21 Days of Reiki

Reiki Candles #21daysofreiki

As a witch I was burning candles for healing way before I learned Reiki. It is one method of healing in my bag of tricks that has been effective for me more times than I can even count. When my friends ask, I will light a candle for them in their time of need. I use a Reiki candle when I don’t have time for a full distance Reiki session or I think that the person needs a continuous flow of Reiki to alleviate a pressing disease. I keep a drawer stocked with a multitude of colored candles for this work. You can also use this method if you want to manifest or banish something.

As I have said before, I like to time my work with the moon. Waxing for manifesting and waning to banish. The one exception to this for me is healing because it is both. You can tailor your candle to the moon tide if you like. A candle for a person with an abscessed tooth in the waxing moon could be white for all-around healing or blue for soothing infection. Whereas in the waning moon you would use purple for transformation, gray for neutralizing, or black for banishing. It can add punch to your working for you to go with the moon but it is not necessary if it is an emergency healing.

I like to check the healing color table on page 264 of Christopher Penczak’s book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft for suggestions for different diseases. He also has a pretty comprehensive color list for candle intentions in the Magic of Reiki in the Appendix. If you are in a pinch, white is the best one to have around because it contains all colors and can be used for any goal or healing. When in doubt go with the healing color that speaks to you at the time. Trust your intuition to help you choose the right one for the situation. For healing an abscessed tooth my intuition lead me to blue where Christopher suggests purple or violet. I love Christopher, but you can bet good money I went with my intuition because it sees more than my conscious mind can process.

I’ve taken out my blue candle and got a metal holder for it. I like to carve Reiki symbols that align with what I am healing. Since this is a physical healing I would use the empowerment symbol and since it is at a distance the distance symbol. I might also add the emotional symbol because it may have roots in the emotions. There are other symbols you could incorporate but I like the simple three. I will usually use a knife or nail to carve them in. The next step is to anoint the candle in a healing oil or potion. My healing oil at the present comes from a Scott Cunnigham formula of eucalyptus, orange, and pine essential oil mixed with a base oil of grape seed. If you don’t have something like this you can use sunflower oil or olive oil to anoint it. I like to move out from the center when banishing and moving from the ends of the candle to the center for manifesting. Other traditions do it differently but this is the one that has always stuck with me. After this is done I reiki the candle until I feel that it is charged. You should be able to feel when it is full. I like to say an intention prayer over the candle. This statement has changed over the years but is based on something I read in a book by  Silver Ravenwolf  and one by Marion Weinstein. It goes like this:

“By the one power that is the goddess and god
from which all Reiki and healing emanates,
Who work through me and with me
To bring about healing (manifestation, clearing or any intention)
I charge this candle to burn in service of the light

(here is where the intention comes in)

To heal Charley Chuckle’s abscessed tooth
and to return him to perfect health on all levels
I ask this for the highest healing good of all concerned and harming none.
So mote it be!”

Then I put in place and light the candle. I clap my hands three times to symbolize letting go of any attachment or cords created and let it do its work. I like to put mine either on my altar when I am near by or in our fireplace. Sometimes if I feel it is desperate I will put the candle in the sink or bathtub to burn overnight. If you can’t do this it is perfectly fine to snuff your candles and relight them when you can watch them. I feel this makes the healing take a bit longer though so if it is an emergency I let it burn through the night until it is done. When the healing is done sometimes I will burn a white candle as an offering in gratitude for the healing.

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki for Inheritance Patterns #21daysofreiki

Our family teaches us about life when we are growing. Our DNA comes from them. We are intrinsically linked to them through both our blood and our education and through our family karma. Our link to our family passes habits both good and bad: diseases, complexes, patterns, abilities, memories, and sometimes the karma of our ancestors. All of these patterns passed to us can be changed and improved.

One native teaching is that when you heal something in your life or do something it effects seven generations. Some believe this goes both forward and backward down the ancestral line. So just by starting to heal your self you have begun the practice of healing your family, ancestors, and your descendants. Your healing of yourself ripples out through out time and can aid all of us. It is much like the hermetic principle of “as above, so below.” When we heal what is inside of us we heal our microcosm and then it will be reflected out in the macrocosm. Here you thought that you were just healing yourself and now you are adding to the healing of the world!

The things we can inherit from our family and ancestral line I like to call an inheritance pattern. It is a pattern of being that seems to infect multiple members of a family. This can be a physical inheritance pattern such as diabetes or hair loss. Emotional patterns like stubborness to new ideas or indecisiveness when given a choice can manifest this way too. Relational patterns like how you interact with a spouse or with prosperity. Mental patterns like thoughts about traditions or always wanting to please those you love because they could leave. Lastly there are also spiritual patterns like dogma or doubting intuition. I am sure there are many more categories I could give you but the big part is that there is an energetic pattern that you and your family members enact. Most of these patterns are ones that served a purpose at some point and because they made such a strong imprint they are passed on.

When I was a kid a friend of my mom told a story about how every Christmas they would cut the ends of of the ham before they put the ham in the roaster. One christmas she said to her sister “Do you know why we cut this part of the ham off?” The sister then replied that it was the way that there mother always did it. So they called their mother and asked her why she always cut off the ends of the ham. She didn’t know why either and said that her mother had always done that too. So she called up their grandmother and asked why you would cut off the ends of the ham. Her answer was that she always cut the ends off the ham because she didn’t have a large enough roasting pan and it wouldn’t have fit otherwise. The sisters and mother had been wasting ham for years because of this inheritance pattern they had. Once they knew it was folly they changed the pattern. I know this is not an extreme pattern but it makes a good example of how and why these patterns can start.

I like to do work with inheritance patterns during the waning moon to tap into its abilities to banish and diminish. You can do it at any time you need though. I introduce a new pattern to fill its place that is more in line with how I choose to live my life during the waxing moon which helps its growth and manifestation.

Though you can do this fully through visualization. I like to make a petition or list of inheritance patterns I would like to remove. This will focus my healing work to transform these patterns back into usable energies. An example of a petition would be:

“I, Adam Sartwell, call upon the infinite great spirit from which all Reiki emanates to remove, banish and dissipate the pattern of stress eating from myself and if they are willing the seven generations forward and back for the highest healing good, harming none. so mote it be!”

A list would be more like:

I, Adam Sartwell, call upon the infinite great spirit from which all Reiki emanates to remove, banish and dissipate the following patterns:

I banish the inheritance pattern of stress eating

I banish the inheritance pattern of wasting ham.

I banish the inheritance pattern of indecisiveness

May these be healed both within me and moving outward to my seven generations forward and back if they are willing for the highest good harming none. So mote it be!

This petition can be put in your box, book or bowl for Reiki or you can do a special distance Reiki just on the slip of paper. You could read it out loud three times every time you Reiki it or you could read it three times the first time and fold it so you can’t see it and reiki it for the rest of the moon cycle. I find the latter method works better for me because it gives my subconscious room to work on it. Burn the paper when your moon cycle has ended. Then make a list of positive patterns you would like to adopt to replace these things.  Something like:

I, Adam Sartwell, call upon the infinite great spirit from which all Reiki emanates to co-create with me these healthy patterns of

I embrace the new pattern of meditation when I feel it is needed

I enjoy using all parts of the ham and thank the spirit of pig for feeding me.

My heart and mind are one making it easy to decide effectively

May these healthy patterns or something better be embodied by me and may my healthy choices encourage with love my seven generations forward and back to make there own healthy choices for the highest healing good, harming none.

This list is burned at the full moon to harness its power to manifest.

If you want to do a general healing for your ancestral line I like to go to my ancestral altar raise my hands to surround the altar and visualize a ball of reiki forming around the altar. In that ball I visualize my ancestral lines going back through time to the beginning. Then I do the distance symbol in my mind inside the ball and do a distance Reiki session. This can also be directed toward an inheritance pattern by setting the intention to heal a pattern. I usually say a prayer something like the one for the petition.

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki the Situation #21daysofreiki

Christopher had just come back from Chicago where he had been teaching all weekend. He was telling us about Rosina’s Reiki for kids class and how cute little kids at the event who would repeat Rosina’s saying “Reiki the situation” in her accent and inflection. It was so super cute that for weeks after this became our catch phrase to each other. Troubles at work, students gone wild, disturbing politics, fights with friends, and more got the response “Reiki the situation” in a little kid voice. Even though we sometimes were just having a laugh the power of this one statement stayed with me.

Reiki is guided to the highest healing good. This makes it perfect to use to heal situations in our lives. After you have given it Reiki, the situation will come to a conclusion that was for the highest good. To enhance this effect you could also call out to the higher selves of all the people involved, including your own, to create the highest healing good in this situation. Then send the Reiki using a distance healing method. I am not saying this will end a problem and you will always be happy with the result. The highest healing good doesn’t always align with our personal goals, but will always align with the higher will of our higher selves. Our higher selves are always trying to lead us to do what we came to learn and do in this world.

I had a friend from college who lived far away from me at the time who started to fight with me through email about how I should have supported her in her time of need. She had thought that I would have psychically picked up on her needs and helped her. We had multiple emails that just kept getting worse. I started to Reiki the situation because I felt like there was nothing I could do to make this right between us. After a couple days of this I got the message that I needed to stop emailing with her and delete anything she sent me. Though my personal goal was to keep a friendship that was so good in the past, my higher will said it was time to move on because it was getting toxic. I believe I got this message because I “Reiki’ed the situation.”

I have used this healing method on multiple situations. Work situations, romantic situations, friendships, holiday gift-shopping, and many more. More often then not it works in the favor of all involved and makes the situation more healthy. Just be aware that it can cause what is called a healing crisis. A healing crisis is an issue that is brought up by doing healing. When this happens it is so we can work through it to get to the root issue and learn its lesson. It can sometimes get worse before it gets better but there is always a moment of clarity to underlying issues or the lesson. After that moment of clarity the situation changes rapidly.

21 Days of Reiki

Healing the Child Within #21daysofreiki

No childhood is perfect. We all have things we go through growing up that shape the people we are today. As adults we have moments where those childhood experiences come into play again. Trauma like abuse, neglect, prejudice, loss, etc. can cripple our abilities to be fully functioning adults. That child still lives in us in our psyche. The child who didn’t feel loved, the child who lived in fear, that child who lost innocence still exist within. They yearn to be loved, made safe, and to be soothed.

Adults who go through traumas as children often turn to things that make them feel they are getting what that child needs. Sex and food to feel love, isolation to feel safe, bravado and sarcasm to hide their pain are just a few of the ways we cope as adults. There are even those who seek drugs and other addictions to numb the feelings coming from this hurt child. Thankfully there are good choices to deal with this as well. Therapy, art, music, poetry, meditation, ritual, and getting to the core of that need. One way to begin to heal ourselves is through Reiki. We are holistic beings that exist on multiple levels, so it may take more then one method to help heal and empower. Reiki is only one way to heal and should be used in combination with other treatments.

To heal the child self with Reiki it is easiest at Reiki Two. Reiki Ones begin to heal themselves as they are now by doing Reiki treatments on themselves. Reiki Two’s and above have the distance symbol to aid them in healing. The distance symbol connects to the spirit realm where there is no time and no space, because they are all one time and one space. With the distance symbol we can heal ourselves in the past as well as the future. My favorite way to heal when healing the child within is to get my favorite teddy bear when I was a kid to use as a surrogate in a distance healing. The bear holds memories of my younger self and aids me in connecting to this time. It isn’t necessary for you to use an old stuffed animal or toy but it does aid the working.

This healing method takes time. You may start healing the younger self and have more issues and memories come to the foreground of your mind. Let them come, be aware of them, and then let them go so you can go back to the healing you set out to do. After the healing write down in your journal what came up. Was there something that came up that you feel also needs healing? In your next healing session, send Reiki to that moment or issue. Healing is like pealing back the layers of an onion, heal one thing and something else arises. Doing the healing is so much more healthy than ignoring the problem, however. This technique can aid you in healing past issues, but it won’t erase what was done in the past. It will effect how it works itself out in your present.

For your beginning session get your surrogate or visualize your child self between your hands. Chant and visualize the distance symbol. Set your intention to heal your inner child. Follow up with the empowerment symbol and emotional symbol. I like to visualize and chant them in my head while I am doing the distance healing. Let the Reiki flow. Be aware of anything that comes up for you from your childhood and then let it go. You can write these down later. Continue to Reiki your child self until you feel the healing is done. This can be five minutes to a half an hour. When done remove your hands and clap three times, ending the flow. I like to draw Ra Ku to distance myself from the work for objectivity. Journal any feelings, memories, or issues that came up. You may also like to journal about how the healing felt and how you feel now.

In your next session, decide on one of the feelings, memories, or issues that came up and set your intention to heal that one issue. Reiki focused on one issue instead of a broad topic or goal sees a greater effect in healing because it is less diffuse. Remember you are healing and give yourself time and space to just be. After doing this work you might need small breaks between sessions or to seek out assistance and support. As long as you continue the work the breaks in-between sessions can be just as healing.

21 Days of Reiki

Candle Gazing Meditiation #21daysofreiki

A meditation I learned from Reiki a Way of Life by Patricia Rose Upczak has stuck with me through the years. The meditation is simple and can aid us in clearing away any energies that are not for our highest good. I do this meditation if I felt blocked or stuck in some way. The meditation is simple and straight forward. As a witch I added things to it to make it even more affective.

To do this practice you need a candle. You can use any color candle but as a witch I use colors use for cleansing and clearing. You can use white which can be used for any purpose. You can use purple to bring in the power of transformation and the violet flame. If you need some powerful cleansing, use a black candle to absorb it and banish. I anoint the candle with a cleansing oil like van van, altar oil, or an oil with citrus like orange or lemon.

To make this extra strong put the candle in a bowl of salt water. Salt water has a unique property to cleanse. This is the basic composition of holy water. Reiki the salt water to enhance it’s abilities to clear and cleanse. Reiki charge the candle for the same intention and place it in the bowl of salt water.  Light the candle and get comfortable. Take some deep breaths and imagine healing waves of energy relaxing your muscles from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Bring your hands up over your head and sweep them down the length of your body and out toward the candle and bowl. Visualise any packets of unhealthy energy flowing with your hands towards the candle to be cleansed. Do about nine of these sweeps of the unwanted energies in your aura. After you have done the sweeps gaze at the candle’s flame. With each breath you release any complexes, thoughts, or energies you feel you need to cleanse yourself of.  This is also a great way to cleanse your heart and mind when you’re upset or getting ready for bed.

When you feel clear, give yourself a reiki session to fill any spaces that have been cleared with renewed energy. When you are done, do nine more sweeps to stabilize your energy. You can let the candle burn down or snuff it and use it for a couple of days worth of cleansing meditation. After you have done this cleansing meditation you may want to take a couple of days before you do another cleansing just to let your energies settle.

21 Days of Reiki

Honoring Your Reiki Lineage #21daysofreiki

One of the things that I have done for years is honoring my ancestors and those who have guided the magical systems I have learned. My ancestor altar is a place where I honor and commune with my ancestors.  I find that doing offerings to my ancestors helps me to communicate with them and get their help on any issue. It also gives me a chance to offer gratitude for all that I have because of these people. You can also honor your Reiki line with a simple ritual at an altar. The benefits are that you have a greater connection to the masters of Reiki beyond the veil. You may find that if you make this a part of your practice that you receive guidance when doing Reiki or healing work.

If you have been attuned to Reiki you should get a list from your teacher that details your line of Reiki back to Dr. Usui. If you haven’t, you might want to do a little research on the Reiki masters of the past. You could also start with Dr. Makao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. Dr. Usui started the system of Reiki. Dr. Hayashi added the hand positions to Reiki. Takata brought Reiki to the world. Once you have a list of your Reiki lineage, write it out on a nice piece of paper. Maybe frame it. Find a place for you to honor your lineage, like a small altar. I use our ancestor altar because they are my ancestors of Reiki. Instead of a list, you may want to obtain pictures of some of the people of your lineage. This gives you a focus for your energy.

Make a space to honor them. Set it up with their pictures and your list of lineage. Burn some incense to honor them. Light a candle to give them energy. Get a glass of water to put in the space. Charge the water with Reiki and write in the air the Reiki symbols especially the distance symbol. Say a prayer like:

“There is one power that is the universal light of Reiki. I honor those who have carried this line forward to me. I send Reiki through time to thank them for their work both in this world and in the one beyond. I ask that they be at peace and find spiritual enlightenment beyond the veil. May this candle light their way. May this Reiki empower them to aid us from beyond the veil. May this incense give them the breath to speak, may the waters of life aid their healing work. So mote it be.”

Take some time to just be silent after you have said this prayer before your little altar. In this silence you may get feelings, words, pictures in your head, or a sudden idea. Know that this is how those beyond the veil communicate with us. I like to refresh my offerings once a week. I usually do it on Saturday because it is ruled by Saturn, which I associate with the dead.

If you are going to do a healing session you may want to call to them to be with you during the session. I will say a little prayer before my client gets there for them to guide and aid me in this healing. Depending on the client and my own whims I may light incense, a candle, and refresh the glass of water on the ancestor altar before a session. I will sometimes feel other hands with my hands as I do the healing work. This is a sign that they are with me.

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki and the Healing Poppet #21daysofreiki

Reiki has multiple ways of sending healing at a distance. Out of those ways, one resonates strongly to me when people have a long-term diseases, a healing poppet. Perhaps it is because I learned to do healings with a poppet before I learned about Reiki but I have found this method powerful. A poppet is a handmade doll to represent a single person when doing healing. It is akin to a “doll baby” or “voodoo doll.” This healing method I only do for family and dear friends because it is time consuming. The work that I have done with these poppets extended and improved the lives of my father, my grandmothers, and my partner’s mother. It is not a fix-all and when it is time it is time. Sometimes that highest healing good is passing over to the other side.

To make a Reiki poppet you need a drawing of a vaguely human shape for a pattern, some white cloth, scissors, white thread, a fabric marker or sharpie, a tag lock (more information forthcoming), healing herbs, a healing crystal such as  quartz or rose quartz, some stuffing, some holy water.  Use your pattern to cut out two sides of the poppet. Sew the poppet sides together, leaving a little room usually at the head for stuffing.

Gather your herbs to stuff the poppet. Use herbs that are healing for the affliction your subject has. Any good herbal remedy book or an Internet search for herbs good for the disease will turn up some ideas. If you don’t know the affliction, use some general magical healing herbs such as: cinquefoil, comfrey, coriander, fennel, echinacea, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, rue, sage, or St. John’s wort. Use a combination of three, seven, or nine herbs. Mix the herbs together, giving them Reiki to bring out their natural healing magic.

Start to stuff the poppet with the stuffing and herbs until you get to the chest. At the chest you will add your tag lock of the person. A tag lock is something linked to the person that can give you a better connection to them. It could be a piece of hair, a fingernail clipping, a picture of them, a ring they wear, something they have signed or, if you can’t get any of these things, their full name and astrological sun sign. If you have their chart information you could also put in their astrological chart. In the chest near the left side of the doll put the healing crystal. Before you put it in, charge the crystal with Reiki, imprinting it with the intention of bringing this person healing for their highest healing good. Stuff the rest of the doll with stuffing an herbs. Use a pencil to pack it into all the nooks and crannies of the doll. When you have it good and stuffed sew the hole in the head closed. With your sharpie or fabric marker put a smiling face on the poppet and draw a heart on the left side of the chest. Inside the heart put the zodiac sign of the person’s sun sign. Write their full name down the leg or on the chest of the doll.

With your holy water anoint the doll saying:

“By the infinite source, from which all Reiki flows, I consecrate this poppet to be (full name of person). All healing Reiki that is given to this poppet is given to (full name) for their highest healing good. Any excess or unneeded Reiki flows into the environment around them, healing it for its highest healing good. This poppet is charged to only do the highest healing good and may harm none. Heart to heart, they are one, only bound until the healing is done! So mote it be!”

Reiki the poppet immediately after. When I made these poppets I would reiki them on a regular schedule depending on how desperate the need was. For some it was every day and some were once a week. I let my intuition be my guide. I  recommend doing breaks in whatever you choose to do for a reiki schedule. This gives the person who is receiving the treatment time to both let it work on them and to rest. You don’t want to bring up so many things to heal and work through that it overwhelms the subject. This is why the intention statement above says that any excess or unneeded Reiki will flow into the environment around them, so that you don’t overload them. You can also put the poppet into your Reiki bowl or box to receive Reiki when they seem to be doing better. I feel it is better to give them your full attention during worst of the illness and only Reiki the poppet.

When they have fully recovered and you want to dismantle the poppet get a knife or athame, your stitch ripper, and the poppet. Pass the knife around the poppet three times front to back and three times down the sides symbolically cutting the ties between them. Then say:

“By the infinite source, from which all Reiki flows, I sever all ties to this poppet and (full name of person) for the highest healing good. From heart to heart healing was done, no longer bound they are two, not one.”

Use your seam ripper to open a hole in the poppet and begin to remove the stuffing and herbs. When you get to the heart take out the tag lock and the crystal. Dispose of the tag lock. Cleanse the crystal.  Take the stuffing and herbs and give them back to nature by burning or burying them. You can burn or bury the rest of the poppet.

This healing method is powerful and should not be taken lightly.

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki Boxes, Bowls and Books #21daysofreiki

One of the best ways of manifesting and healing with the power of distance Reiki is to use a Reiki box or Reiki bowl. I first learned this technique from Christopher Penczak’s book The Magic of Reiki. It is a great book if you are looking for ways to enhance your Reiki practice. (I may be a little biased though, as Christopher is one of my partners.) A Reiki box or bowl is a consecrated vessel holding written petitions, given Reiki daily to have these petitions for healing manifest. This is a practice I incorporated into my daily devotionals so I could help myself and others.

To make a Reiki box or bowl you first have to make or buy a box or bowl. I made a box because then I could travel with it without loosing the petition slips. If you have a more stationary lifestyle a bowl may be more reasonable for you—we use a bowl for healing petitions on the Temple’s healing altar, for example. Once you have obtained your vessel, cleanse it with some incense, homemade holy water, visualizations of the violet flame, or Reiki it with the empowerment symbol, the emotional symbol, and then the empowerment symbol three times. After it has been cleansed, say an intention while charging it with Reiki. Something like:

“I charge and consecrate this Reiki (box or bowl) to aid me in focusing the power of my Reiki to manifest changes, to bring healing and to catalyze my will. All petitions for healing and lists within this bowl will manifest for the highest healing good of all concerned, harming none. So mote it be!”

After you have done this consecation ritual put in your first petition and start using the vessel right away. Petitions are pieces of paper where an intention or prayer is placed.  You can use any kind of paper that speaks to you. I know traditions that only use the brown paper from a brown paper bag to ones that use parchment paper. I just use any paper I have on hand.  Depending on what I am doing the petition can be long or short. For healings I usually use a very short version like:

“In the name of the goddess and god, by the healing flow of Reiki, May Anybody McHealme be Healed of their affliction and made healthy and whole for the highest healing good of all concerned harming none. So mote it be!”

To do a healing with the bowl you should also get permission from the person. Not everyone likes Reiki sent to them. For a manifestation you may want something a little more detailed on your petition. Some thing like:

” I, Adam Sartwell, call upon the Goddess, God, and the Great spirit, to manifest a pair of roller skates with Hello Kitty on them in a size 10 and a half mens. May the healing power of Reiki manifest this for me before the next full moon. I ask that this be for the highest good, harming none. So mote it be!”

The petition can be long or short depending on how you like to do them. Every day, Reiki the bowl or box using the distance symbol. If you are a Reiki One, just Reiki charge the box. You can put as many petitions as you can fit in your box. There are many sites that have a healing list where they name those in need of healing. This is a perfect thing to put in your healing box or bowl. The Temple of Witchcraft has such a healing list that changes every new moon. I like to have one day of the month where I gather up all the petitions and burn them to release the healing. My own practice matches the Temple of Witchcraft’s healing list cycle. You may feel more comfortable doing it on full moons, or twice a moon cycle at full and new moon to connect to the waxing and waning energies of the moon. It is up to you.

I was inspired about two years ago by the book The Help to begin to write my prayers, like one of the women in the book does. I have a deep love of little Moleskine journals so I dedicated one with a similar consecration as the one above as a Blessing Book. In my blessing book I wrote out prayers like the petitions for healing and manifesting. I also wrote out prayers of thanks to the gods for manifestations and for the blessings in my life. Every work day I would Reiki the book on my lap as I drove into work. When I got to work early, I would write one prayer of thanks for something I was grateful for. Sometimes I would only have time to Reiki the book. I recently went through the book ripping out pages of things that had manifested or healed and all pages with prayers of gratitude on them to burn at my next healing ritual. I couldn’t believe how many of those prayers had come true. My book is now a lot slimmer!

Whether you use a box, a bowl or a blessing book this practice is a simple and  rewarding daily spiritual practice.

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki Baths #21daysofreiki

The root of disease or discomfort we experience on the physical level starts as a blockage or thought-form—a dis-ease—in our energy body. Around each of us is an aura containing our spiritual, mental, emotional selves, our blueprint and our physical body. When we reiki ourselves we fill our energy body with reiki’s universal energy. As we heal, our energy body uses the reiki to push our block or thought-form out of the system. This is why sometimes the body will suddenly change reactions to a disease when reiki is used. That sore neck of yours could suddenly become a release of your feelings of being overwhelmed, changing again to the thoughts that made it up, and then releasing into spirit as the lesson of not being so attached to the outcome so you don’t waste all your time worrying.

My first reiki teacher would say that as we healed with reiki, the complex or block that created it would move outward from our physical into the emotional, mental, and then spiritual body. To help it release she suggested a bath in traditionally cleansing additives. Bathing for spiritual cleansing is a part of many traditions. Some even have baths designed to bring about certain manifestations. In this blog I am only going to use the ones I have personally found very cleansing.

The one my reiki teacher suggested was to put a handful of epsom salts in the bath after it had been charged with reiki for cleansing and healing. I love this simple bath. Epsom salts are helpful for aches and pains as well. You can make a cleansing salt scrub with epsom salts and a little olive oil so you can do this process in the shower, just avoid any sensitive areas. Epsom salts can also be used in a foot bath for an ingrown toenail. It is a wonderfully spiritually cleansing bath. I will sometimes add a little reiki-charged sea salt which is also cleansing, and some baking soda which gives the water a great feel to it. This can be pretty drying to the skin, however, so drink lots of water and moisturize!

The other way she presented to do a healing bath is to use a cup of apple cider vinegar in the bath water. My mom used to say you could use apple cider vinegar “to clean a brick”. This is true on the spiritual level as well as the physical. An apple cider vinegar bath has a pleasant feeling on the skin and helps you get spiritually clean as well. You can combine the epsom salts with it, but it doesn’t need it.

I’ve picked up a few other spiritually cleansing baths over the years. Hyssop is said in the Bible  and other traditions to make you “as pure as snow”. Put a tablespoon in about three cups of boiling water and let it steep for a couple of minutes. Strain the liquid from the herb. Put this into the water in your bath to get spiritually clean. Hyssop is said to help those who feel guilty, to bring forgiveness, and to make you spiritually cleansed.

Another way to help you cleanse is to put a little Florida water into the bath. This perfume has been used by multiple traditions to cleanse and also to bless. The citrus and floral scents bring out the energies of cleansing and blessing. You can get the manufactured one in a botanica or online. I like to make my own. There are many different recipes and ways to make it.

The most important part of doing any of these spiritual cleansing baths is to reiki charge the ingredients and set your intention to aid you to clear and cleanse yourself. I like to draw the symbols for empowerment, emotional healing, and distant healing over the bath. Then I will say something like “I charge this bath to cleanse me on all levels of anything harmful and fill in its place with healing universal energy for my highest healing good.” Then get in and relax and let the stress of the day just wash away!

21 Days of Reiki

Reiki for Water and Food #21daysofreiki

We live in a world of form. We have to nurture our bodies and make sure that they have what they need. One of the things we need most is water. Some metaphysical free-thinkers suggest that low water intake can make aches and pains worse, lead to depression, and increase stress. Physically it can lead to headaches and worse. Your ability to process psychic information may also be reduced. One of the tricks of the old spiritualist mediums was to drink more water before they did psychic work to give them a clearer transmission from the other side.

Since we have to take in water to survive on this planet, why not just charge that water for your highest good with some Reiki? Grab your water bottle or cup and place your hands around it, letting the Reiki flow into the water. You can also say a prayer of intent to add a focus to the energy you are charging the water with. Something like “I charge this water with reiki for my highest healing good, to heal me on all levels and to help me flush out of my system any toxins or toxic energy.” Hold the water until you feel the Reiki has done its job and has started to not flow anymore. It doesn’t hurt to add a visualization of the water being filled with radiant light as well, perhaps a colored light matching to your intention.

In the Feri tradition and some Huna based traditions they practice a rite called Kala. These traditions visualize tensions and energetic blocks or thought forms called complexes flowing into the water then visualize bringing more energy into the water than the complexes and tensions can handle, thus dissolving them in the water’s new energy. They then drink the changed water to reclaim the power and energy they just transformed. This can be done with Reiki as well.

Take a few deep breaths, becoming aware of your body. Search your body for any packet of stress, tension, or emotion that it is storing. Imagine gently pushing any of these out your hands. I usually see them as blobs of energy. They flow out into your cup of water. Now concentrate on giving the glass Reiki until you sense that the things you released are healed and dissolved. Drink the water to reabsorb the energy that was just transformed. This is a great way to purify yourself.

Your food can also be blessed with Reiki energy. This only takes a few moments before you start to eat. You can draw the Reiki symbols over your food or just hold your hands over your food allowing the Reiki to flow for a few moments. I like to say a little intention statement like: “I charge this meal with Reiki for my highest healing good. May what I need from it be absorbed and all that is not for my highest good just pass through me. As I Reiki it I send Reiki to that which gave up its life so that I might live in blessing. So mote it be!”

Blessing your food and water is a great practice to help you heal. It also brings attention to what you are eating and wether or not you feel it is truly for your highest good.