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Offerings to the Fair Folk • #13daysofmagic

Yesterday during our yearly psychic fair I had one reading client that ended up being a session with me as witch more then as psychic. The conversation was about the land and nature spirits around the clients property and how they had been insulted by some of the actions the client unknowingly took. As we talked about appeasing the land spirit and fairys, I thought it would make a good subject to talk about on my #13daysofmagic.
I usually make an offering of Milk, honey, bread, wine, or sweets like cookies. Today I went with milk mixed with honey and two kinds of cookies we had in the house. I put each in bowls and put them on a plate so that I could carry them to the altar easily.
I also gathered lavender and rosemary and crushed them in my mortar and pestle. I read so long ago that I can’t remember the source that this mixture attracts fairies and land spirits. I have used it successfully every time I have used it. It is equal parts lavender to rosemary. This mixture is sprinkled in a circle around the offerings. For me it feels like a signal to the fey that the offering is for them.
I stepped out of the house with all my supplies and noticed a rainbow. The fair folk were excited to see me I guess. I went out to the outdoor altar I made behind the barn this year. Many people may recognize it from the temples healing list release pictures. This is my favorite place to make offerings to the fair folk of the temple property.
I also give a call to the fairies and land spirits after it is all in place telling them it is a gift to them. I ask in the name of the goddess and god that there always be peace between us.
I leave the offering for 24 hours. Sometimes it has been gone physically and sometimes it just feels dead like all the energy has been drained from it. I then take any remains and put them in the woods. IMG_0047.JPG

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