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Jupiter Prosperity Spell — Blunder or Spirit Guidance? #13daysofmagic

I love the energy of the new Moon and this new Moon is a special one because it is also a solar eclipse in Scorpio. I really didn’t think about using the new Moon’s power for this #13daysofmagic post, however. I had planned on calling on the power of Jupiter since it is Thursday and the hour of Jupiter was nigh.

So I gathered my Jupiter-related components: I got out a great blue taper and three little tea lights so I could call on the power of Jupiter’s kabalistic number, four. I grabbed four amethysts, which both link into the number four and are stones of Jupiter. I took out my spygeric tincture of Jupiter and put the required amount in a glass of water for a great rite where I call Jupitarian energy to strike my blade and then dip it into the chalice. I grabbed my prosperity oil.

I cast the circle, called the quarters, and invoked the goddess and god. I called down the power of Jupiter into the circle and did a great rite with the energy. I drank the elixir. I anointed and charged each candle with the oil. I charged them with the intention of drawing prosperity to me, to draw paying clients for healing, divining, and crafting to expand my practice. I had my “mojo working”! I could feel the power thrum as I lit the candles. I swept the energy up and sent it out.

As I brought down my hands I took a deep breath of the oil only to find the oil I’d used was not the one I thought it was! The oil I had done the spell with was a “call the spirits” oil I made last week. This oil is used for calling the ancestors and your guides and enhancing your comunication with them.

This leaves me wondering what will happen when this spell manifests: Did the spirits lead me to pick up a different oil? Interestingly the timing of my mistake aligns with a special new Moon in Scorpio, which is perfect for spirit work. Perhaps this is a sign I will be doing more spirit work with my clients? My feeling is that it will work in an unexpected way for my highest good. Jupiter is all about the highest good and our True Will. So … magickal blunder or spirit guidance? I guess we will have to wait and see…

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