside you are three floating lanterns ready to go into the water. Throw the first out into the water. This one gets caught by the current immediately and begins to move around the estuary. The current takes it quickly around the small bay an out into the ocean.

Throw the second lantern out a little further. This one moves a bit slower as it goes around the middle of the current and out into the ocean.

Throw the third lantern into the middle of the estuary. This one just swirls around the middle of the small bay. Now that you know the estuary’s flow, It is time to feel it for yourself. Step into the water and feel the flow. The current is strong and moves around your body. Allow the flow to move you as you float. Feel the effortless movement as you engage the flow.

Now try to swim with the flow. See how fast you can move when you are going with the flow and adding your energy to it. Enjoy the speed and rush of movement.

Try to now swim against the flow. Feel your strength. See how your efforts stop you in motion or reverse your motion. The more you work against the flow the stronger you are.

Now shift yourself to swim at an angle to the flow so you can move into the center of the estuary where the last lantern is still swirling around. Here you can feel the flow moving around you and swirling. Move again at an angle to slip back into the flow before where you started swimming. Allow the flow to bring you back to the shore where you started.

As you sit on the shore reflect on your experience. What are you doing now, going with the flow, going against the flow, or swimming for the center where you can plan where you will engage the flow? This is just a metaphor for tapping into the energies around you. Take this knowledge with you. Become aware of the flow around you and choose how to respond appropriately.

The gray mists rise up around you, filling your sphere. Feel a gentle decent as it begins to fade and your sphere becomes its normal color. Allow the screen of your mind to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance.

Ground if necessary.


Where is the flow around you going? When you connect to the flow, what does it tell you about itself? What is your choice of how to respond? How can you use awareness of flow to enhance your life?

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