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Crystal Grid to Enhance the Clarity of Psychic Readings • #13daysofmagic

Whenever I am reading cards for other people at an event, like I am doing today at the Samhain Psychic Fair for the Temple of Witchcraft, I like to use a crystal grid to enhance the clarity of the psychic information I receive. This grid is simple, enhances the psychic awareness around it, and makes a beautiful decoration to your reading table.

You need three amethysts, three herkimer diamonds, and one crystal ball. You might want a small stand or pillow for the crystal ball. To set up the grid, the crystal ball goes in the center. Form a triangle around the crystal ball with the amethysts, and another triangle out of the herkimer diamonds, pointing in the oposite direction, forming a six-pointed star around the crystal ball.

Touch the crystal ball and and charge it with the intention:

I charge this crystal grid to enhance my psychic awareness and give clairity to my readings. This grid will provide me with the psychic information to both convince my client and give them the information so that they can make good choices in their lives. I ask this for the good of all harming none. So mote it be!

Then touch the crystals, visualizing a stream of energy acitvaing between them as you say “activate” to each crystal, connecting the amethysts in a triangle and tracing the triangle three times. Then do the same for the herkimer diamond triangle.

When you are done reading for the day, snip your fingers like sissors on each line of the triangles saying “deactivate” then touch the crystal ball and say “I deactivate this grid.”

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