Blessing Cord


Desire is the first bead of the fire quarter of the blessing cord. Desire is the blessing of the Fire of Kether. While doing my course of study with the Temple of Witchcraft, I had a profound vision when we were meditating on Chokmah of what I call the Holy Desire. It was a version of why everything in the universe was created.

In the beginning there was nothing but Kether and because the Great Spirit is everywhere without limits it could experience nothing. So it separated with a spoken word. One part of it speaking and one part listening. This yearning for experience is the Holy Desire. From this one Desire all was created and continues to be created, preserved, and destroyed. This desire also made a multitude of expressions and experiences all had by the Great Spirit in Kether because the separation is always followed by return and reintegration and the Great Spirit still has no limits but can experience them through us and everything that is.

I wrote This poem about it:

Holy Desire

From nothing and all

the holy desire

of self on to self

the speaker to the listener

the word divided us

in it we found

joy and sorrow

pleasure and pain

laughter and tears

and through them

our love is made pure

of self on to self

our holy desire

for nothing and all.

Meditation of Desire

Hold the eleventh bead of the blessing cord. The bead of Desire, the fire of Kether.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Visualize the screen of your mind expanding into a sphere around you. Resonate the God name of Kether: “eh-heh-e-yeh”

You feel a rising sensation. Your sphere begins to fill with radiant opalescent light that seems to hold all colors inside it. As the light begins to wash over you, feel your own limits beginning to dissolve into the oneness of the Great Spirit. Express your desire to experience the Holy Desire that created the universe and the more personal and particular Holy Desire that your life fulfills.

You may feel a shifting expansion as you move through time and then a concentration until everything seems to be in one point, one “place,” one “time”. Feel the limitless oneness of this time before time. Connect to as much as you can and feel the Holy Desire of the great spirit. Know that we as beings of space and time may experience it in the way our subconscious mind can explain it, through our own symbols and experiences.

Now move forward in time to when the Holy Desire builds to a crescendo and the word is uttered and heard. You may experience a rush of expansion and a separation as one part speaks and the other parts of you listen. Continue down the new flow of time, seeing some of the Holy Desires as they create, become destroyed, and reintegrate into the one. This is the alchemy of creation and destruction.

Now focus your mind to the time just before your birth. Feel again the oneness of the Great Spirit and sense the Holy Desire creation wanted to fulfill in you. This may come to you in symbolic form. If you don’t perceive anything, know that you may see it in a dream later as the vision filters into your conciousness. Know that this Holy Desire that brought you into being changes all the time and is more complex then our human minds can comprehend at times. We fulfill these Holy Desires just by being our true selves.

Once you feel like you have gotten a sense of the Holy Desire that created you. Move forward in time until you are in the here and now. Experience again the radiant opalescent light of Kether filing the space around you. It begins to recede, leaving your sphere of the mind as you feel a gentle descent. Allow your screen to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up to a waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


What is the Holy Desire you express? Why did spirit choose to form into the being that is You? Can you ever truly fulfill this desire? Does this experience of the Holy Desire change your own concept of self and your purpose?

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