Blessing Cord


The twelfth bead on the blessing cord is the blessing of Will. The blessing of Will is the fire of Chokmah. In western mysticism there is the concept of two different types of will. There is the personal will we use to go through our daily lives and complete our own desires in this world. Then there is the Divine Will which is what we use to go toward our Great Work. The Great Work is the reason we are here in the first place. It stems from that Holy Desire we experienced in the last meditation. Divine Will is usually capitalized to denote that it is the greater or true Will. Our personal will may not always match our Divine Will. This is where we start to get off the track that spirit wants for us.

For example, say the divine wanted to experience a creative artist. The Divine Will of the person who is created to carry out this is to be artistic. This person goes through many experiences through out their life and decides through personal will that they would rather be an investment banker instead of a artist. That person never feels like they are living up to their full potential. Spirit has ways of telling this person they are in the wrong field but those signs are not always followed. For this example, the person finds that they have been fired because the company they have given their time to is doing cut backs. They apply to different places but can’t seem to get back in the door. While all of this is happening they see a sign for a art class and remember how good it felt to paint and they want to feel it again. So while they are searching for a bank they being to paint. They paint all their feelings out onto the canvas. All the despair, moments of happiness, and all that they are experiencing. The class has a small art show at the end that is visited by an art dealer who is taken by the art of our divine artist.

This is a bit simplistic an example but it is to give you a taste of how Divine Will can make you feel more yourself when your personal will is in alignment with it. The meditation for this blessing is about clearing ourselves of anything that is not in alignment with our Divine Will. The inspiration for this meditation is from Vivianne Crowley’s The Magical Life, where her own meditation of Will uses the chakra system and she aligns it with the planetary energy of Mars. Since this blog uses the system of Qabala, I have adjusted this to go through the tree one pillar at a time within the body of the practitioner.

Meditation of Will

Hold the twelfth bead on the blessing cord. The Bead of Will, the blessing of fire in Chokmah.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand around you to form a sphere. Resonate the god name of Chokmah: Yod heh vauv Heh

You feel a rising feeling as the sphere begins to fill with gray misty light all around you.

Above you see a great ball of opalescent white light. It begins to descend until it is directly above you. A beam of light begins to emanate from it, connecting to the space just above your head. As it touches this space, a sphere of light seems to open to it just above your head. You feel a cleansing of this space where Kether resonates in your body. The beam fills up this center until it is completely cleansed of all that does not serve your Divine Will. The beam then beings to flow down into your throat, cleansing the space that is the eleventh sphere called Daath. The white light begins to fill this space, clearing it of all that is not in alignment with Divine Will.

The beam descends into the area of your heart. Awakening and clearing the space where Tipereth is in your body of all that doesn’t serve. Then it descends into your pelvic bowl. Here it begins to clear Yesod within the body. The beam descends further down into a sphere just beneath and around the feet that connects you to this world, the sphere of Malkuth within the body. This area is cleared of all that does not serve your Divine Willl. Let the beam descend further out into the earth below you.

Bring your attention back to the sphere above you as the light begins to flow down the right side of your body. At the right side of your head it touches the sphere of Binah, cleansing away all that doesn’t serve. From here it flows down to cleanse Geburah at your right shoulder. The beam descends down to just above your right hip, cleansing Hod. When this area is cleansed it flows down the right side to your feet, down through Malkuth.

Bring your attention back up to the ball of light as the beam expands and flows down the left side of the body. It flows to the left side of the head, cleansing the area of Chokmah. The cleansing flow descends down into your left shoulder, cleansing the sphere of Chesed. When it is cleared and aligned with Divine Will, it flows down into just above the left hip to cleanse Netzach. The beam cleanses this area and then descends again to Malkuth.

Feel the cleansing beam expand again. Sense the current of Divine Will cleansing you of any thoughts, feelings, complexes that are blocking your Divine Will. Feel purpose begin to fill your every particle, filling your aura and your entire energy body. The flow expands until you are encased within a column of pure Divine Will and purpose. Ask your self “what is my Will?” Let your mind clear and be open to receive answers in the form of sensations or visions. Just experience these freely and allow analysis to come later.

Become conscious again of the gray misty light around you. Feel a gentle decent as it begins to fade and your sphere becomes its normal color. Allow the screen of your mind to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance.

Ground if necessary.


What is your Will right now? Is your own personal will in alignment with your Will? Why or why not? What action could you take right now to enact your Will?

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