21 Days of Reiki

Reiki and the Healing Poppet #21daysofreiki

Reiki has multiple ways of sending healing at a distance. Out of those ways, one resonates strongly to me when people have a long-term diseases, a healing poppet. Perhaps it is because I learned to do healings with a poppet before I learned about Reiki but I have found this method powerful. A poppet is a handmade doll to represent a single person when doing healing. It is akin to a “doll baby” or “voodoo doll.” This healing method I only do for family and dear friends because it is time consuming. The work that I have done with these poppets extended and improved the lives of my father, my grandmothers, and my partner’s mother. It is not a fix-all and when it is time it is time. Sometimes that highest healing good is passing over to the other side.

To make a Reiki poppet you need a drawing of a vaguely human shape for a pattern, some white cloth, scissors, white thread, a fabric marker or sharpie, a tag lock (more information forthcoming), healing herbs, a healing crystal such as  quartz or rose quartz, some stuffing, some holy water.  Use your pattern to cut out two sides of the poppet. Sew the poppet sides together, leaving a little room usually at the head for stuffing.

Gather your herbs to stuff the poppet. Use herbs that are healing for the affliction your subject has. Any good herbal remedy book or an Internet search for herbs good for the disease will turn up some ideas. If you don’t know the affliction, use some general magical healing herbs such as: cinquefoil, comfrey, coriander, fennel, echinacea, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, rue, sage, or St. John’s wort. Use a combination of three, seven, or nine herbs. Mix the herbs together, giving them Reiki to bring out their natural healing magic.

Start to stuff the poppet with the stuffing and herbs until you get to the chest. At the chest you will add your tag lock of the person. A tag lock is something linked to the person that can give you a better connection to them. It could be a piece of hair, a fingernail clipping, a picture of them, a ring they wear, something they have signed or, if you can’t get any of these things, their full name and astrological sun sign. If you have their chart information you could also put in their astrological chart. In the chest near the left side of the doll put the healing crystal. Before you put it in, charge the crystal with Reiki, imprinting it with the intention of bringing this person healing for their highest healing good. Stuff the rest of the doll with stuffing an herbs. Use a pencil to pack it into all the nooks and crannies of the doll. When you have it good and stuffed sew the hole in the head closed. With your sharpie or fabric marker put a smiling face on the poppet and draw a heart on the left side of the chest. Inside the heart put the zodiac sign of the person’s sun sign. Write their full name down the leg or on the chest of the doll.

With your holy water anoint the doll saying:

“By the infinite source, from which all Reiki flows, I consecrate this poppet to be (full name of person). All healing Reiki that is given to this poppet is given to (full name) for their highest healing good. Any excess or unneeded Reiki flows into the environment around them, healing it for its highest healing good. This poppet is charged to only do the highest healing good and may harm none. Heart to heart, they are one, only bound until the healing is done! So mote it be!”

Reiki the poppet immediately after. When I made these poppets I would reiki them on a regular schedule depending on how desperate the need was. For some it was every day and some were once a week. I let my intuition be my guide. I  recommend doing breaks in whatever you choose to do for a reiki schedule. This gives the person who is receiving the treatment time to both let it work on them and to rest. You don’t want to bring up so many things to heal and work through that it overwhelms the subject. This is why the intention statement above says that any excess or unneeded Reiki will flow into the environment around them, so that you don’t overload them. You can also put the poppet into your Reiki bowl or box to receive Reiki when they seem to be doing better. I feel it is better to give them your full attention during worst of the illness and only Reiki the poppet.

When they have fully recovered and you want to dismantle the poppet get a knife or athame, your stitch ripper, and the poppet. Pass the knife around the poppet three times front to back and three times down the sides symbolically cutting the ties between them. Then say:

“By the infinite source, from which all Reiki flows, I sever all ties to this poppet and (full name of person) for the highest healing good. From heart to heart healing was done, no longer bound they are two, not one.”

Use your seam ripper to open a hole in the poppet and begin to remove the stuffing and herbs. When you get to the heart take out the tag lock and the crystal. Dispose of the tag lock. Cleanse the crystal.  Take the stuffing and herbs and give them back to nature by burning or burying them. You can burn or bury the rest of the poppet.

This healing method is powerful and should not be taken lightly.

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