21 Days of Reiki

Reiki and the Crystal Ball #21daysofreiki

A crystal ball has become a symbol synonymous with fortune telling. We have all seen the pictures of the woman with a head scarf looking into her crystal ball with mystic passes. Using a crystal ball to get information and guidance is an art in and of itself. Since this is a blog about Reiki, we are going to talk about how a crystal ball makes a great Reiki surrogate for distance Reiki and a great hands-on healer.

There are multiple kinds of crystal balls out there on the market. The lead glass ones are not the ones I am talking about for healing. Though one of my favorite scrying devices is a lead crystal ball inherited from Christopher’s mother, I don’t use it in healing and I am pretty sure neither did she.  I am talking about crystal balls made from actual stones and minerals from the earth. My favorite healing crystal ball is a clear quartz.

The benefits of using a healing crystal ball for your distance Reiki is that it naturally amplifies your healing Reiki. Quartz has been used for years to enhance the energy in our energy bodies and improve our resonance. When you use a crystal ball to do distance Reiki you can also incorporate the “sight” to get readings on what your patient needs most. You can use it to get guidance from their higher self. Using a crystal ball for Reiki also charges up the ball so you can place it where healing will occur to enhance the area.

To use a crystal ball as a surrogate, first cleanse the ball with running water, smudging, visualization of violet flame, or by letting it sit in some salt. Take the crystal ball and hold it in your hands. Draw the empowerment symbol over the ball. Then draw the emotional symbol over the ball. Then lastly draw the distance symbol over the ball and state the intention of where you want the healing to go.

After you have said this, hold the ball between your hands giving it Reiki. Let your focus go soft. Breath deeply. You may notice shapes or symbols in the crystal. Know that this is your unconscious giving you messages in symbolic language about the state of the person or the healing. Gently ask your unconscious to show you the person being healed. Imagine seeing them in the crystal ball if they don’t psychically appear to you. Close your eyes if it helps you get in touch with the picture. Continue to let the Reiki flow.  One of the methods I like to use is to visualize the ball focusing on the chakras one at a time to clear and cleanse them during the healing. The ball may get really hot in you hands. This is okay, just continue until you feel that it is time to stop.

When you feel that the healing is done. Repeat your intention of healing for this persons highest good and put down the crystal ball in its holder. Draw Raku over the ball and then clap your hands three times to separate from the healing.

I use quartz for these healings because of its natural ability to amplify. You could also use amethyst or experiment with other crystal balls. Christopher’s mother, Rosalie, loved using crystal balls for healing and would charge them up to give them to people to meditate with. The ambient healing that flows from a charged ball can give great healing over time. If you are a Reiki master you may want to attune your crystal a ball to Reiki to give it an extra punch. I invite you to experiment on your own to find the ball that works best for you.