21 Days of Reiki

Reiki Boxes, Bowls and Books #21daysofreiki

One of the best ways of manifesting and healing with the power of distance Reiki is to use a Reiki box or Reiki bowl. I first learned this technique from Christopher Penczak’s book The Magic of Reiki. It is a great book if you are looking for ways to enhance your Reiki practice. (I may be a little biased though, as Christopher is one of my partners.) A Reiki box or bowl is a consecrated vessel holding written petitions, given Reiki daily to have these petitions for healing manifest. This is a practice I incorporated into my daily devotionals so I could help myself and others.

To make a Reiki box or bowl you first have to make or buy a box or bowl. I made a box because then I could travel with it without loosing the petition slips. If you have a more stationary lifestyle a bowl may be more reasonable for you—we use a bowl for healing petitions on the Temple’s healing altar, for example. Once you have obtained your vessel, cleanse it with some incense, homemade holy water, visualizations of the violet flame, or Reiki it with the empowerment symbol, the emotional symbol, and then the empowerment symbol three times. After it has been cleansed, say an intention while charging it with Reiki. Something like:

“I charge and consecrate this Reiki (box or bowl) to aid me in focusing the power of my Reiki to manifest changes, to bring healing and to catalyze my will. All petitions for healing and lists within this bowl will manifest for the highest healing good of all concerned, harming none. So mote it be!”

After you have done this consecation ritual put in your first petition and start using the vessel right away. Petitions are pieces of paper where an intention or prayer is placed.  You can use any kind of paper that speaks to you. I know traditions that only use the brown paper from a brown paper bag to ones that use parchment paper. I just use any paper I have on hand.  Depending on what I am doing the petition can be long or short. For healings I usually use a very short version like:

“In the name of the goddess and god, by the healing flow of Reiki, May Anybody McHealme be Healed of their affliction and made healthy and whole for the highest healing good of all concerned harming none. So mote it be!”

To do a healing with the bowl you should also get permission from the person. Not everyone likes Reiki sent to them. For a manifestation you may want something a little more detailed on your petition. Some thing like:

” I, Adam Sartwell, call upon the Goddess, God, and the Great spirit, to manifest a pair of roller skates with Hello Kitty on them in a size 10 and a half mens. May the healing power of Reiki manifest this for me before the next full moon. I ask that this be for the highest good, harming none. So mote it be!”

The petition can be long or short depending on how you like to do them. Every day, Reiki the bowl or box using the distance symbol. If you are a Reiki One, just Reiki charge the box. You can put as many petitions as you can fit in your box. There are many sites that have a healing list where they name those in need of healing. This is a perfect thing to put in your healing box or bowl. The Temple of Witchcraft has such a healing list that changes every new moon. I like to have one day of the month where I gather up all the petitions and burn them to release the healing. My own practice matches the Temple of Witchcraft’s healing list cycle. You may feel more comfortable doing it on full moons, or twice a moon cycle at full and new moon to connect to the waxing and waning energies of the moon. It is up to you.

I was inspired about two years ago by the book The Help to begin to write my prayers, like one of the women in the book does. I have a deep love of little Moleskine journals so I dedicated one with a similar consecration as the one above as a Blessing Book. In my blessing book I wrote out prayers like the petitions for healing and manifesting. I also wrote out prayers of thanks to the gods for manifestations and for the blessings in my life. Every work day I would Reiki the book on my lap as I drove into work. When I got to work early, I would write one prayer of thanks for something I was grateful for. Sometimes I would only have time to Reiki the book. I recently went through the book ripping out pages of things that had manifested or healed and all pages with prayers of gratitude on them to burn at my next healing ritual. I couldn’t believe how many of those prayers had come true. My book is now a lot slimmer!

Whether you use a box, a bowl or a blessing book this practice is a simple and  rewarding daily spiritual practice.

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