shamanic temple

fighting attachments in dream time.

After eating some great cajun chicken Alfredo  I had some very startling dreams that I think may have been a attempted spirit attachment. My dream was of a pagan gathering in the park where the police where asking us to leave. I was talking to one of the officers and asking the reasons for wanting us to move. We went to one of the shelters that were in the park. In the shelter was my sleeping bag. The policeman said he would show me not why they wanted us to get out of the area. He started to drum his feet against the ground. The rhythm was repeated by something moving in my sleeping bag. What at first looked like a centipede came out of the bag dancing to the same rhythm that the policeman was drumming. I started up drumming the same beat and the strange animal started to come toward me in the same rhythm but moving much faster. Its mouth open looked like the mouth of a land-prey with a round sucker and teeth that are layered like a shark.

It started toward me. The Policeman told me something about it stealing energy and youth from those it touched. It got closer and mysteriously a dagger materialized in my hand and I Stabbed it. Which is when I woke up screaming. I could feel a difference in the energy in my root chakra. I called up the violet fire I use to clear a space of dense energies and beings.

I have crazy dreams all the time but usually I can figure out what they mean with some reflection. This one screamed to me about a spirit trying to attach itself to me. With some of the things going on in our lives at the moment I could see how this could be a side effect of dramas or its cause. Talking with Christopher he agreed.

My mentor gave me a great suggestion of taking Homeopathy remedy Stramonium which would help fend off spirit attachments and violent dreams. Homeopathy is one way of working with the spirit of a plant to help one make changes in your life. It is very safe and can be used to heal physical diseases as well. Seeing a Homeopath can accelerate your healing path.