21 Days of Reiki

Healing a Family Member, a Friend, and an Adversary #21daysofreiki

I used to have this meditation tape from the Edgar Cayce Foundation that I bought from a used book store when I was in high school. I used it in my psychology class in high school when I presented meditation to the class. It was your basic relaxation, focus on your breath, begin to breath in white light meditation. Towards the end of the meditation you would ground out the energy by sending that white light to a close friend or family member, an acquaintance, and to someone who was an adversary or enemy.  This they believed would both make sure that you didn’t overload yourself with energy and make the world a better place. They also gave the suggestion that if some intuition came to you about any of them to share it with them. Depending on how they believed you could just say you dreamed it but always asking them if they wanted to hear it first. That idea of family, friend, and adversary has always stuck with me because it is a great example of a give-away of energy that eases our karma in this world. I think this is also a great Reiki practice  and can have marvelous results.

Ethically, I think it a breach to send Reiki or energy to people who are unaware. I usually ask if I can pray for you to the person if the person doesn’t seem open to Reiki or energy work. Asking is not always an option with every one, especially the adversary. To solve this issue I usually call on the higher selves of my self and the person I want to Reiki and ask the higher selves if it is okay. You can use muscle testing or a pendulum if you are not sure you would be clear around what you intuitively feel the answer is.

Cyndi Dale uses this method of connecting to the higher selves of her clients and calls it Spirit to Spirit. It is usually done with a prayer to your higher self to be present and then asking for the higher self of your subject and asking them to talk and facilitate healing.  She uses this method to solve problems between people as well. Christopher Penczak has a similar exercise in his Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft book.

To do the distance healing for a family, friend, and adversary, First call on your higher self with a prayer. Perhaps something like:

“In the name of the infinite source from which all Reiki flows I ask for my higher self, my Bornless One, my Watcher, the part of my being that holds my truest Will, my unconditional compassion, and my deepest wisdom, to be present with me to guide this work and facilitate communication with the higher selves of those I wish to heal. I thank my highest self and the infinite source for this aid and all favors. So mote it be!”

Then connect to the person’s higher self you are going to work on.

“I ask that Hester Prim’s higher self commune with my higher self as I ask would it be acceptable for me to send Reiki to them now.”

You will either get a feeling of yes or no with in seconds. If you don’t or aren’t sure use muscle testing or a pendulum to check in. When you get a yes send the reiki like you normally would doing a distance Reiki session. Repeat this for the two others on your list of family, friend, and adversary.

You can also do this model of sending Reiki to people more intuitively by calling on your higher self as before. Then asking your higher self to guide you to the person who is willing to accept Reiki and has a need within your family and close friends, within your acquaintances, and the adversarial category, one at a time. For me I usually get a picture in my mind of the person. You may receive a feeling of a person, “hear” their name, or just know who to send it too. If you are doing this method you already know that it is going to be accepted.

This healing method has helped me be closer with family and friends. It has also smoothed the way to forgiveness for my adversaries and to realization of what shadow part of myself is reflected in them. If you want you could also add a situation you want to heal to the list of family, friend, and adversary. Using the intuitive method with the situation can be surprising because situations you didn’t know were really a thing will pop up. This is a great way to share the wealth of Reiki and to act locally to heal the world.