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Healing Layout for Shoulder and Neck Pain • #13daysofmagic

Every once and a while I get a pain in my shoulder that seems to stretch up through my neck and into my head. I have a pretty vigorous job that demands my physical assistance at times. It also comes with a good deal of stress. To combat this pain I take some Advil and put the microwavable heating pad on my shoulder. As a magickal aid to that I do this healing layout.  I came up with this layout after reading the out of print book called Laying on stones by D.J. Conway. In my creation I also turned to my favorite crystal author Judy Hall. In particular her books Crystal Healing  and Crystal prescriptions.

To do this healing layout you will need Three quartz crystal points, two onyx stones, one Green fluorite, one lapis lazuli, One Blue lace agate, One amethyst, One rose quartz, and one smoky quartz point.

Place one of the quarts points facing up above your head. Place the other two below your feet. One pointing up to the foot on the side you are not hurting on. The other should point down away from your foot. At your feet place the two onyx to absorb and drain off any harmful energies by grounding you. Place the fluorite on the sacral chakra area to help cleanse any resentment or anger you are carrying. Lapis lazuli is placed at the heart area to bring calm centeredness while also opening your chakras to let energy flow. This beautiful blue stone also relaxes the things controlled by the throat chakra that controls the shoulders and neck. At your throat place the blue lace agate which balances the throat chakra and helps to heal issues with the shoulders. Put the amethyst at your brow chakra to heal any headache that may result from shoulder pain and relax you so the built up stress will flow away. The rose quarts goes on the shoulder itself to help heal and to help deal with any emotional issues built up in the shoulder so that it can heal on all levels. The smoky quarts point goes in the hand on the side of the shoulder that hurts to draw away any negativity and pain. Hold the smokey Quarts so that the point directs energy out from the body.

Remain with these stones laid on you for fifteen to twenty minutes. While doing a crystal layout I like to do a relaxation meditation where I go through my body relaxing all my parts and imagining any stress melting away like wax into the floor. If I don’t fall asleep I will start doing pranic breath techniques or counting my breaths to a pattern of eight counts in, hold for four, breath out for eight, hold out for four and repeat.

After the healing is done I will gather up the crystals for a cleansing and put them away for next time.

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