21 Days of Reiki

Candle Gazing Meditiation #21daysofreiki

A meditation I learned from Reiki a Way of Life by Patricia Rose Upczak has stuck with me through the years. The meditation is simple and can aid us in clearing away any energies that are not for our highest good. I do this meditation if I felt blocked or stuck in some way. The meditation is simple and straight forward. As a witch I added things to it to make it even more affective.

To do this practice you need a candle. You can use any color candle but as a witch I use colors use for cleansing and clearing. You can use white which can be used for any purpose. You can use purple to bring in the power of transformation and the violet flame. If you need some powerful cleansing, use a black candle to absorb it and banish. I anoint the candle with a cleansing oil like van van, altar oil, or an oil with citrus like orange or lemon.

To make this extra strong put the candle in a bowl of salt water. Salt water has a unique property to cleanse. This is the basic composition of holy water. Reiki the salt water to enhance it’s abilities to clear and cleanse. Reiki charge the candle for the same intention and place it in the bowl of salt water.  Light the candle and get comfortable. Take some deep breaths and imagine healing waves of energy relaxing your muscles from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Bring your hands up over your head and sweep them down the length of your body and out toward the candle and bowl. Visualise any packets of unhealthy energy flowing with your hands towards the candle to be cleansed. Do about nine of these sweeps of the unwanted energies in your aura. After you have done the sweeps gaze at the candle’s flame. With each breath you release any complexes, thoughts, or energies you feel you need to cleanse yourself of.  This is also a great way to cleanse your heart and mind when you’re upset or getting ready for bed.

When you feel clear, give yourself a reiki session to fill any spaces that have been cleared with renewed energy. When you are done, do nine more sweeps to stabilize your energy. You can let the candle burn down or snuff it and use it for a couple of days worth of cleansing meditation. After you have done this cleansing meditation you may want to take a couple of days before you do another cleansing just to let your energies settle.