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Pussy hat Project Hat.


Pussy hat project Crochet Version. By Adam Sartwell.

I am going to the woman’s march with a couple of friends in Boston on January 21st 2017. I am a man who supports woman’s rights. I want to show my support  by both marching and making as many hats as I can. If you would like to learn more about the Pussy Hat Project and see other patterns please go to If you would like to know more about the woman’s march on Washington go to For the information on the Boston one go to

I made this version of the pussy hat project hat because I hate sewing. I tried to Knit the hat they have as a pattern on their website and it came out really large. I am sure my gage was off or I was using bigger needles then I needed. So I looked at the crochet patterns and I didn’t like the look of them. One required sewing which is a bummer cause I hate sewing. The other one had no ribbing so it fit snug to your head. So this pattern makes the hat from the top down in a method I used to make tarot bags where you use both sides of the chain only going in one side of the loops at a time. Then It incorporates making ribbing sideways around the hat which gives you a stronger ribbing then the alternating BL and FL. I used an H or 5.5mm hook and It took about a skein of medium 4 yarn.

Ch. 37

  1. In the chain one away from hook In back loops only half double crochet until end of chain. Turn and in the other loops of your chain (the front ones) half double crochet to end of chain then slipstitch end making a round.
  2. Ch2 and double crochet in all Hdc all the way around hat. Slip stitch into beginning of hat.
  3. Repeat 2. for 5 rows or until you have the desired length of four to four and a half inches
  4. (now the weird part where the ribbing begins.) chain eleven in chain one away from hook in Back loops single crochet until you reach hat. Single crochet in dc of hat. Sc in next dc above.
  5. Turn. sc ten times in sc of previous row of Brim in the Back loops only.
  6. Chain one turn sc in bl unit you reach hat. Sc in dc, sc in next dc.
  7. Repeat 5+6 until whole hat has ribbing.
  8. When you have gone all the way around the hat turn it inside out and sc through the loops  both beginning of ribbing and end of ribbing to combine. Finish off.