21 Days of Reiki

Affirmations & the Emotional-Mental Symbol #21daysofreiki

We are constantly co-creating with the universe whether we realize this or not. Our subconcious mind comunicates with our higher self, telling it what we want by what we focus on each day. Our concious mind is the one that chooses focus and by that programs the subconscious. One of the New Age ways of working with this ability to co-create is to use affrimations to reprogram our mind to attract different circumstances. Afrimations are short positive sententences that afirm the changes you want to make in your life.

To create an affirmation you should follow some simple rules. Afrimations are always formed in the most  positive way possible. “I am not late” is less effective than “I am always on time.” The only time a negative phrasing should be used is to release old patterns of behavior, and even then it should be followed by a new positive affirmation. For example, “I am no longer wasting my time,” followed by ” I now use my time to the fullest in the most fulfilling ways.”

Affrimations create something new. If you are just trying to change what is, you will be in resistance to things you already created. When you are speaking the affirmation, you are affirming something on the subjective plane of awareness. Once you have created it there, you can then create it in your life. When you use an affirmation you are creating new ways of being instead of struggling to create something from what has happened.

Afrimations always affirm the present tense. The thing you want to have happen has already happened on the subjective level. You have to give it energy so that it will manifest in the now you are in.  If you put your affirmation in the future it will always stay in your future and never be in the present!

Afrimations need to be short. If your affirmation gets too long it will lose its effectiveness. Focus on what you really want and concentrate on the rest another time. Some people put too many intentions into their affirmations.

You have to believe your affirmation could be true and it should take into account your feelings on the matter. You can say “I am a sexy underwear model” until your blue in the face, if you don’t believe you could ever be an underwear model your not going to get very far. Instead say “I am radiantly attractive and healthy.” Which is a bit more believable. If you don’t believe it, your subconscious won’t either.

Affirmations are not there to change our feelings. Our feelings are important and have a lot to teach us. By accepting them and expressing them in a healthy way we can then get to the root of their meaning. You can use affirmations to change your circumstances so the root of the problem is not there any more.

Once you have created your affirmation for something you want in your life it is time to start programing for it. Take time to get relaxed by releasing any tension in your body. Imagine a wave of healing energy flowing through your body, helping you relax muscle by muscle. When all is relaxed, draw the emotional-mental symbol on the screen of your mind and say its name three times. This fades and you then visualize what your affirmation’s intention is as if it was happening now. For example you could visualize yourself healthy and happy if your affirmation was “I am radiantly healthy, all my choices are healthy ones.” Really feel what it would be like to have your goal. Use your senses and your emotions to really get into it. Then affirm your goal with your affirmation. “I am radiantly healthy and all my choices are healthy ones.” Draw the emotional-mental symbol again to imprint this goal on your subconscious. Come out of your meditative state and then ground by doing something physical to give your subconscious time to do its magick.

Affrimations are best when they are repeated in this meditative way multiple times. It could take up to a month. Once you have worked on the same thing for a month stop doing that visualization and affirmation. Work on something else for a while to give the universe time to work on it. You may have moments where negative thinking towards your goal arises during the day. First recognize that this was former programing, then say “I neutralize that” or “I cancel that program.”  You can then use the Raku symbol to end the habit of that programing. The Raku symbol is like a lighting bolt. If you don’t feel comfortable with that use an X to cross it out. Immediately after say the affirmation you are working with in a positive attitude.

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