Blessing Cord


The twenty-fourth bead on the blessing cord is the blessing of compassion. It is the blessing of water in Chesed. Chesed is the sphere of Mercy. It’s vibration is one of care and concern, but it also sees the bigger picture better then some of the other spheres.

Compassion means “to suffer with”. This can spur many forms of response depending on our nature. It is hard to suffer along with someone. To feel empathy for what is going on with someone, knowing that you can do little to help. Part of life is suffering and most of us create  more for ourselves by becoming too attached to our wants.

I have found in my own path through life that my best expressions of compassion for others come when I am not attached to a certain outcome. I have had students in the past where I would observe their struggles with life with what I thought was compassion and then give them advice and offers of assistance, only to see them manifest mental blocks and excuses to why all my advice would not work, being told I was egotistical to think I could help, flat-out refusal, and in some cases a loss of a friendship. I came to realize people both want and need to solve things for themselves and they are not always in the place to do so. I had become attached to the outcome of my friends’ success without letting them process the suffering and come to their own answers.

Now I hold compassion for where people are at in the present. I ask questions to get clarity about what it is they are experiencing, so I can hold compassion for them where they are. I ask them if they want advice and then release any attachment to them actually doing what I said. Compassionately I know that they must find their own way. It is a hard stance to have knowing that I want them to do well.

Our world always seems filled with suffering if we let it be. Prejudice, privilege, poverty, hunger, despair, our political climate, our world climate, fear, xenophobia, and much, much more. Watch the nightly news for a while and you will see the harsh suffering in the world. It can make us feel powerless. Don’t believe the hype. You can make a difference. You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

The meditation is inspired by the Buddhist practice called heart breathing. We breath in some of the suffering of the world and transform it into peace and love. This practice is a tough one and should not become a daily practice for anyone. It is emotionally draining and can effect your health after a while. This is why in this meditation you are lead to cleanse both before and after and are set in a place where you can be distant from the suffering of the world so you can have compassion without attachment.

Meditation of Compassion

Hold the twenty-forth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of Compassion, the bead of the blessing of water in Chesed.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as sky or electric blue light begins to fill the sphere. Resonate the god name of Chesed: El

A blue cloud seems to form around your feet. It is strangely solid and you can stand upon it. As the light begins to fade around you, see that you are high above the world on a blue cloud. From this place you can see the bigger picture of the world. Look up into the endless blue of the sky. Start to breath this blue light of the sky into yourself. As you breath out, release your tension and worry. Breath in this light and feel yourself filing with cleansing energy. It begins to transform your energy, making your vibration stronger. It builds until you are filled with light.

Now feel your heart begin to open like a swirling vortex of light. You notice it growing large as it fills with compassion. There is an endless flow of this compassion and peace. Focus on the world below you. Breath in some of the suffering of the world, filling your lungs fully. Hold the breath as it mixes with and transforms in your vortex of the heart. Release your breath, imagining yourself breathing our peace, harmony and compassion.

Breathe in again the suffering of the world for the count of seven. Hold and let this energy transform within you for the count of seven. Breath out peace, compassion, and harmony back into the world. Do this about five more times or until you think you have had enough. Breath in the suffering on your last breath, hold and transform, and breath the energy up to the gods in a prayer of peace and compassion for all.

Begin to breath in the light of the sky and release out anything that doesn’t serve. Keep doing this breathing practice until you feel clear and balanced again.

Allow the blue light to return obscuring your view of the sky, world, and cloud. As the light dims again feel a gentle decent. Your screen returns to its normal size.

Count yourself up into normal consciousness.

Ground, center, and balance yourself.


Is there a difference between compassion and pity? When you are hardest on yourself can you turn that into compassion for yourself where you are? Have you had compassion for the people in your life without attachment to their success or failure, just unconditionally giving them compassion?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-third bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of surrender. This is the blessing of water in Binah. When we talk about surrender it always makes me think of cowboys raising a white flag of truce made out of someone’s nickers tied to a stick. This surrender is not the one we are talking about, however. When I say “surrender,” it refers to surrender to the Great Spirit’s direction and flow.

In the previous blessing of flow, we recognized where the flow was taking us and went with it or against it. We decided to go one way or another. In surrender, we open up to the Great Spirit’s flow and surrender to it. Surrender is the act of opening up and letting the flow of spirit move through us and guide us. We surrender control and expectation. We accept the divine’s energy and blessings, trusting them to lead us where we need to be.

When we hold to tightly to what we want to be or to an idea, we can strangle the energy for its growth. The energy of spirit can be much like water through a hose: If you hold the hose too tightly or pinch it off, the water can’t flow. We have to surrender our tight hold to let the water flow, as it needs to.

In the Wheel of Time series of novels by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson there are two ways to connect to the One Power that is the source of the magic in their fantasy world: One for the male side of this force, and one for the female side. The male side enters a visionary void where there is nothing but a flame in the center, representing the male side of the One Power. The void brings detachment, but also awareness. They reach out a grab the flame in the center and the more forcefully they grab it, the more energy they can fill themselves with. The detached awareness they gain from the void is their surrender. They let go of all attachment and feeling to grab their source. The feminine way to get energy from this source is to visualize they are a flower with their source above them. Their flower relaxes and opens up to the source, drawing in that energy and letting it flow through them. Their relaxation and openness to this source of power is their surrender to this energy. This fantasy series gives two great, and different, examples of how to surrender to gain energy and wisdom. I have personally used both in meditation and found them both to be interesting exercises. They inspired my meditation of surrender.

Meditation of Surender

Hold the twenty-third bead of the blessing cord, the bead of the water of Binah, the bead of Surrender.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere begins to lose all illumination, until you are surrounded by a black endless void. Resonate the god name of Binah: Yod Heh Vauv Heh El-oh-heem.

Allow yourself to relax deeper as you float in the inky void. You are weightless here, as if you were in the depths of space. Surrender any tension or thoughts to the void. Allow any emotions to dissipate into the void. Release your expectations and find the peace of detachment that comes from the void.

A brilliant star of light bursts into life within the void. This star is a representation of the Great Spirit. You can feel it calling to you. As its light hits your crown, a beautiful flower blooms within your head. Surender all as you open up to the Great Spirit. Your mind clears even more as you open, as you connect to this infinite light.

As this bloom begins to open, another blossom opens in the center of your chest at your heart area. It opens and drinks in the light of spirit. You may feel a sensation of bliss that comes from surrendering to spirit. Your heart grows lighter the more it opens.

A bloom opens at your pelvic bowl’s root. Right where your body meets a chair. As this flower opens, you surrender any tension as a wave of healing strength flows from spirit into this flower. as you surrender, the light flows into this bloom and from this bloom the light spreads to your whole body. Relax and surrender to the energy of the Great Spirit.

At this point, open to any messages spirit might have for you. Surrender and accept what comes, in voice, vision, or knowledge. When you feel like you are ready, send a breath of gratitude up toward the Great Spirit.

The void and star begin to fade as you feel a gentle descent. Know that this place is always there when you need it. Your screen returns to its normal shape and size.

Count yourself back up to waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary. Write down your experience.


What do you need in order to surrender and be open to the plans of the Great Spirit? What are you holding too tightly? Now that you know what the connection to spirit feels like, review some of your choices: Do they make you feel alive and filled with the divine or do they feel diminishing and constraining?

Blessing Cord


The twenty-first bead in the blessing cord starts a new elemental cycle of water. The blessing of this bead is Intuition. This blessing is the water of Kether. Our intuition is always with us. We all have it to a variety of degrees and there are a multitude of ways it can come to us. We may feel, see, remember, dream, hear, feel, know, smell or taste our intuition speaking to us. Many of us can get hung up on what way our intuition speaks to us but it can be different every time. It is always trying to speak to us. Our own filters of reality, beliefs, fears, and reactions can block out this ever-present gentle prodding from spiritual guidance.

Our upbringing can block our intuition by giving us patterns that don’t let us connect to a greater source. You may have gotten a wild idea as a kid and your parents shut down this intuitive burst with their own fears. Don’t blame them though, they are just the current line in a chain of family and culture that taught children not to listen to intuition. Thankfully we are our own people and can choose to change these beliefs and fears.

What I think is the hardest part of intuition is to “hear” it and to trust it. To hear it we must quiet the louder parts of ourselves: the fears, beliefs and our doubting self all have loud voices in our minds. Stilling these can be done with passive meditation and focus on your breathing until your mind becomes still. This is when our intuition can speak clearly, but we don’t always need to be in this state to hear it. Just by thinking about a situation and focusing our attention lightly on it and clearing our mind momentarily so we can receive intuitive signal is enough. The first thought, image, feeling or memory, or other sensory input is our answer.

The second part is to trust it. Some wild and strange things can come through the intuition. Sometimes it skips forward to the end steps and you find it hard to see how it got there. The important thing is that you trust it. You can start small by listening to your intuition and following its guidance on small issues. This builds your confidence in your intuitive connection. The more we trust our intuition and psychic guidance the more of it we seem to have. Our lives begin to feel more alive when we follow our intuition. Things seem brighter and people start to wonder where you got the ideas from.

In the following meditation we use an interface called the tube of intuitive flow so we can clear our intuitive flow of any blockages like beliefs, fears, or reactions. This meditation shows us we can connect and ask anything about itself and receive intuitive answers. We can follow these answers to clear our energetic connection with our guides and spirits. The clearer we are, the stronger the “voice” of our intuition is.

Meditation of Intuition

Hold the twenty-first  bead of the blessing cord. The bead of Intuition, the water of Kether.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Visualize the screen of your mind expanding into a sphere around you. You feel a sense of rising as your sphere begins to fill with radiant prismatic light. Resonate the God name of Kether: “eh-heh-e-yeh”

When the light clears, you see above you a spherical shape made of whirling light. This sphere is the divine source of intuition. You may see within it guides, radiant energies, and sometimes passing images. Ask to conjure your channel of intuition from the radiant source. See it as a tube that comes down from the source and passes through your crown and all the way down the trunk of your body, down into the center of the earth. This tube is an interface with your stream of intuition. Send your thoughts inside the tube to observe its interior.

Inside the tube you may see clumps or clots. Places where your stream of intuition is blocked in some way. Each of these blocks slow your intuition or even dam up its flow. You have the power of intuition and can reach out to connect to these blocks and speak with them. Choose a blockage and mentally connect with it. Ask it what fear or belief created it. The blockage will give you a memory, an image, words, a feeling, or just a sense of knowing about how it started in the first place. Know that this is your energy speaking to you. You have the power to use your awareness to change it. Let the blockage tell you how it started. Then ask what intuitive action you need to take to change it. The blockage may give you instructions. You may need to forgive someone, change a thought process you have, do something daring, trust your intuition to help you. Once you know what it is the blockage needs to change, ask it if you can help it clear energetically right now. If yes, place it between your two mental hands. Imagine white light flowing from your hands and dissolving the blockage.  Any stagnant energy will naturally flow down the tube to your place of grounding at its end. You may feel lighter. You may have more intuitive flashes without this blockage. Seek to trust your impressions.

You can continue this exercise with each blockage you find or end it now and return to this conjured tube that contains your flow later to clear it more. When you are done, move your consciousness out of the tube. Imagine your awareness of it fading, knowing it is just a symbolic interface of your intuitive flow. See the source of your intuition above you and give it thanks for its guidance as it fades from view.

The sphere begins to obscure as prismatic white light fills the sphere again. You feel a gentle feeling of decent as the sphere again returns to normal color. It shrinks back to its normal size as the screen of your mind again.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness. Ground and center if necessary.


Throughout the day connect with your intuition by asking yourself what you sense about your daily situations. Do you recognize your intuition when it “speaks” to you? What holds you back from sensing your intuition? Do you trust your intuition?

Blessing Cord

Incarnate Spirit

The twentieth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of incarnate spirit. This is the fire of Malkuth. The earthy sphere of Malkuth could not move and live without the spirit which animates it. Every flower, every animal, every human being is a part of the Great Spirit that has inhabited a body to have an earthly experience. Each one of us is an incarnate spirit that has come into this world for a reason. Some of us have done this many times, if you believe in reincarnation. We emerged from the well of souls and returned to the earthly plane to learn, to grow, to experience and, at the end of our lives, return to that well to share our experience with the Great Spirit.

If you are reading this blog, you have chosen to become an incarnate spirit for this time. This gives you different options on how you can affect the world than, say, a spirit guide.

I was asked by one of my students recently why spirit guides would want to work with us. Spirit guides want to work with us because we can affect this world. We have more power in the world than they can easily manifest. We can tap into the very soul and nature of this world, which spirits have a lesser ability to do. Just as spirit guides can channel energies form spiritual realms to us, we can in turn channel physical plane energies to them to use for their benefit. We are spirits just like them, with our own access to wisdom of bodily experience.

A powerful technique is to work in concert with these spiritual guides to mix spiritual energies with the material energies of nature. When we run energies with a spirit guide, we can build up power to make changes in our lives.

Meditation of Incarnate Spirit

Hold the Twentieth bead on the blessing cord. The blessing of incarnate spirit, the bead of fire in Malkuth.

Count yourself down in to a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand around you, forming a sphere. Feel the slight shift as a garden begins to grow up around you in the sphere of your mind. Resonate the god name of Malkuth: Ah-do-nai Ha-ah-retz

Explore the garden of Malkuth around you. Take off your spiritual footwear (if any) and allow your feet to connect to the earth. As they touch the earth, you can feel the energies of the manifest around you. Allow the energy centers in your feet to open gently and begin to cycle this energy of the manifest world. The earth’s energy begins to flow up your legs. Into your pelvic bowl. Up into your belly. Rising into your chest. Overflowing into your arms and up into your head. Filling your body with this manifest energy.

Put out the mental call to your spirit guides. See them come into the garden. Ask one of them to exchange energy with you to show you the reciprocal nature of the energies of spirit and the energies of the manifest. Choose a guide you trust and have worked with before. As your guide comes before you one of their hands (if they have them) begins to form a ball of energy around it made of the highest spiritual vibrations. This is the energy the spirits use to make changes on the spiritual levels.

Like them, you raise your hand and a pulsing ball of manifest energy comes into being around your hand. Your guide reaches out with their other hand, then the one with the energy to touch your hand with the energy. You reach out with your other hand and touch their hand with the energy. Once you have both connected, the energy begins to flow in a circuit between you and your connected hands. You feel the pure energy of the spirit world flowing into you and the material energy flowing out of you into your guide and then back around. The energies begin to blend. Feel the power you are sharing with your guide and your guide is sharing with you. The longer you hold it, the more intense it feels.

When you and your guide feel like you have built up enough energy let your hands release and send the energy out like a shower above you both. This technique can be used to raise energy to be sent out for a desired change. For your first time, just feel the release, without any focused intention.

Thank your guide for their aid. They may also thank you for the experience.

Return to where you entered the garden. Become aware of the garden around you in your sphere. Allow it to fade as you feel a slight shift. Your screen of your mind returns to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance and ground.


Why did you incarnate? Why do you think spirit guides want to work with us? What advantages do you offer to the spirits and what advantages do they offer you in partnership?

Blessing Cord


The eighteenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of Daring. It is the blessing of fire in Hod. Daring your self to move past fear to do the things that you truly desire to do. One of the spiritual teachings called the magician’s pyramid or teachings of the sphinx says magicians should have four things in order to be great magicians: They must seek to know, to will, to be silent—and to dare. No act of magic can be made without daring to wish for what you want.

In a recent introduction to Witchcraft class, I was teaching the art petition spells in a group. Each student had to come up with something they wanted to create within their lives and put it into a petition so they could read it aloud and add the group’s energy and support to their spell. It was amazing how difficult this could be to those new to the path of magic. In our discussion of our spells they said how vulnerable they felt saying what it was they wanted in front of others, how it was hard to ask for the things they personally wanted, and how they feared doing the spell wrong. Each one dared to get past these feelings, to put forth a call to what it was they needed. I was reminded of how much magic there is in just the act of daring to cast a spell for what you want and need.

The blockage of fear is challenged by the power of daring and courage. Fear can hold us back from achieving our dreams. Fear can scare us into thinking we shouldn’t ask for what it is we want because we might sound selfish or be judged as weak for needing a desire fulfilled. Fear is an emotion that has helped us to avoid danger and that is why it can be so addictive.

There is an old joke where a guy walks by another guy spraying a spray in the air. The first guy asks “What are you doing?” The second guy says “Spraying anti elephant spray!” The first guy says “Really? How do you know it works?” The other guy says, “You haven’t seen any elephants around, have you?” This shows us how fear can become a ritual. We are so afraid of leaving the normal and everyday rituals of life because we are afraid of the catastrophes that could happen. So afraid we buy into the anti-elephant spray of beliefs built on fear because by sticking to using it, we never see any elephants—or the results we don’t want. We may never see these “elephants” we just fear that without our anti-elephant fear we will.

We have to confront these fears that stop us and see if they are truly well-founded. We have to dare to challenge them if we are to grow as individuals. Think of something you have always been afraid to do. Something that is good for you but you could “never dare” to do. In this meditation we will confront a fear and find the heart of its truth.

Meditation of Daring

Hold the eighteenth bead of the blessing cord. The bead of daring, the blessing of fire in Hod.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is a sphere around you. Feel a sensation of rising as your sphere begins to fill with an orange light. Resonate the God name El-oh-heem Tza-ba-oth. 

Feel the mercurial orange light rist around you like mist. In the mist before you call forth your Sword of Truth. It appears before you. Take up the sword. Feel it’s weight in your spiritual hand. Know that this sword has the power to reveal the truth of any situation. All you have to do is point it at a being and command it to reveal its truth. Connect with the power of the sword.

Call out to the fears that hold you back from doing what you most want to do. Command them to take form before you. They may look like spirits, a situation played out before you, demons, shadows, or any other myriad of nasties. Look upon the form and shape of your fear and observe it dispassionately.

Point your Sword of Truth at an aspect of your fear. Ask for its name and aspect. It may give you a name to call it and tell you what kind of fear it is. If it does not, ask it again with the sword. If this doesn’t work, ask one more time. If it doesn’t answer, tell it that it cannot be a real fear if it can’t be named and banish it.

If it names itself, ask if that is its true name. It may give you another name. Keep asking until it is a name of a fear that rings true. Fears can have many layers. Command this fear by its name to show you its root cause. What created this fear in your life? You may see a scene with a parent, a bad school experience, or even something that happened to you in another life. Experience the vision of this root cause. Using the Sword of Truth, point at this vision and say that you understand the creation of this fear and it now no longer serves your. Draw an X over the fear and say “I dissolve, neutralize, and banish this fear. It no longer has power over me.” The being of fear begins to fade and dissolve from view as you neutralize it’s root cause, as if it was unraveling.

Hold your Sword of Truth before you in vision and say a statement of affirmation about doing the thing you were held back from by fear for so long. An example would be: “I dare to be a freelance artist! I dare to find a fulfilling job” and so forth. You may hear a ringing or singing from your Sword of Truth if this has become your new truth.

Thank the Sword of Truth and allow it to return to it’s rightful place until you need it again.

Feel a gentle decent as the light begins to fade from your sphere. The screen of your mind returns to normal coloring and then shrinks back to normal size.

Count yourself up to waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary.


Give thought to how fear has held you back in the past. What do you need to have daring to do in your life? Is there anything that is really stopping you from doing what it is you love? If so, what is it and why?

Blessing Cord


The seventeenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of creativity. This blessing is the fire of Netzach. This Venusian sphere is the place where our emotions and feelings are expressed in art, beauty, or creativity. With creativity we give new forms to old energies, we give new life to our creations, and are able to reflect on our experiences through the medium of our choosing.

With each creation there is a destruction, as what was unfolds into a new creation all its own. Sometimes we fear destruction of the old and we hamper our creativity. We can fear what it will be like when we create some thing new from the old. Fears may arise as to what this creation’s impact on the status quo will be. Don’t let fear stop you from creating something you are passionate about.

A fact of life is that everything comes to an end. Each act of art or creation is impermanent. It will eventually change or be destroyed. Entropy eventually returns a creation back into the soup of energy so it can be used again to create something new. It is also a fact that every ending is a new beginning. Our newest creation is built out of all of the experiences and energies we have put into making it. When we create anything, we destroy something else. When we destroy, we liberate new energy to create again.

This is not just a spiritual principle, but an energetic one as well. We are constantly creating thought-forms in our energy body. These thought-forms dissolve back into our energy over time if they are not maintained by the energy of our attention. A thought-form is the blueprint for manifestation of that thought into reality. Author and teacher Orion Foxwood has a saying: “What is on the altar of your mind?”Every one of these created thought-forms is a prayer on the altar of your mind. Sometimes these thought-forms even go viral and begin to effect the reality  many people experience. We pick up these transmissions all the time.

Thankfully with the power to create also comes the power to destroy. We can dissolve any thought-form we think doesn’t serve us. We can empower the thought-forms that support our highest good. We can use a thought-form we created to also read the energy of a situation or person. For this meditation, have something you want to create in your life and something you want more information about in mind.

Meditation of Creativity

Hold the seventeenth bead of your blessing cord. The bead of creativity, the bead of fire in Netzach.

Count yourself down in to a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand until it is sphere around you. Feel the sensation of rising as a green light begins to fill the sphere around you. Resonate the god name of Netzach: Yod-heh-vau-Heh Tza-ba-oth

The green light surrounds you and becomes a mist. As the green mist begins to fade, you find yourself in a garden. This garden is an interface for you to see your thought-forms and interact with them. Look around your garden. Observe what it looks like. Everything here is a symbol for the thought-forms you have been putting into your energy field. Everything here is your creation, the garden you have planted and tended.

Does anything in the garden displease you or feel wrong to you? It could be represented by weeds, boulders, ugly clown statues, or anything that seems like it is out of place. Move toward this symbol and, if you can, touch it. Be open to what it has to tell you about itself. You may perceive this information in different ways. Sometimes the symbol will talk all by itself. What does it represent? Do you want to continue being affected by this thought form? If not, begin to destroy it or transform it. For weeds that would mean pulling them up and putting them on the compost pile, Moving, hammering, or chiseling the boulders down and using them to line the garden, or breaking up clown statues into a new mosaic. Any way you want to transform this energy into something new.

If you don’t think changing its shape is enough, remember in this place you are in complete control of your reality. By your will alone you can make unwanted things explode or dissolve, returning them into the energies from which they were formed. Try it on one of the symbols in your garden. When you destroy or change something in this garden, you are freeing up energies that can be used to create new things or feed what you truly want.

Now think of a situation or person you want to know more about or at least get a read on. Create a clear crystal symbol to use as a reading interface. It can be a crystal rose or a crystal garden ball. Let this thought-form be free and pure of any energies that might bias the reading. Then call some of the energy of the situation or person into the crystal. You will see an immediate change in the symbol. Note what color it becomes, How it feels to you now, and notice any images that come to mind when you gaze at your symbol. Sometimes the crystal or rose will change in appearance. Roses may grow roots, make more blooms, or even start to burn. Any reaction can be interpreted as information about that person or situation. You can even talk to the symbol to get information. When you feel you have gotten all the information you are going to get, destroy the symbol, freeing up the energy to return to whence it came.

Now find a free space in your garden to create something new in you life. It can be anything you desire, even a quality. With your will create a seed or seedling that represents your new creation in your life. Plant this into the soil of your mind. Give it the water and attention that it needs to thrive. Access the energy around you and give some energy and power to your new creation. Then walk away from it to the place where you became aware of the garden around you.

Green light begins to fill the garden again, obscuring it from view. The green begins to fade as you feel a gentle descent. The screen of your mind begins to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center yourself.


What are you creating right now? What is on the “altar of your mind”? What projects is it time to let go of so you can have more energy to create what you truly desire? What clutters up your physical and psychic space that could be removed? Think about how every creation is an act of destruction and every act of destruction is an act of creation.

Blessing Cord


The sixteenth bead of the blessing cord is the blessing of vision. This is the blessing of fire in Tipereth. A vision gives us guidance along our path. It can give us the ability to choose, to embrace a new way, to let things go that no longer serve, and can give us new awareness. Visions have been sought out since ancient times. People with the “sight,” like the oracles of Delphi, were consulted for their gift of vision. Native Americans and other tribal cultures used the vision quest to find spirit guides, healing, and the knowledge and experience needed to attain adulthood, with adult responsibilities and wisdom.

Our modern culture seeks its answers in the human experience. We turn to books, to the internet, to our teachers, and all other places in the material world. We have forgotten that there is only so much a book, class, or online collection of information can teach us about ourselves and how we think the world is. We find ourselves searching and searching for something to guide us, in book after book, on site after site, until we give up hope. What we seek is vision. We seek out sacred knowledge from the All. We can only find reflected visions of our personal vision in others. We have to go out and experience the vision and be guided by our own knowledge of the truth. As the Charge of the Goddess says, “that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.”

There is an element of trust and confidence inherent in this leap to find our own vision. We must trust our own abilities and knowledge. Our confidence must be high enough to know we can seek our own vision and find it. We must trust in the universe, divinity, and the spirit world that we will be able to find our vision. This is what the books of techniques, internet sites, teachers, and all other reflections of the vision prepare us to do, seek out our own vision of what we are and what we are here to do.

This meditation is a vision quest. You can use it to gain guidance on anything, but you must have a clear intention of what you are seeking. The intention can be something as broad as “show me what I most need to know” or as defined as “show me the animal guide that is working with me right now”. It can be anything where you seek guidance.

Meditation for Vision

Hold the sixteenth bead, the bead of the blessing of vision, The blessing of fire in Tipereth.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand into a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as your sphere begins to fill with radiant golden yellow light. Vibrate the God name of Tipereth: Yod-heh-vauv-heh el-oh-ah Vah-dah-ath

The golden light begins to loose its opaque nature and you can see that you are in a field of golden wheat. The sun is bright and you see a large tree not far from where you stand. Sunlight plays through its branches. This tree is the world tree, greatest of all guides, for it is a part of all, touching upon all worlds. Walk toward the tree. See the light play through the branches. Feel the bark of the tree. Feel this ancient being’s pulse of life. Tell the world tree your intention to gain vision. Tell it all about what you are looking for. The tree may respond by opening a gateway in its roots or you will become aware of a path, it may even call an animal or spirit to guide you. Follow the path of your awareness. Be aware of the surroundings as you pass through: Are there any plants or animals that stick out to you as you walk the path? These details can be as guiding as they are in dreams, because they may be symbols of your vision.

Follow the path until you come to the place where your vision awaits you. Let the landscape and the beings within it guide you. Anything is possible in the spirit world. If you don’t understand a part of the vision, begin to talk to it and ask what it represents. Even the inanimate has consciousness and can respond in the spirit worlds. Observe the details of your vision.

When you have gained all the vision you feel you are going to receive, give thanks to the spirits and the world around you for their guidance. Return by the path you took back to the world tree. Thank the world tree for its aid. Walk back to where you began the vision quest.

Golden light again begins to fill the area around you, making the world go opaque with the intensity of its light. As the light fades you feel a feeling of gentle descent. The screen of your mind begins to return to its normal size.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Ground and center yourself. Begin to write down all that you remember, without editing or worrying about structuring it too much. Visions, like dreams, can evaporate like dew on a sunny morning. You will want to have as much information as you can.


Where have you gained vision in the past? Use dream interpretation books, free association, and your own knowledge of your symbols to interpret your vision. What do you need to do to enact this vision?

Blessing Cord


The fifteenth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of change. This is the fire of Gebruah. Change is a constant in the universe. Nothing stays the same forever. Some things come back around, but eventually they change again. We can’t escape being changed by the circumstances of our lives. We are constantly growing, building, deteriorating or decaying.

One of the teachings we can draw from the images of Baphomet by Elphias Levi are the words written on Baphomet’s arms: SOLVE and COAGULA are the Latin words for to sepperate and to join together, respectively. Since Baphomet is a microcosmic view of the universe, neither male nor female, human or animal, it represents this power of change in the universe in these two concepts. These are the two sides of change. To seperate or divide into its component parts or to bring things together in a new shape or configuration. These processes are the two methods the alchemist uses to create a pure essence of the substance they are working with. This is why nature is considered the greatest of alchemists.

Change often has a rhythm and a cycle to it. These cycles of change are the small cycles that reflect the greater cycles of life. Take for example the life of a tree. Spring is birth and renewal, summer is the prime of life and growth, Fall is the decay and waning, preparing for sleep or death, Winter is dormancy and death—each has its place and is a reflection of the whole life of the tree. None is good or bad, it just is. No part of the cycle could happen without the other parts of the cycle. In this meditation, we go through the life of a tree to feel the changes and rhythms in change and that an end is not just an end, but also a new beginning.

Meditation of Change

Hold the fifteenth bead, the bead of the blessing of change, The blessing of fire in Geburah.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere fills with a red light. Vibrate the god name of Geburah: El-oh-heem Gi-boor

The red light around you begins to become like a red mist of dawn in a grove of oak trees. Look around you at your feet and find an acorn. Take that acorn and dig a hole in the earth for it. Once it has been buried, let your body dissolve and become like liquid light. You pour yourself into the buried acorn. All your essence is within this acorn. Merge with this small life.

At your will, project yourself and your acorn through time so you can move through its life cycle. Feel the resistance as acorn-you grows roots, displacing the soil. Feel the resistance as you grow to break through the soil to the surface. Feel the growth as you become a young sapling. Sprout leaves to soak in the summer sun. As summer wanes you drop these leaves to prepare for the sleep of winter. What does it feel like to give up this part of yourself, returning it to the earth? Sleep well under the snow, until spring rises again and you bud and begin to grow again to feel the summer sun.

Your branches grow, only to have one branch break and fall off because of the wind. You persevere, knowing that the loss of this branch has opened up that space to let your other branches grow into to get even more sun. As fall and winter come again. Time marches forward at an even more rapid pace. You feel what it is like to grow up above the other trees. Grow and grow, season by season. Until you are a gigantic oak sheltering smaller oaks of your own. What is it like to have come into fertility?

Time marches forward to when your vitality begins to wane. The processes you have gone through become harder and harder until your tree begins to die and decompose. Feel the separation of spirit from the body of the tree. How it spreads and expands, feeding the spirit around it. Know that this is not the end only a new beginning for this tree soul.

The liquid light of you begins to separate from the tree spirit and reform into your spirit body. Take time to ground yourself into the shape that is you. Thank the tree spirit for teaching you the ways of change and its cycles.

The red light begins to fill your sphere again blotting out the grove. You feel a gentle decent as the red light fades. Your sphere returns to the shape and size of the screen of the mind.

Count your self up into waking consciousness and ground and center yourself.


What changes have you gone through in your life? How has this effected your journey? What changes do you need to make to create a better life for yourself and others?

Blessing Cord


The fourteenth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of Authority. It is the fire of Chesed. Authority is the power of sovereignty and inner mastery. We have the ability to be sovereign in our lives or we can give our power away to others and to circumstance. The more authority we exert in our lives, the more we can make changes in our lives and be better examples of how life can be to others.

Oftentimes, we don’t want to be the deciding factor in our lives. We let others choose what to have for dinner, where we go on vacation, how our governments are run, and a million other decisions. It feels easier to just release the responsibility for our lives to our partners, our families, our teachers, and to our government. We can then blame them instead of taking responsibility for our choices. Even the surrendering of choice is a choice, however, and we are still responsible for how it turns out when we give our decision-making power to another.

An enlightening view-point I learned from the Silva Mind Control method is that we can always talk ourselves into or out of doing anything. We often come up with reasons and excuses for why we are not doing something or why we want to do something. The only reason we truly need is that we want or don’t want to do something. We add to our mental to-do list things that we think we “should” or “ought” to do; what we think others want us to do or what would be the “right” thing to do. My friend Matooka says, “Don’t should on yourself”.

We also need to have the authority and mastery of our lives to be able to give ourselves permission to take a break. With my own busy partners, I have had to ask them why they can’t give themselves permission to relax. Sometimes I jokingly say “I give you permission to relax today and just enjoy” like I was the king in the situation. It does bring me to the idea of how we are inner sovereign of ourselves and the way we manifest by giving permission.

In this meditation I use some words of power. Words of power is a method of using a declaration or a grouping of affirmations to manifest change. I learned about it from the books of Marion Weinstein. The concept is that you begin by invoking spirit, stating within that the spirit is or contains a manifestation of what you want to become, that you are either in alignment with that greater spirit or an embodiment of that spirit. Then you speak your affirmations of what you want to be. A statement of release and transformation follows for the energies you have released in the past that are not in alignment with your goal, to turn them into what your goal actually needs. Caveats for the work to harm none and be for the highest good. Lastly a declaration of it is so like “so mote it be” “so be it” or “amen”.

These words of power can be used to manifest anything. They are even more powerful when spoken in meditation for they are delivered to the deepest parts of the self faster that way.  Within the following meditation, you are given some words of power to speak in a sacred inner temple. Read them over and make sure you have the gist of them before you do the meditation. Give yourself the authority to change them to suit your aesthetic.

Meditation of Authority

Hold the thirteenth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of Authority, the bead of the blessing of Fire in Chesed.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as sky or electric blue light begins to fill the sphere. Resonate the god name of Chesed: El

Around you a temple begins to come into shape. This is the temple of your inner authority. You are sovereign and master within this temple. It may resemble your inner temple or a place in your life where you feel in control and commanding. Look around and observe this place. Are any of your guides or spirits present here to witness? Here is the place to invoke the words of power to proclaim mastery over your life. You can use the words of power that follow or you can make up some of your own.

“I call upon the Goddess, God, and Great Spirit
who contain within them true authority, mastery, and sovereignty
of which I, (name) am an embodiment,
to hear this declaration:
I am the sovereign of my life
I grow into greater self-mastery every day
I take responsibility for my choices and make corrections when needed.
I am the greatest authority when it comes to me.
In humility, I ask to be crowned in wisdom, power, and compassion.
I release and transform all that does not serve to become greater self mastery.
All aspects and parts of me work in harmony toward self-mastery
for the highest good with free will to all, harming none
So mote it be!”

After your proclaimed words of power, you may hear an astral bell or just the words moving outwards and echoing in the temple like the whole universe is listening. There may be shifts within the temple or things that are suddenly changed about it. Observe these changes to interpret them—like dream messages or omens about your own path to mastery. Thank any spirits or guides who have joined you in this place.

The blue light begins to fill the temple until the temple fades to blue. Then the blue light begins to fade as you feel a slight decent. The screen of your mind begins to go back to its normal size and color.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary. Write down your experience.


Where do you need to take more responsibility for your life? What is it you have been putting off? Are you taking care of yourself as well as others? Do you feel like a sovereign in your life?


Blessing Cord


Passion is the blessing of the third of the fire set of beads and the thirteenth in the blessing cord. The blessing of passion is the fire of Binah. In this blessing the holy desire sparks will and when it goes into the forming power of Binah it becomes passion. Passion brings creativity, fertility, and builds in power to overcome resistance. Passion for our holy desire, powered by our will brings us into alignment with our own divine essence.

Passion for art, music, learning, or anything else rewards us with enjoyment and the peace of knowing we are fulfilling something within us. Passion can be creative or receptive. You could be passionate about doing theater or going to see theater productions. Do not limit how your passion can manifest.

Many times we move away from our passions because of the needs of our daily lives. We get wrapped up in making money, seeing to the needs of our partners, parents, and children. We begin to stop focusing on the passions that lead us to our end goals and get mired into our means goals. Our means goals are the things that help us survive, like getting and keeping a job. We soon forget that our means goals are just things that are a means to the end goal of what you truly value and are passionate to do with your life.

With every passion there is resistance. There are reasons we just can’t do what we are passionate about and setbacks. Every incubating chick in an egg has to muster enough passion for life to break free of its shell. The shell protected it while it grew, but once it grew enough to be uncomfortable with its limitations it begins to push against the egg and break free into experiencing its passion. Resistance can be something that holds you in your egg or the challenge to embrace your passion and build your strength to escape into greater passion and fulfillment. We need to stop fearing our resistance and see it as a sign that we must build the strength of our passion to break through it.

In this meditation you will connect or reconnect to your passions and be able to recognize the places where you feel resistance to them being fulfilled. In it we will train the mind to build passion until it overcomes resistance.

Meditation of Passion

Hold the thirteenth bead of the cord, the bead of the fire of Binah, the bead of passion.

Count yourself down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as the sphere begins to loose all illumination until you are surrounded with a black endless void. Resonate the god name of Binah: Yod Heh Vauv Heh El-oh-heem.

In the inky blackness you see a shape forming before you. It looks like a pod forming before you. It grows out of the darkness and seems to be a indigo blue. It looks like a giant rose bud that has not yet opened. This pod holds your passions. Touch the pod and call out to your own passions to manifest within it. The pod seems to light from within. The sides of the pod become clearer and brighter.

The sides of the pod become translucent and within you can see yourself engaging in your passions. Those things that feed your soul. The images of your passions are filled with color and intensity. Even from the outside of the pod you can feel the intensity of the passion contained inside. Imagine that the contained passion is growing in strength until the light of the images is so strong you can hardly see it.

Reach forth again and step into the pod and feel the intensity of your passion. Give yourself time to feel it fully. Experience the passions that feed your soul and allow you enjoy your life. Let the passion integrate with your being until you feel that you are being contained and need to break free.

Bring your attention to the sides of the pod around you. Reflected on the sides of the pod are the reasons and excuses why you have not been fulfilling your passions. Observe these reasons as flittering images. Know that these are just the resistance that is helping your passion grow in strength and not obstacles in your way. After you feel you have observed them say to these images, “You are the resistance that builds the strength of my passion. I will blossom into who I am meant to be.”

Return your attention to the passion building in you. Feel it like an energy growing in intensity until it suddenly causes the edges of the pod begin to curl away from you at the apex of the pod. As the energy builds the pod blooms out into a flower below you and your passion seems to radiate out of you like you are a star-bright jewel within this flower. Feel what it is like to be this radiant being of pure passion and delight. Look around, you may see other pods opening and awakening to passion seemingly in response to your opening. They may look like stars within the inky void.

When you are ready to return, let the images fade, knowing you can call up this passion at anytime. You will know that when you feel resistance it is just building your passion.

As the lights fade and the void fades, you feel a gentle decent. Your screen returns to its normal shape and size.

Count yourself back up to waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary. Write down your experience.


In what way does your passion manifest: art, poetry, herbalism, writing, reading, learning? Do you express this passion in your life? What is the resistance that is helping you build your passion so you can overcome it and express it even more strongly?