Blessing Cord


The fourteenth bead in the blessing cord is the blessing of Authority. It is the fire of Chesed. Authority is the power of sovereignty and inner mastery. We have the ability to be sovereign in our lives or we can give our power away to others and to circumstance. The more authority we exert in our lives, the more we can make changes in our lives and be better examples of how life can be to others.

Oftentimes, we don’t want to be the deciding factor in our lives. We let others choose what to have for dinner, where we go on vacation, how our governments are run, and a million other decisions. It feels easier to just release the responsibility for our lives to our partners, our families, our teachers, and to our government. We can then blame them instead of taking responsibility for our choices. Even the surrendering of choice is a choice, however, and we are still responsible for how it turns out when we give our decision-making power to another.

An enlightening view-point I learned from the Silva Mind Control method is that we can always talk ourselves into or out of doing anything. We often come up with reasons and excuses for why we are not doing something or why we want to do something. The only reason we truly need is that we want or don’t want to do something. We add to our mental to-do list things that we think we “should” or “ought” to do; what we think others want us to do or what would be the “right” thing to do. My friend Matooka says, “Don’t should on yourself”.

We also need to have the authority and mastery of our lives to be able to give ourselves permission to take a break. With my own busy partners, I have had to ask them why they can’t give themselves permission to relax. Sometimes I jokingly say “I give you permission to relax today and just enjoy” like I was the king in the situation. It does bring me to the idea of how we are inner sovereign of ourselves and the way we manifest by giving permission.

In this meditation I use some words of power. Words of power is a method of using a declaration or a grouping of affirmations to manifest change. I learned about it from the books of Marion Weinstein. The concept is that you begin by invoking spirit, stating within that the spirit is or contains a manifestation of what you want to become, that you are either in alignment with that greater spirit or an embodiment of that spirit. Then you speak your affirmations of what you want to be. A statement of release and transformation follows for the energies you have released in the past that are not in alignment with your goal, to turn them into what your goal actually needs. Caveats for the work to harm none and be for the highest good. Lastly a declaration of it is so like “so mote it be” “so be it” or “amen”.

These words of power can be used to manifest anything. They are even more powerful when spoken in meditation for they are delivered to the deepest parts of the self faster that way.  Within the following meditation, you are given some words of power to speak in a sacred inner temple. Read them over and make sure you have the gist of them before you do the meditation. Give yourself the authority to change them to suit your aesthetic.

Meditation of Authority

Hold the thirteenth bead of your blessing cord, the bead of Authority, the bead of the blessing of Fire in Chesed.

Count your self down into a meditative state.

Allow the screen of your mind to expand to create a sphere around you. Feel a rising sensation as sky or electric blue light begins to fill the sphere. Resonate the god name of Chesed: El

Around you a temple begins to come into shape. This is the temple of your inner authority. You are sovereign and master within this temple. It may resemble your inner temple or a place in your life where you feel in control and commanding. Look around and observe this place. Are any of your guides or spirits present here to witness? Here is the place to invoke the words of power to proclaim mastery over your life. You can use the words of power that follow or you can make up some of your own.

“I call upon the Goddess, God, and Great Spirit
who contain within them true authority, mastery, and sovereignty
of which I, (name) am an embodiment,
to hear this declaration:
I am the sovereign of my life
I grow into greater self-mastery every day
I take responsibility for my choices and make corrections when needed.
I am the greatest authority when it comes to me.
In humility, I ask to be crowned in wisdom, power, and compassion.
I release and transform all that does not serve to become greater self mastery.
All aspects and parts of me work in harmony toward self-mastery
for the highest good with free will to all, harming none
So mote it be!”

After your proclaimed words of power, you may hear an astral bell or just the words moving outwards and echoing in the temple like the whole universe is listening. There may be shifts within the temple or things that are suddenly changed about it. Observe these changes to interpret them—like dream messages or omens about your own path to mastery. Thank any spirits or guides who have joined you in this place.

The blue light begins to fill the temple until the temple fades to blue. Then the blue light begins to fade as you feel a slight decent. The screen of your mind begins to go back to its normal size and color.

Count yourself up into waking consciousness.

Give yourself clearance and balance. Ground if necessary. Write down your experience.


Where do you need to take more responsibility for your life? What is it you have been putting off? Are you taking care of yourself as well as others? Do you feel like a sovereign in your life?


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