An offering of vibration

I bought a singing bowl in Montreal on our vacation. I am horrible at getting them to sing and this was the first one that had ever sang for me. I took it as a sign and bought it at once. It is little and brass and came with a Wooden pestle and a pillow. When I got it home I out it on my desk and for got about it until yesterday. I picked up the bowl last night and began to play it without a particular intention to journey or meditate. As I played I became entranced and mindful. It then came to me to do an offering of sound and vibration to the gods and as I played I thought of the gods and made prayers of gratitude. I felt so good after I repeated the offering of vibration this morning pushing myself to find five things I was grateful for. The whole exercise maybe took five minutes but filled me with a feeling of peace before I had to go to work.