21 Days of Reiki

Reiki for Water and Food #21daysofreiki

We live in a world of form. We have to nurture our bodies and make sure that they have what they need. One of the things we need most is water. Some metaphysical free-thinkers suggest that low water intake can make aches and pains worse, lead to depression, and increase stress. Physically it can lead to headaches and worse. Your ability to process psychic information may also be reduced. One of the tricks of the old spiritualist mediums was to drink more water before they did psychic work to give them a clearer transmission from the other side.

Since we have to take in water to survive on this planet, why not just charge that water for your highest good with some Reiki? Grab your water bottle or cup and place your hands around it, letting the Reiki flow into the water. You can also say a prayer of intent to add a focus to the energy you are charging the water with. Something like “I charge this water with reiki for my highest healing good, to heal me on all levels and to help me flush out of my system any toxins or toxic energy.” Hold the water until you feel the Reiki has done its job and has started to not flow anymore. It doesn’t hurt to add a visualization of the water being filled with radiant light as well, perhaps a colored light matching to your intention.

In the Feri tradition and some Huna based traditions they practice a rite called Kala. These traditions visualize tensions and energetic blocks or thought forms called complexes flowing into the water then visualize bringing more energy into the water than the complexes and tensions can handle, thus dissolving them in the water’s new energy. They then drink the changed water to reclaim the power and energy they just transformed. This can be done with Reiki as well.

Take a few deep breaths, becoming aware of your body. Search your body for any packet of stress, tension, or emotion that it is storing. Imagine gently pushing any of these out your hands. I usually see them as blobs of energy. They flow out into your cup of water. Now concentrate on giving the glass Reiki until you sense that the things you released are healed and dissolved. Drink the water to reabsorb the energy that was just transformed. This is a great way to purify yourself.

Your food can also be blessed with Reiki energy. This only takes a few moments before you start to eat. You can draw the Reiki symbols over your food or just hold your hands over your food allowing the Reiki to flow for a few moments. I like to say a little intention statement like: “I charge this meal with Reiki for my highest healing good. May what I need from it be absorbed and all that is not for my highest good just pass through me. As I Reiki it I send Reiki to that which gave up its life so that I might live in blessing. So mote it be!”

Blessing your food and water is a great practice to help you heal. It also brings attention to what you are eating and wether or not you feel it is truly for your highest good.


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