21 Days of Reiki

A Reiki Cleanse for Your Home #21daysofreiki

Our homes hold energy just like our bodies do. Imagine every fight you have had and every long day at work that you brought home lingers in the corners of your home Now imagine this has happened since the building of your home to every one who has ever lived in it. If you live in a newly built home you may not have to deal with energies of former owners, just contractors. But if you’re like me and live in a house that was built in 1898 there might be some residual energies lurking about.

We also fill our homes with our stuff. Our stuff and where it is placed affects the flow of energy in the home. This can over time create a toxic environment for those who live or pass through there. A toxic environment can affect our health and our energetic being.  Reiki can help you cleanse your home’s energy bodies.

The first step is to start to physically clean your home. Clear away the clutter. Recycle it, throw it out, or give it away. Ask yourself if you have used the things in your home in the last year and whether you realistically see your self using them in the future. When we clear away these things we make room for new blessings.

Clean away the dust that has been building up. Vacuum or sweep to clean up that extra dirt. once you feel like you have tidied up it is time to cleanse the energies of the house. Get your self some salt, water, and a stick of incense aligned with cleansing like frankincense and myrrh, sage, or lavender. Mix the salt and the water in a bowl and reiki them to charge them for cleansing. Reiki charge your incense stick before lighting it for cleansing as well.

Go from room to room with these implements. Sprinkling lightly some of the salt water. Then take your burning incense and draw the empowerment symbol in the four directions of the room. Walk the room as if you were making a big empowerment symbol with your movements in the room while holding out the incense. At this point I like to imagine the violet flame that burns away all that doesn’t serve and transforms its energies or visualize the room filled with water that is draining away leaving it cleaned.

When this is done draw an emotional symbol in the middle of the room and over any of the doors where people would enter. Draw the empowerment symbol over any windows or openings. The emotional symbol acts like a screen to neutralize any emotional energy lingering on a person when they go through the door. The empowerment symbol brings protection to other openings and cleanses the area. When you feel the room has been cleansed, move to the next and repeat the process until every room in your home is cleansed. Don’t forget closets and basements!

When you have moved through the whole place. draw the empowerment symbol for protection over the doors to the outside. Then draw the emotional symbol to help filter out any unwanted emotional energies people might bring in with them. You may want to sit in the space and do a reiki charging of the home using the distance method, visualizing the place between your hands and giving it reiki until you feel done. A prayer of blessing of your choosing is a great closing to “seal” the whole process.